Google driving another nail in the Flash coffin


Google’s development team behind the Chrome browser has released information indicating plans to change how the browser will handle sites that include Adobe Flash content. The update, expected to rollout during the fourth quarter of this year, will move the browser one step closer to ending support for Flash. Although Adobe’s Flash platform has been key to delivering rich media via the web, it is riddled with security issues and according to Google, has been surpassed performance-wise by HTML5. Read more

Adobe’s Flash gets closer to the pan with Google advertising change


The slow death of Adobe’s Flash technology received another nail in the coffin after Google announced they are starting the process of phasing out the use of Flash in display ads. The change will impact advertising provided through Google’s AdWords platform and their DoubleClick Digital Marketing. Google announced both platforms will move to being 100% HTML5 by January 2017. Read more

[TA Deals] iBlazr 2 Flash Bundle (Multiple Colors)


Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that our smartphones have become the dominant method in taking photographs in the last decade. For the average person, that is.

For professional-level photography, there are quite a few more things needed in order to achieve that grade of pictures. Different lenses, film over digital in some cases, and flash set ups for example, and over the years we’ve seen a lot of peripherals made for smartphones in order to bridge that gap.

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Sprint allowing MNVOs to sell modified Sprint Android handsets


Sometimes, a customer doesn’t want to go with one of the big name carriers like Sprint or Verizon. Smaller MNVOs are popular alternatives to the larger (usually contract-centric) carriers. Both options have their place with consumers, but in many situations, MNVOs don’t have a good enough device selection to sway as many costumers. Well, Sprint is looking to give them a hand with a new program that will allow MNVOs to modify certain Sprint handsets to resell to customers. Read more