Lenovo reveals new Moto branding position with Q3 financial results


Lenovo announced their third quarter financial results revealing they had returned to profitability for their smartphone division consistent with a commitment made after acquiring Motorola. In addition, Lenovo also revealed what their branding strategy would be for the Moto line of devices after it was recently revealed they would be dropping Motorola branding. Read more

Losses continue for HTC in fourth quarter of 2015

HTC Logo (PRNewsFoto/HTC)

HTC announced their fourth quarter financial results for 2015 and the financial straits they find themselves in continued as the year closed out. For the quarter, HTC reported revenues of NT$25.7 billion ($768 million USD) and a gross margin of 13.9%. After expenses are considered, HTC had an operating loss of NT$4.1 billion ($122 million USD) with an operating margin of negative 16.1%. Considering the fourth quarter is usually a strong one for companies thanks to holiday sales, HTC’s loss for the quarter is a troubling sign for the smartphone manufacturer. Read more

Despite beating forecasts, Qualcomm financial results disappoint


Qualcomm reported financial results for their first quarter, which ended on December 27, 2015, with numbers that beat forecasts despite being down year-over-year. Perhaps more disappointing though is the forecast looking ahead to the rest of 2016 as Qualcomm is faced with a slumping mobile device market that they think will be worse than what analysts are projecting. Read more

LG posts strong smartphone numbers for 2015 in financial report


LG released their fourth quarter and 2015 full year financial results today showing the LG Mobile Communications Company portion of the manufacturing conglomerate had a solid year. According to LG, the company shipped a total of 59.7 million smartphones in 2015, which was a slight increase from 59.1 million units shipped in 2014. LG specifically noted that sales in North America had improved to help with the results for the division. Read more

Huawei says 2015 revenues grew 35% in 2015 on strong sales


Even as the Chinese market for smartphones starts to cool off with its maturity and an ongoing struggle to break into markets like the U.S., Huawei managed to achieve some impressive growth and financial results for 2015 according to an open letter from their acting chief executive Guo Ping. On a “solid increase in profits and cash flow” Huawei says 2015 revenues increased 35% compared to the prior year reaching 390 billion yuan ($60.1 billion USD). Read more

Lenovo loss less than expected with smartphone business improvements


Lenovo has released their second quarter financial results for the period that ended September 30th and although they experienced a loss, it was not as deep as had been estimated and expected. Lenovo says they were able to narrow the losses thanks to stronger than expected sales growth and improvements in their smartphone business. The net loss ended up being $714 million, beating the average loss of $803 million projected by analysts. Read more

HTC financial struggles continue in third quarter


HTC held their quarterly conference call to discuss financial results for the third quarter of 2015. There were no surprises regarding the results as HTC continues to struggle financially with many wondering how long the company can continue to stay in business. For the third quarter, the smartphone manufacturer generated NT$21.4B ($660M USD) in revenues, which is almost half of what they did for the same quarter in 2014. The results are consistent with a downward slide for the company. Read more

Sony’s Mobile Communications division continues to struggle in Q2 2015


Sony released their latest quarterly financial report revealing struggles continue for their Mobile Communications division. For the second quarter of their fiscal year, Sony saw sales of smartphones decrease by 15.2% with revenues falling from 329.5 billion yen ($2.7B USD) to 279.2 billion yen ($2.3B USD) compared to the same period in 2014. Perhaps more troubling is the fact that for the sales that continued to occur, Sony saw operating income of 5.5 billion yen ($45.4M USD) fall to an operating loss for the division in the amount of 20.6 billion yen ($170M USD) year-over-year. Read more