Twitter engaged in talks to purchase Flipboard


The next major acquisition for Twitter could be in a social aggregator. The company is reportedly engaged in talks with Flipboard that could result in a deal worth more than $1 billion. Negotiations have been ongoing since the start of the year and Twitter’s CFO, Anthony Noto, has led the way. The deal, if closed, would allow increased synergy for two services thata are all about content consumption.

A Twitter spokesperson responded to the report by saying “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.”

Source: Re/code

Top 5 news and RSS apps for Android [January 2015]

newsKeeping up with news articles can be a cluttered process, especially if you use multiple apps or bookmarks on your phone or tablet. Using a news aggregation app or an RSS reader can tidy up your mobile device and make keeping up with things even easier. There are tons of apps that can get the job done, but we’re going to go over the best options in this guide to help you get started on staying on top of the news. Read more

Chromebooks to include new security unlock features, new Google Now cards, and run Android apps

chromebook unlock

Sundar Pichai took the stage again at Google I/O to let us know what Google has up its sleeves for Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

Today, Google has 8 OEMs making 15 different Chromebook devices (with more coming), available in 28 different countries.

Pichai even noted that all 10 of the top 10 rated laptops on Amazon are all Chromebooks. Not too shabby. There’s even been a 6x growth of use of Chromebooks in K-12 schools in the past year.

Google will be adding more to Chromebooks and the Chrome OS in order to make sure these trends continue.

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Flipboard adds Google+ sign-in, CNN content, snaps up Zite for future improvements


Flipboard has been busy and the results have surfaced over the past couple days as they announced their acquisition of Zite, a partnership with CNN, and even released an update to their app that adds better support for Google+ users. The purchase of Zite and the addition of CNN content to the app are likely linked to each other as Zite was formerly a part of CNN. Read more

Flipboard updates app to enable user created magazines, interaction with desktop web version


With the demise of Google’s Reader bearing down on news readers, Flipboard has released a new update to their app that adds some interesting new features. Foremost among the changes is the ability to create your own “magazine” on Flipboard with the simple press of a big “+” button in the app and naming the magazine. This essentially gives users the ability to create their own curated sources of news with the option to make the “magazine” public or private. Along with adding content to a magazine as you read within the Flipboard app, users can also add items from their Android device like photos or they can add an article directly from the Flipboard widget or even from social networks. Read more

Flipboard gets minor update to support hover actions


Flipboard, the incredibly popular news app, has gotten a slight update in the Play Store today. The biggest improvement? Support for hover actions. It’s a cool feature, but it’s clearly a preemptive update for the Galaxy S 4’s hover features, although it should work with AirView on the Galaxy Note. It does also add the option to create an account with Facebook login, so that’s a feature everyone can get some use out of.

We’ve already seen Samsung and Flipboard buddy up before now, but this is definitely solidifying their relationship. Of course, the S 4 is likely to be a pretty popular phone, so it does make sense for Flipboard to support it above other less popular phones. Hopefully we’ll see more apps take advantage of the hovering actions in the future. Hit the links below to get your hands on the update.

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New Flipboard update adds tablet optimization

Are you a Flipboard user who is a little disappointed with the lack of a tablet-specific interface for your favorite news application? Well, we’ve got some good news. Flipboard updated their popular application with newly added tablet optimization today. Any screen size over 7 inches gets a new tablet interface that includes four stories per “page” of tiles to make flipping through news stories even quicker and more convenient. That’s a great improvement for folks on the higher end of the market with 10 inch screens. Hit the links below to get your tablet optimized news fix.

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Flipboard Graduates from Beta, Now Available in the Play Store

For those of you who weren’t apart to the Flipboard beta program, you may be pleased to know that the app is now available to everyone and can be downloaded from the Play Store, Amazon App Store, Nook Store and Samsung Apps. As most beta programs do, the Flipboard team was able to iron out all the wrinkles to the point where they feel it is ready for the masses. Not only does the official release bring localized versions for many countries, it can now be your one stop shop for checking in on the 12 most popular Social Networking sites including YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. Check it out through either of the links below.

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Google+ coming to Flipboard soon

We’re still waiting for Google+ integration with other apps. It’s vital that Google shares its API if it wants Google+ to compete with the likes of Facebook. Well we have some good news as Bradley Horowitz, Vice President of Product Management of Google+ announced Flipboard as a “trusted” partner. The Google+ API will allow Flipboard users to comment, +1 Flipboard items, and send individualized pieces of content to Google+ Circles. “It works like it should,” said Horowitz, “Flipboard has done an amazing job. “

At this point there was no information on when we can expect to see this Google+ functionality, but it should hopefully be sometime this year or hopefully when it leaves the Beta stage for Android.

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