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Featured Play Store Review: Bestiary Live Wallpaper [Personalization]

If you’re looking for a new live wallpaper to try out, you might want to look at Bestiary Live Wallpaper from ICELABA. Bestiary just landed in the Google Play Store and will add a “strange creature” or monster to your homescreen that moves along with a kaleidoscope-like background. There are a few things about Bestiary that is totally cool: The graphic quality is awesome, the animation is smooth and fluid with no hiccups, and there are so many creatures and settings to choose from. The first two speak for themselves, but I need to tell you about the options. I personally expected a few choices for creatures, but I was pleasantly surprised that there is close to 100 to choose from. Many of them will only be available in the paid version ($1.30), but even with the free version, you have access to about 30 of them. It really is extraordinary how many you get to choose from and it’s likely to continue to grow.

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Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Z-Cross [Arcade & Action]

If you’re looking for an old school shooter, I’ve got the game for you. It’s called Z-Cross and it was created by a new developer called EndoclanSoft. It takes place in space and it’s your job to capture the stolen Z-Particles to restore peace to the Galaxy. There are two options for gameplay: In Mission mode, you will travel to all the planets in the solar system and defend yourself with various enemies and bosses. The Survival mode is an endless battle much like old school games

For either mode, the controls are the same and quite simple. You tilt your phone to steer your ship and you tap anywhere on the display to shoot. In the Mission mode, you will need to collect at least six Z Particles from each mission to advance and there are 3 missions per planet. At the end of the third mission for each planet, the main enemy boss will appear and must be defeated. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to pick up another type of particle called X-Particles. Depending on what type, they will yield you secondary weapons or a protective shield momentarily. X Particles can even get you an extra life. There is a total of 18 stages and 10 boss battles in the Mission mode, and if you collect all the Z particles, you will unlock the Elite Challenge.

The Survival mode is an endless battle in which you need to pick up as many blue orgs as you can while avoiding or killing the enemy. They are also known as Y-Particles, and you can use them to purchase extra lives or weapons in the store. Also as part of the Survival mode, you can share your scores in the online area.

I found Z-Cross to be very addicting and what I like most about it, is that it doesn’t have all the fancy power ups that you find in today’s games. Yes the Survival mode has a little of that, but the Mission mode doesn’t have any whatsoever. To me it’s a cross between Asteroids and Galaxian. It’s totally fun and it doesn’t cost a dime to try. There is a free version that includes three planet regions for the mission mode and only one survival stage. It’s definitely enough to see if you like it, and it will only cost you 99-cents to buy the rest, which is very cheap. Check out my hands on video below and hit one of the download links to get started. As always, let me know what you think.

Note: In the video you will see that part of the screen is cut off at the top left where the score is. The developer already fixed that with the latest update.


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Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with ConnectiXX [Brain & Puzzle]

I’ve got a really cool new puzzle game to share with you guys. It’s called ConnectiXX and it was created by Matthias Lange. We recently reviewed one of his other games called Candy Racer, and I’m quickly becoming a fan of Matthias as this latest creation is a doozy. This one is a connect the dots type of game and is similar to the Japanese game called Hashi. In this game you are presented with a bunch of circles or islands. Each circle has a number in it which represents how many connecting points it must have. You will draw lines between any two circles, and when the line is completed, the numbers in both circles drop by one. So for example, if you have one circle with a 3 in it and the other has a 2, when you connect them with a line, you will now have two circles with a 2 and a 1 in them. Your job is to connect all the circles until you get down to zero for each circle and you can’t cross any existing lines. Are you confused? It’s really hard to explain, but it’s really quite simple. If you watch my hands on video below you will get the idea.

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Featured Play Store Review: SlotSpot [Cards & Casino]

There’s no shortage of casino slot games for Android (or iOS for that matter), but there just might be a new sheriff in town. Blitzoo Games just released SlotSpot, which has been a major hit on Facebook since it launched a year ago. I have to be honest with you, I am not much of slots person, but I know a lot of people not only love them in the actual casino, but they love them on their mobile devices. SlotSpot isn’t your average slot game though. What I mean is that it’s not the simple 3 reels x 3 rows with cherries and gold bars on toy slot machines. SlotSpot has 12 unique slot games ranging from Showgirls, Pirates, Bloodlines, Reel Romance, and more. The slot games consist of 5 reels x 3 rows, with up to 24 combinations for payouts. Many of these combinations will need to be unlocked as you progress through the 40+ levels. If that’s not enough of a difference, how about characters, quests, and storylines that you won’t find in other slot games?

