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Dead Zebra showcases some new Android goodies


Today, Dead Zebra added yet another figure to its rapidly-growing line-up in the Android Mini Collectible Series 05. The latest cookie-munching model, Cookie Master, was introduced earlier this morning and will be available for purchase later this month.

In the meantime, as from tomorrow, you will be able to pick up not only a BigBot green Android head and a blue/black Hangout scarf, but also the To-Fu mother and son combination from the Devilrobots team in the Dead Zebra shop.

Hit the break for the full gallery.

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Dead Zebra announces Year of the Horse Android mini figurine

Dead Zebra year of the horse

Dead Zebra has announced they’ll be celebrating this year with a limited edition mini Android figuring based on the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse. At this point, Dead Zebra doesn’t really need an excuse to make awesome figures, but hey, we won’t complain. The Year of the Horse figurine has a painted horse mask and is wearing some traditional Chinese celebratory clothing, which looks really cool in photos.

As per the usual figurines like this, this one is limited edition, so it’s first come, first served. They’ll be in stock on Tuesday, January 28th at 11 am EST and 11 pm EST. You can only buy two per household. If you’re interested, mark your calendars. Hit the link below to check out the details from Dead Zebra.

source: Dead Zebra

Limited Edition Android Halloween figurine to be sold by Dead Zebra on October 21

Andrid Halloween

Android artist Gary Ham has designed a special edition, mini collectible “Trickertreat!” Android figurine. If you’d like to buy it, you can order it online at the Dead Zebra Shop in two releases— the first starting at 11AM on Monday, October 21st, and again at 11PM the same day. Quantities are limited, so figurines are limited to two per household.

If you’re interested, act fast on the 21st before they sell out.

Source: Dead Zebra

Dyzplastic to release special edition Android Mini in celebration of Chinese New Year

Dyzplastic has today announced plans to release a special edition Android Mini this week in celebration of the Chinese New Year. The scroll-wielding red figurine is slated to hit the official Dead Zebra online shop Thursday January 24th at 11AM, though it has been noted that supplies are severely limited. If you’re hoping to get in on the action, you’ll need to have your mouse ready bright and early.

Source: Dyzplastic

Halloween “Werewolf” Android figurine edition available October 30th

Even Andy Android figurines are in Halloween spirits! Dyzplastic has worked their magic yet again and created a Halloween “Werewolf” edition of their much popular Android figurine set.

The figurine will be available on October 30th so sit tight till then! Head on over to the source link for a 350 degree view of the figurine.

source: Dyzplastic

How to turn your Android Figurine into a flashing code transmitter – Mechanized


Ever wonder what else you could do with one of your Android figurines from DYZplastic? Why not turn it into an Android that will talk? Well…talk morse code that is.

Over at, you will find detailed instructions on how to build your own “Mechanized Android Figure” along with schematics to help you along the way. If you’re a Pro member on their site, you can download the .pdf file as well, or simply click on the .pdf link provided. The site also gives you a detailed list of all the items you’ll need to create this little morse code talking robot.

So, if you have a little free time, why not head over, check what you need and build it up. Be sure to show off your creation right here by commenting the pic links when you’re done! Here’s a video to help you along too.

YouTube Preview Image

[via Gizmodo]

TalkAndroid Presents: The Ultimate Holiday Giveaway – Bluetooth Speakers, Android Figurines, Apps and More

Do you love Well, since you’re here, we sure hope you do. But now, the big question – how much do you love us? We want to know how crazy you’re willing to get for us – and, in return, we’ve got some pretty awesome prizes for you.

Here’s how this is going to work. We want you to show us how crazy you are for TalkAndroid. We want you to submit videos or pictures of you doing something to show the world how much you love our site. Put up a huge banner on the side of a building, put flyers on cars, shout it from a rooftop… be as creative as you can! Remember, the more original the idea, the more likely you are to win the first place prize pack. And, of course, keep it legal, and keep  it appropriate! Here’s what the winners will receive:

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