Verizon offering up to $500 on select Black Friday deals


Verizon has largely resisted a lot of the changes going on in the wireless carrier industry, but resistance is futile when it comes to Black Friday. If you are interested in switching to the carrier and are willing to get a phone from a small selection of options, this Friday could be the day to do it. Verizon will be offering deals totaling up to $500 in credits and gift cards. Read more

Jawbone hits back against Fitbit in ongoing patent lawsuits


Jawbone and Fitbit clearly do not like each other and the acrimony has erupted into a series of lawsuits between the two activity tracker manufacturers. The latest action is a counterclaim leveled by Jawbone against Fitbit alleging Fitbit’s patent lawsuit is frivolous. According to Jawbone’s filing, “Fitbit is knowingly and willfully misusing its patents as part of its efforts to protect its market power…The infringement allegations in both lawsuits are plainly meritless, and Fitbit had no reasonable basis for bringing either case.” Read more

Fitbit updating Surge software with several new features


Owners of the Fitbit Surge activity tracker should be on the lookout for a software update rolling out for their devices. Fitbit has packed in several improvements to the device in the latest update to help users keep their activities on track. The biggest change for the Fitbit Surge is the addition of alerts, called Run Cues, based on time and distance marks. Users will find these can be helpful in setting their pace as they pursue their training goals. Read more

Samsung, Sony still trail Pebble in the ‘smart wearable bands’ category


Pebble is still leading the way when it comes to ‘smart wearable bands’ (or smartwatches). Research firm Canalys found that, as of the first quarter of 2014, Pebble chimed in with 35% market share while Samsung and Sony followed with 29% and 23%, respectively. As we all know, Pebble has its self-titled smartwatch and Samsung has the Gear line. Sony, on the other hand, quietly maintains its Smartwatch 2. The final 13% is left for others to fight for. These numbers are bound to change with LG and Motorola prepping an entry into the smartwatch game.

Fitness wearables, though, is heavily secured by Fitbit and its 50% market share in that field. That is another field seeing an increasing amount of competition. LG has launched a fitness tracker and Samsung has been doing so with the Gear Fit. Fitbit may have something up its sleeve to combat everyone else, but we will have to just wait and see.

Source: Canalys

Refreshed Fitbit Force may have leaked, plenty of displayable info included


At the beginning of the year, the Fitbit Force fitness tracker was causing an allergic reaction with some of its owners. In response to this, the product was recalled and has not returned since. A fresh leak shows just how hard Fitbit plans on working to make sure the refreshed wearable is. Keep in mind that the image does recognize this as a concept; therefore, take this (as any leak) with a grain of salt.

Like all of Fitbit’s wearable products, this one will be a fitness tracker that tracks steps and distance traveled in addition to some deeper metrics. Also like before, this product can be a silent arm that wakes you and only you. A bit more information can be provided this time around with a larger display: caller ID and real-time statistics. And it would be wise to assume that this Fitbit Force would resolve the allergic reaction-causing issue.
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IFTTT announces a new FitBit channel


IFTTT, which just recently made its Android debut, has announced a brand new FitBit channel for use in recipes. The new channel will allow you to perform actions based on the information that your FitBit tracker sends to your device. You can set up a recipe to post a Facebook status update when you hit your daily step goal, or upload your sleep logs to a spreadsheet in Google Drive, among other things. It’s definitely a cool addition to an already very powerful app.

Any FitBit users that are currently using IFTTT?

source: IFTTT Blog

HTC One M8 Mini to leave out key Sense 6 features including Zoe, Pan 360, Motion Launch and Fitbit

HTC One M8 mini

We’ve heard plenty already about HTC’s upcoming One M8 Mini, the little brother to its latest flagship device. But today we’re hearing a bit more, and it isn’t the most encouraging news.

It looks as though the phone will be sold without some of Sense 6’s most useful features, including Zoe, Fitbit, Motion Launch, and Pan 360 photos.

The reason for these features being left out can be pointed directly to the lack of the Snapdragon 801 processor and the duo camera, both featured on the One M8. It does seem a bit odd, though, that Pan 360 and Zoe are being left out, because HTC has included the features on past devices without a duo camera or the Snapdragon 801. It’s all still rumored, so we’ll just have to wait and see to be sure.

Source: @evleaks

Fitbit adds Bluetooth 4.0 sync support for Samsung Galaxy S 4 in new update


While we await the imminent release of Android 4.3 and its inclusion of Bluetooth Smart support, some app developers have taken it upon themselves to start adding Bluetooth 4.0 syncing to their apps, including Fitbit, a healthy lifestyle tracking application.

As they added support for the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II back in February, today they announced that the app will now support the Galaxy S 4, with all of the efficiency improvements that it brings. Obviously since the new Bluetooth support is not yet standard in Android devices, Fitbit says that custom development work is needed for individual smartphones. Obviously Samsung’s new flagship device was an early priority.

You can grab the updated Fitbit app from the Google Play Store after the break. Read more