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Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Nia: Jewel Hunter [Arcade & Action / Brain & Puzzle]

TvoiNet recently released a really cool puzzler called Nia: Jewel Hunter. You play a girl named Nia, who happens to be your average office worker. Unfortunately an earthquake forces her into unknown worlds. Your job is to get her home, but you will have to find all the gold and gems at each level. Right now there are 9 levels from the desert and 9 levels from the underworld plus 2 bonus levels.

Much like any other puzzle game, Nia is quite easy early on, but will progress pretty quickly. In the first chapter, which takes place in the desert, you will find yourself running around a the outside of a 3D temple with many floors. The floors consist of gold and gems that you will need to pick up. You can jump or fall through openings to get to each level, but it’s not as simple as that. You can literally run around all 4 sides of the building, but the problem is you will be blocked at certain sections by a stone partition wall. There will be certain areas of the building that have a button to push that will help you out. For example, you might be able to move these stone partitions or open sliding hatches that give you access to areas that you need to get to. As far as exiting and finishing each level, the exit door won’t open until you pick up one of the gems. You still want the second jem since you need to collect all gems in order to see the two bonus levels. It’s hard to explain so I put together a hands on video below.

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Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Zombie Driver THD [Arcade & Action]

Those of you with a Tegra powered device might want to check out Zombie Driver THD, which was just released in the Google Play Store and TegraZone. If slaughtering zombies is your thing, you are probably going to love this one because there is no shortage of zombies to run over and shoot at. This game becomes a serious bloodbath pretty quickly.

Zombie Driver has already been available on the PC and consoles, but if you’re not familiar with it, the game is set in a city that is infested with zombies because of a chemical accident from a secret government project. You will take on various missions to rescue civilians while slaughtering zombies along the way. You will get around with a car that can be equipped with a generous amount of weapons. This game is a lot of like Grand Theft Auto, in that you will be presented with missions and you must navigate to where you need to go via the map. The one major difference is the zombies. You simply run them over or shoot them and watch the blood splatter all over the place.

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Featured Play Store Review: eRadar HD: Real-Time and Alerts [Weather]

Elecont Software is one of the top developers for weather related apps, so I figured I would let you know about eRadar HD: Real-Time and Alerts. Over the last few days, the weather is one of the hottest topics due to Hurricane Sandy, but lets face it, the weather is always a major focal point with everyday life. There isn’t a day that goes by where someone doesn’t ask me if it’s going to rain or snow. With eRadar HD, you will always have that information in your pocket because it tracks radar in real time.

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Featured Play Store Review: mSpy Mobile Spy Monitoring [Tools]

mSpy hit the Google Play Store about a month ago, which is a smartphone tracking app. Tracking apps are getting quite popular for parents and employers that want to monitor their children or employees. I was shocked at how full-featured mSpy was. It doesn’t take more than a minute to download and install it on the device you need to monitor, but it’s the web interface that will wow you.

With just a few clicks on your desktop, you will be able to see virtually everything the phone has done. For example, you can see the call logs, contacts, SMS text messages, the GPS location (both current and historical), emails, apps installed, pictures, and videos. You can even set it up to record the surroundings and even phone calls at a specified time and listen from your desktop.

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Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with Manilla – Bills and Reminders [Productivity]

I don’t know about you, but I love an app that makes you more organized and productive. Managing your bills, travel rewards, and subscriptions is one big pain since you have to go to numerous web sites to get the info you are looking for. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could look up any of these accounts in one place? If you haven’t heard about Manilla, you have to check it out. It’s basically a one stop shop for managing your bills, finances, travel rewards, and subscriptions. With Manilla, you will have all the information you need with just a couple of clicks. For bills, you will be able to see how much you owe, see and save a copy of your statement, and get a reminder when your payment is due. Want to quickly see how much mileage you have earned? Just whip out your phone and in seconds you will have the answer.

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Featured Play Store Review: Hands on with TunnelBear VPN [Tools]

TunnelBear VPN is one of those apps that’s extremely simple, but is very powerful. There are two really important reasons why you need to download TunnelBear VPN today, and many of you will fall into both. The first if for those who frequently use public WiFi hotspots. Everything you do on a public WiFi is available to hackers and that includes passwords and just about anything else. You can’t always avoid public WiFi’s so how do you safely take care of your business? A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the only way. Now you can set up your own personal VPN, but who has the time to mess with that. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something safe and secure without all the hassle? Well TunnelBear VPN is just that. It provides “safe-passage and privacy” for Android tablets and smartphones with a secure, encrypted connection to either a U.S. or UK server (more on that in a bit). What this means is that if you are utilizing TunnelBear on an open WiFi network, anyone who intercepts your data won’t be able to read it thanks to the AES 128-bit encryption.

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