Featured Android App Review: MMGuardian Parental Control [Tools]


We’ve covered a few apps that help with security for children’s phones, but I wanted to tell you about another one I came across called MMGuardian Parental Control from MMGuardian.com. It seems like the age that kids are given phones is getting younger and younger as time goes on. Of course you can give them a dumbphone, but with newer shared plans, it’s not out of reach to go for a smartphone. For some kids it might be an overkill, but a smartphone can give you a lot of features like knowing your child’s whereabouts, and with apps like MMGuardian Parental Control, it gives you the peace of mind you need when you give that shiny new or used smartphone to your child.

I think when it comes to apps such as these, a lot of parents don’t want to bother with them because they think it will be overwhelming and difficult to set up. I think that’s true for a lot of these apps, but nothing could be further from the truth regarding MMGuardian. All you really need to do is install the app on your child’s phone and activate it with your password of choice. Then it’s a matter of going through each area of the app that you want to control. Your child won’t be able to uninstall or deactivate the app without the password.

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Featured Android App Review: Todoist: To Do List, Task List [Productivity]


Todoist has always been one of the best personal task managers, but it was only available on the desktop until November of last year. That’s when Doist released native apps for both Android and iOS, which brought Todoist’s robust elements to users for on-the-go task management. With the addition of the app, Todoist users are now synced across nine platforms, which include Android, iOS, Web, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows, and Mac.

I generally don’t use the desktop to manage my tasks, although it’s important to me that the tasks are synced and accessible from various platforms. With that said, the desktop Web interface is a tremendous application for those that really need a lot of control for their tasks. The Todoist app for Android brings most of those features to your phone or tablet.

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Featured Android App Review: Fynch for Twitter [Social]


We recently reviewed SayIt Voice Launcher from Rn Software, and they just came out with another very cool app called Fynch for Twitter. Although it integrates with the official Twitter app, it’s not a full-fledged Twitter client. It’s a tool for enhancing your experience. Twitter timelines can be very overwhelming, which could result in you missing a lot of stuff. For example, everyone you follow might not tweet 100 times per day. Some of them only tweet once every few days, but that doesn’t mean those tweets aren’t important to you. Fynch will notify you of any activity from those less active users. Fynch will also tell you when someone starts tweeting a lot more than usual, which is perfect for breaking news stories or events. Last but not least, Fynch will also let you know when someone you follow mentions a trending topic.

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Featured Android Game Review: Strategy & Tactics: World War II [Arcade & Action]


HeroCraft is at is again with yet another game to add to their incredible repertoire in the Play Store. This one is called Strategy & Tactics: World War II, and it’s a lot like RISK or other similar strategy games. You won’t find explosions or special effects, it’s simply pure strategy. The game takes place during World War II, and in the first part of the game you will command the Axis to conquer Europe. Later, you will command the armies of the USSR and Allies to retake it. The game offers three play modes: play against the computer AI, 2-player (hotseat), and 2-player over WiFi.

Gameplay is pretty simple, but accomplishing the task isn’t necessarily the case. Early on in the game, you will start with just soldiers, but eventually you will be able to utilize vehicles and planes. You job is to take over certain regions depending on the mission, of which there are 18 in all. You simply move your armies into nearby regions with the hopes of surrounding the enemy and taking it over. There are two ways to figure out if you will win an attack. For example, you are given a certain amount of soldiers. If you have 10 soldiers in region A and your opponent has 5 soldiers in region B, there’s a good chance you will win. The other factor is the meter below your soldiers icon, which tells you how weak they are. You can split up your soldiers as in divide and conquer or keep them together. You can also attack from multiple locations at the same time to increase your chances. If you find that you don’t have enough forces, and you will, you can “buy” more soldiers, vehicles, and planes depending on how much currency you have earned while playing the game. Just like any other game like this, you can cut to the chase, and use your own hard earned cash as well.

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Featured Android App Review: DivX Stash [Media & Video]


If you like to watch a lot of online videos from various sites, you will want to check out DivX Stash. DivX Stash lets you create a “stash” or locker of all your favorite videos so you can quickly call them up at anytime from your desktop or Android device. You can do something similar with YouTube favorites, but DivX stash lets you add videos from not only YouTube, but also Hulu, Vimeo, TED, CollegeHumor, Dailymotion, Howcast, BREAK, Funny or Die, The Daily Show w/John Stewart, and The Colbert Show. You can even categorize them in your own playlists. For example, you could create a playlist for all funny videos and one for music videos. The possibilities are endless.

All you need to do is install and enable the Chrome extension and sign in via Facebook. When you see a video that you want to “stash”, just click the “Stash It” icon just below the video.

