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DROID RAZR Accessory Pricing Leaked, MotoACTV Fitness Watch Included

Whether you’ve already ordered the new Motorola Droid RAZR or you’re still doing a little window-shopping on it before you make any commitments, you’re fancy will surely be tickled by a newly leaked accessory pricing sheet for the device. Accessories include a standard HDMI Dock for $59.99, navigation windows mount for $39.99 and rugged MotoACTV fitness watch starting at $249.97 (with 8GB). Note that the watch is available as “direct fill launch”, meaning you must order the item directly from Verizon as they won’t be made available in stores; the same goes for their Lapdock 500, which you can snag for $299.97 by the way.

Hit the break for the full DROID RAZR accessory price sheet.

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Motorola Unveils The MOTOACTV For Fitness Buffs At DROID RAZR Event (Hands-On Video)

As a little appetizer to the unveiling of the Droid RAZR announcement, Motorola also showed off their new fitness centered device, the MOTOACTV.  Motorola broke out the Ultramarathon Man winner  himself, Dean Karnazes to present the device.

Scorch more calories, shatter personal records and train even harder with MOTOACTV, the new fitness device from Motorola Mobility, Inc.

With just a 46mm x 46mm display the MOTOACTV allows you to take a personal trainer and DJ with you along for the workout.  The device continuously keep stats on your entire routine; time, speed, distance and can even track you via GPS.  Motorola also includes two different models of Bluetooth sports headphones, the SF700 and SF500.  The display is outdoor friendly allowing for easy viewing in the sunlight.  It’s sweat proof, rain resistant and scratch proof for those intense workouts. The device can hold up to 4000 songs and offers a Web portal interface for syncing and storing data for performance statistics.  One of its more smarter features allows you to create a playlist based on how intense your workouts are.  Meaning, if you workout harder during a certain song the device recognizes that and will bump those titles up to the top of your playlist for maximum workout results.  The device will be available on November 6th at Verizon stores only and comes in an 8GB model for $249 and a 16GB model for $299. Think there’s room for a device like this in your life?  Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Meanwhile, hit the break for the full list of specs and to catch our hands-on video.   Read more