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Fitbit scoops up Coin, will likely build mobile payments in fitness trackers

fitbit_blaze_plum_wristMobile payments make sense on wearable technology, which is Fitbit has made a move to purchase Coin. Coin already created a credit card that would take advantage of NFC payments, so adding this technology to a fitness tracker is a natural move.

This purchase was recent, so don’t expect to see NFC payments make their way into any 2016 Fitbits. Beyond that, though? There’s a pretty good chance. Read more

Fitbit’s fitness-focused smartwatch, the Blaze, is now on sale


Fitbit made a surprising appearance at CES 2016 and announced its fitness-focused smartwatch at the annual trade show. The Blaze may resemble theĀ Apple Watch, but Fitbit loaded this smartwatch with everything a health and fitness freak wants on their wrist. Other activity trackers released by the company were just that. While they’ve been able to alert users when notifications arrive, Fitbit has never been able to show full notifications on a display. The Blaze has a full color display to give information on activities and unfold notifications with details.

This week, retailers across the country started selling the Fitbit Blaze.

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New activity tracker Fitbit Alta now up for pre-order


Fitbit has opened pre-orders on their site for the latest activity tracker they are adding to their portfolio, the Fitbit Alta. The new device is a low profile device similar to some of their earlier models with a minimal screen so it can be worn in a more discrete manner than some other recently released devices like the Fitbit Blaze or the Fitbit Surge. The Fitbit Alta will sell for $130 and is expected to start shipping in March. Read more

I hate step counters, but I’m addicted to counting my steps

samsung step counter gear 2 neo

Wearables. Huge companies are spending millions in marketing to make it seem like you need one. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart bracelets, smart rings, and more are just some of the types of wearables you might see. I personally didn’t think any of these items would be useful, but not to be ignorant with my opinion I decided to buy one to find out the truth about living with one.

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Fitbit’s Blaze makes fitness even more mainstream


It’s not an Apple Watch knockoff you’re looking at. That’s the new Fitbit Blaze smartwatch announced at CES 2016. Through the years, Fitbit has released several activity trackers that mastered exactly what they needed to do: track activity. But the market for activity trackers began to felt an increasing amount of pressure in 2014 when smartwatches became a better value. Most smartwatches can do exactly what Fitbit offers in its own devices. So, in 2016, Fitbit is joining the field with its own smartwatch. The Blaze, which really does look like a cheaper Apple Watch, is yet another product that wants to combine power and style.

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