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Featured Android App Review: Jokes HD [Entertainment]


Oh if I had a nickel for every developer who writes to me asking to check out their new joke app. I usually don’t bother, but a new one from SMSROBOT LTD just hit the scene. Their most recent app, Countdown Widget, was a hit so I thought I would check it out. It’s called Jokes HD, and it has a very clean and smooth interface.

As I mentioned, there are a number of joke apps out there, but Jokes HD is sure to have the best content since all jokes are approved by the Content Management team. Now that doesn’t mean that you are going to fall on the floor laughing at every joke because everybody is different. What it does mean is that you won’t find a lot of the crappy jokes that you find in other apps. Jokes HD even lets you favorite any jokes as well as share them via Facebook. The favorites feature comes in handy when you’re heading to a party, and you can’t remember that good one you read the other day. Lastly, you can vote and comment on any of the jokes. This means that you can quickly see what the most popular jokes are at any given time. For commenting, you will need to login to your Facebook account, which also lets you submit jokes.

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Featured Android Game Review: Aces Gin Rummy [Cards & Casino]


Normally I wouldn’t review a card game app because there are so many out there, but since Concrete Software is one of our favorite developers, I wanted to check it out. Now the closest thing I have played to Gin Rummy was Rummykub, which was many many moons ago. So forgetting the app itself, I had to learn how to play the game. Thankfully Concrete Software included a really nice tutorial with all the rules. At first it seemed complicated, but after one match, I wasn’t a pro, but I was well on my way to understanding how to play.

I won’t get into the rules itself, but what’s cool about Gin Rummy is the games are fairly quick. A match may consist of many games, but the games only last a few minutes. The app automatically sorts your cards and creates your melds, which makes it move really quick. Best of all is that if you need to stop playing for whatever reason, you can simply pick up where you left off.

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Featured Android App Review: XnRetro [Photography]


People are taking more pictures than ever thanks to the growing popularity of smartphones, but it has also gotten quite popular to add effects to your shots. There are a number of apps that will give you this ability, but XnRetro is one that keeps things simple. All effects are based on making your images appear vintage-like. I don’t know about you, but vintage effects are my favorite. It has a certain class about it.

With XnRetro, you simply open the app and either take a new picture to work with or select a picture that’s stored on your phone or tablet. From there, you can either work with the entire picture or crop it. They give you predefined shapes such as a square and rectangle that you can resize. The next step will be to add the effect, and you will see various options at the bottom. I will start from the left. The first option allows you to fine tune the brightness, contrast, and saturation. The next option lets you select from up to 20 different Retro styles to apply to your picture. You can tap on each one to see how it will affect your picture. The third option lets you choose how much vignetting you want. As you increase it, the border of your picture will become more faded.The fourth option gives you another 15 effects to apply to your photo such as bokeh, glass, leak, and light. Last but not least, is the fifth option, which lets you add a frame. There are 26 frames to choose from including a couple that resemble older instant cameras.

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Featured Android App Review: Movie Twist [Entertainment]


Have you ever sat down to watch a movie, but you didn’t have a clue what you wanted to watch? Well I have an app that will help you find that perfect movie to watch whether you’re alone, with your significant other, or with the family. All you have to do is grab Movie Twist from the Google Play Store. Movie Twist is the first real Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered movie search and exploration app. The app itself was created by Saguru and the AI platform was created by Expertmaker. It truly is mind boggling on how many ways there is to search using this app.

For starters, it will find similar movies based on another movie. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Explore option will let you find movies based on Loving, Humor, Violence, Thrilling, and Cleverness. Not only that, each category has a slider bar so you can set how much that category should play a role in the results. You can also select from 21 genres to include such as Action, Comedy, Family, Horror, Thriller, etc. Oh there’s still more as you can add a keyword such as an actor’s name and you can control some finer details like Pace, Sex, Drugs, and Ordinary. Last but not least, you can throw in what years you would like the movie to fall into as well as the minimum and maximum run times.

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Featured Android Game Review: Jetpack Jinx [Arcade & Action]


Jetpack Jinx is one of those games that will appeal to everyone of all ages since it’s not complicated. In fact, it’s very easy to play, just not easy to conquer. Jetpack Jinx was created by BubbleGum Interactive and it’s a vertical scroller. The premise is that the mischievous Jinx has crash landed on a mysterious planet and he needs to get back to his starship before his boss, Lord Shadowbot, finds out he’s gone. Your job is to keep Jinx soaring as high as you can without running out of power in his jetpack. How do you do that you ask? You collect jewels, but it’s not that easy since you have to avoid falling enemies and hazards. If you don’t collect enough gems in time, you will head right back to the bottom to start over.

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