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Verizon’s Galaxy Note 4 update brings bugfixes, latest security patches and optimized performance


If you are rocking a Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910V) courtesy of Verizon, you’ll be glad to find out that the U.S. carrier is in the process of rolling out an update to your handset. While the new firmware, that bumps the Note 4 up to software version LMY47X.N910VVRU2BPA1, is still based on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop (boo-hoo!), the update is said to include performance tweaks, the latest security patches, as well as some bug fixes. We have the changelog after the break. Read more

Nexus 4 now receiving Android 4.2.1 update, fixes December bug while baseband remains unchanged

In very similar Nexus news to what we found this morning, the Nexus 4 is now beginning to receive the 4.2.1 update as well. This update most notably fixes the infamous December bug. No other changes have been uncovered as of yet. The good news is that the baseband has remained unchanged so far thus still allowing LTE capabilities for the select few. This update will be come by way of over-the-air so obviously not everyone will get it at once, but it should only take a few days for it to roll out to all devices. Are you a lucky owner of the elusive Nexus 4 that has also received the update? Let us know of any other changes you may find.


source: XDA Forums

ASUS Pushes Out Firmware Update to the Transformer Prime, Brings Face Unlock and GPS Dongle Icon

If you own a Transformer Prime and haven’t fired it up yet to day, you may be pleased to know that ASUS has pushed out the .28 firmware update bringing a few goodies with it. Not only do you get the usual bug fixes and general improvements, you will also get the fancy ICS Face Unlock feature and an added icon that shows when you have the GPS dongle attached.

The changelog reads as follows:

  • GPS dongle fix & local notification
  • Ethernet UI support to set Ethernet connect policy when screen off
  • Add system bar lock settings for showing/hiding system info
  • Enable Face Unlock feature
  • Support Bluetooth HDP
  • Third party app upgrade
  • Other bug fixes

ASUS is pretty good with their updates so this is something you should definitely apply if you are running the stock ROM on your Prime. To manually apply the update, head into Settings > About Tablet > System Firmware Update > Check Update. For those in the custom ROM world, Androwookie has implemented the update already and you can expect the others to follow suit.

source: Facebook


Sony Xperia X10 getting Android 2.1 update from AT&T – not joking


There really isn’t much to say about this other than AT&T has really taken their time with this one. ‘Wowwww, bringing the software up to Android 2.1??? How can we be so lucky!’ That’s maybe something like what AT&T would hope to hear from their Sony Xperia X10 owners, but it’s unlikely. In fact, I’m not even going to type what they are probably saying due to this site being work safe and all.

You know what though, on the positive side, it’s amazing they put out an update at all seeing as they would rather have X10 owners just upgrade to a Gingerbread Xperia Arc, PLAY or Neo anyway. So, for that I guess X10 owners should be somewhat thankful. The update will start rolling out today. Click here for a guide on how to upgrade your device.

[via engadget]

Google Nexus S to get Android 2.3.4 over next few weeks – brings GTalk improvements


Google has another surprise planned for it’s Nexus crowd, it comes by way of an update for the Nexus S which will be Android 2.3.4. The update not only has several bug fixes and improvements to the Gingerbread OS, but it specifically will now have video and voice chat within the Google Talk application and you’ll be able to make calls over a 3G or 4G data network (if your carrier supports it) or over Wi-Fi.

The update will be rolling out to all Google Nexus S owners over the next few weeks either by 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi over the air, and will make it’s way out to other Gingerbread devices soon thereafter.  Pretty cool indeed Google.

Click here to watch a video on the new Google Talk improvements below.

Nexus S 2.3.3 update changes your screen color slightly

There’s been a bit of buzz online about the new Nexus S Android 2.3.3 update making the coloring on the display a little ‘different’ than what it was before the update. Google’s Ry Guy has let us know that this update and the effects on the coloring is intended to tweak the Nexus S display, and therefore, it was expected.

With your new OTA complete, you may notice a slight difference in the way colors are displayed on your Nexus S. For Nexus S, we have adjusted the color temperature settings to more accurately reflect darker colors at all brightness levels. The Gingerbread UI being darker, we found that the colors were not as accurate when the device was being used at lower brightness levels. For example, some users reported that the initial color temperature was too high leading to some darker greys having a reddish tone; with the new color temperature this is no longer the case.

Engadget went on and updated their own Google Nexus S and found the update did in fact change the color. Whether this is intended or not, still leaves some upset about the changes, as many Nexus S users have reported their unhappiness on forums as well. Here is a good look at the changes from Android 2.3.2, to 2.3.3, which Engadget is happy with after the update. I have to say as well, it does look like an improvement overall. have a look below.

[via Engadget]