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Samsung will offer a smartphone with a foldable display by next year


Samsung might be committed to releasing a lower amount of smartphone models next year, but that isn’t going to stop innovation. We have heard about foldable and flexible displays for a while now, but all we have seen are curved displays. Samsung seems to be gearing up for the first ever smartphone with a display that can be folded in half.

According to Lee Chang-hoon of Samsung Display, they are securing  a production capacity of 30,000 to 40,000 flexible display units be the end of next year. They feel they will be the only manufacturer with that kind of capacity, but it’s still pretty low in terms of the amount of smartphones Samsung sells on a yearly basis.

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New Samsung patent for flexible display spotted at USPTO


Samsung is no stranger to filing patent applications for smartphone devices taking a variety of form factors including those with flexible displays. The latest patent filing spotted at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office shows a smartphone device that could be folded in half like a wallet or a tent card. The ability to hold a position once bent is one of the key details that Samsung describes in their application. This could make it easier for the device to double as something like an alarm clock.

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Samsung ramping up flexible display production capability


According to Chinese web site LED Wealth Network, Samsung has started work to scale up capacity at their A3 plant producing flexible displays. Samsung appears to be investing at least 2 Trillion won ($1.9B USD) in the current phase with a possible expansion to a total 6 Trillion won ($5.7B USD) investment on additional phases. According to the reports, Samsung hopes to have the plant operating at new capacity before the end of 2014, pointing the way toward flexible displays possibly being incorporated into the Galaxy S 6 or Galaxy Note 5 during 2015. Read more

Development of the LG G Flex 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Round 2 diverging


While currently filling a niche market, smartphones with flexible displays haven’t really taken off. Even so, companies like LG and Samsung are still working on devices with this tech. However, the companies seem to be taking different directions in what they want to accomplish with their devices.

LG appears to be working on improving the performance of its AMOLED screens. It will do so by increasing the resolution while also shrinking the panel to 5.5 inches. Other areas up for improvement include solving an issue with “ghosting” images as the display heats up.

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Samsung demonstrates future foldable and transparent display concepts for smartphones and tablets


The Galaxy Round isn’t exciting too many people because we are still in the very early stages of this technology. Eventually we will have foldable phones and tablets, but we will probably have to wait till 2016 or even as late as 2020. Samsung put together a document with concepts that could very well come to fruition in the coming years.

We will eventually have foldable phones, tablets, and even a transparent notepad. You just might be able to insert your folded phone in your wallet. So for now, you might not be coveting that Galaxy Round, but I have a feeling you might be desiring the Galaxy Round 3, or whatever they will be calling it. Hit the break for more images.

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The LG G Flex will sport a 720p display according to benchmark


The LG G Flex will debut next month and will sport a 6-inch curved display. 6-inches is pretty big for a phone so you would expect it to sport a 1080p display. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case. According to a recent AnTuTu benchmark, it’s only going to be 720p (1280 x 720). The G Flex will also sport a Snapdragon 800, an Adreno 330 GPU, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage.

Since this was a benchmark test, you might be wondering how it fared? It came in a 33,336, which isn’t too shabby, but then again, does it matter?

source: AnTuTu
via: Android Community

Say hello to Samsung’s first curved smartphone


Samsung is so very close to unveiling their first ever curved smartphone, and if you’re wondering what it will look like, wonder no more. It’s supposed to be a limited edition Galaxy Note 3, and it could be called the Galaxy Round. The curve seems a little more dramatic than I pictured in my mind, but it could also be an optical illusion. It will be interesting to see how it feels in the hand and especially when using it as a phone.

A second picture was leaked that shows the backside, which looks very similar to the Galaxy Note 3. You can also see that it’s LTE-Advanced, which means this is going to the South Korean market. The big question is if it will be released in other areas?

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Samsung phones with flexible displays could be marketed under ‘Galaxy Round’ name


How does the Galaxy Round sound to you? It just might be the marketing name that Samsung uses for all their phones (and future tablets) that feature a flexible display. Samsung was just granted the trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office, so chances are very good.

Samsung’s first flexible-screened device is rumored to be a Galaxy Note 3 limited edition, so we might not see the “Galaxy Round” name utilized until the next device. Trademarks are never a guarantee of usage, but what do you guys think?

source: USPTO
via: Phone Arena

Not so fast LG: Samsung says they are already producing flexible displays


LG sent out a presser this morning announcing the mass production of the “world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones,” but Samsung says they have already been producing their flexible OLED displays. Furthermore, they will release their first product “within days.”  Samsung’s display will be a little smaller, at 5.7-inches, but I think they are going to clearly win the race since LG’s G Flex probably won’t be announced until next month.

Samsung’s display is also thinner and weighs less. It comes in at 0.12mm thick vs 0.44mm and it weighs 5.2 grams vs 7.2 grams. Of course, some of the weight differential could be a result of the size. LG’s flexible panel will be 6-inches as opposed to Samsung’s 5.7-inch panel. Samsung’s production capacity is at 1 million per month, although they are unlikely to hit that target early on. Earlier reports indicated LG’s capacity would be much lower.

source: OLED-info

LG officially announces mass production of flexible OLED displays for smartphones


LG is trying to steal the spotlight from Samsung by announcing the mass production of the “world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones.” There’s only one problem, they didn’t announce an actual device, but Samsung could later this week. Rumors indicate LG won’t announce their device until next month. Since Samsung is closer to announcing an actual device, one has to wonder if LG really has the “world’s first flexible OLED panel for smartphones?”

In the press release, LG says their flexible OLED isn’t glass, but plastic substrates instead. They apply film-type encapsulation and attach a protection film to the back of the panel, thus making the display bendable and unbreakable. It’s only .44mm thick, which makes it one of the slimmest displays and it comes in at 6-inches. Hit the break for the full press release.

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