Featured Android Game Review: Tiny Token Empires [Casual]


Tiny Token Empires has finally made its way to Android thanks to HeroCraft. It’s a real-time strategy (RTS) game, but more for the casual fan. Hardcore RTS fans are probably not going to find this one all that appealing, but for those of you that are intrigued with strategy and puzzle-type games will enjoy this one. If you like a little humor thrown in then it will make it that much more enjoyable for you.

Tiny Token Empires is all about maneuvering your troops into territories, fighting for takeover, and building additional territories and armies. Fighting for land is where the puzzle-aspect comes in as it becomes a match three game. Each troop type corresponds to different colored tokens and by matching three of the required tokens, you will gain more power. You will need to play this match three game enough times so that you have enough power to take the enemy out. If you are able to match four, you get an additional turn. Yes, it’s a Bejeweled clone thrown into a strategy game.

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Featured Android Game Review: Dawn of the Dragons [Arcade & Action]


5th Planet Games recently released Dawn of the Dragons on Android, which is the hit RPG from Kongregate, Facebook, and Armor Games. The game was originally released in 2010, and is one of the most popular social RPG of all time when you consider 3 million people have played the game in over 100 million sessions. The mobile version launched on iOS earlier in the year and it finally made its way to the Play Store.

Dawn of the Dragons is set in the ancient Kingdom of West Kruna. There are a lot of honest and hardworking people there, but unfortunately it has been invaded by bestial dragons looking to steal their land. This is where you come in. You will need to complete a series of quests, raids, and other challenges to fight off the dragons, monsters, werewolves and giants. You will be able to band together with others, but you can also compete in player-versus-player battles. This social aspect is what makes Dawn of the Dragons very appealing.

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Featured Android Game Review: Zombie Derby [Racing]


Our friends at HeroCraft launched another game, and if you are a zombie fan, you’re going to want to check this one out. It’s called Zombie Derby and it’s all about driving a truck or car as far as you can go while killing zombies along the way. You don’t want to run over the zombies, you want to shoot them with the gun on top of your truck. Running them over will kill them, but unfortunately you won’t get any points. You will have to conserve your gas and your firepower to make it to the end of each stage.

If you like games in which there are constant upgrades, you will like Zombie Derby. I am generally not too big of a fan of constant upgrades, and I have to say that this one really emphasizes it. This game only has four stages, which doesn’t sound like much, but you won’t be able to complete them that quickly either. You will need to constantly re-race each stage in order to gain coins to buy enough upgrades to get you through. For example, there is a tutorial stage, but it’s impossible to get through it without upgrades. You will need to upgrade your fuel at least two times. On top of all this, you will need to remember certain obstacles along the track like mini-cliffs that you need to make sure you are going fast enough to jump over.

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Featured Android App Review: TypeSmart Keyboard [Productivity]


I have been a loyal user of SwiftKey for a while now, but another keyboard replacement app called TypeSmart from Comet Apps might change that. I have been playing with it over the last couple of days and I like what I see. From what I have found with most keyboard replacements is that they always seem to be too gimmicky with an interface that will only attract a few people. TypeSmart went in another direction by trying to improve upon what’s out there without trying to develop a brand new way to type.

TypeSmart’s claim to fame is that it not only does what all the other keyboards do, but there are six cool things that no other keyboard offers. The first is a slide-out number row. I tend to do a lot of my typing in portrait mode and I hate switching to a different keyboard for numbers. I know a lot of keyboards offer long pressing, but that is only good when you only need to type one digit. With TypeSmart, you simply swipe up and the dedicated number row appears. Don’t worry, there is still a separate dedicated number pad if you find that your phone’s display is too small. I would like to see this option added to the settings giving you the ability to always display it without needing the gesture, but a quick swipe up isn’t all that bad.

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Featured Android App Review: Buzz Launcher [Personalization]


I’m not big on launchers. It’s not that I don’t think they are cool, but I usually just don’t have time to screw around with them. Well I just came across a new launcher that is not only a game changer, but one that I am happy to say that I am using full time. Have you ever seen pictures of other user’s home screens and wished you could duplicate it? I see them all the time, but I always sigh because I just don’t have the time to set things up. Well Buzz launcher is changing all of this with a very unique take on launchers. It’s one thing to download a launcher, but imagine being able to completely change the look of your home screen on the fly. In no time you will have some of the coolest looking home screens with minimal effort thanks to its huge database from other users. Buzz Launcher allows you to download other user’s cool looking home screens so you don’t have to spend a ton of time setting things up. Before you go thinking that there will probably only be a handful of choices, does over 10,000 sound like enough to you? At the same time, if you do have time and create something cool and unique, you can share it to the world as well.

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Featured Android Game Review: Space Eon 3D [Arcade & Action]


Space Eon 3D is the first offering from Grim Genie Game Development. I will forewarn you that it’s not the most polished game as far as graphics go, but it’s one of the best games I have played that uses the accelerometer for controls. I have played a number of games in which the accelerometer controls your vehicle or spaceship and most of the time the sensitivity is always out of whack. Space Eon 3D’s controls are just right.

Space Eon 3D is a futuristic shooter game which has the typical storyline. You’re a pilot with no memory stuck in a warzone, and a General seems to know what’s going on and guides you. Lets face it, the storyline is secondary, so you will find yourself hitting skip. The premise is to fly through missions by shooting the bosses or other enemies. Within gameplay you can quickly boost your health or get a temporary shield by flying into the floating heart or shield. You will gain money with each mission that you can use for powerups as well. Powerups include longer lasting shields and stronger firepower. You can even hire helper ships. There are 9 achievements that will allow you to unlock 4 additional planes for your hangar.

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Featured Android App Review: Artflow – Sketch, Paint, Draw [Media & Video]


Artflow Studio just released Artflow – Sketch, Paint, Draw for Android tablets, which will bring out your creative side. Of course if you’re already a creative person, you will love it too. Artflow is easy enough for the novice, but offers features for the pro as well. It has all the standard stuff like 50 different brushes/tools and color selections, but it also offers layers and advanced controls like smudging and brush flow. It even supports pressure sensitive pens like Samsung’s S Pen on the Galaxy Note 10.1 or the Galaxy Note 8.0.

What I like most about Artflow is that the Holo-inspired layout and controls are very simple. Drawing and sketching apps can be a little intimidating for the casual user, but not with Artflow. Upon opening the app, you are given a completely white slate for your next sketch. You will find two menus, one at the right edge and the other at the left edge. Just tap on the “less than sign” at the middle right edge or the “greater than sign” at the middle left edge to open the respective menus.

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Featured Android App Review: Privacy Manager [Tools]


Privacy is a major buzzword these days and sometimes you want to be able to keep and/or do things on your phone that you don’t want others to know about. You will find plenty of apps that help you in this regard, but most of them only do one thing. What makes a great app is one that is not only simple to use, but also offers a lot of features, and Privacy Manager offers both. Privacy manager will do some of the simple stuff like keep certain pictures, apps, and contacts private, but it offers so much more.  Privacy manager will also block certain numbers from calling you, disguise calls or SMS messages when you don’t want others to know exactly who is calling you, Ring your phone with a fake call when you need to be “interrupted” in a meeting. It even offers a password manager and let’s not forget the ability to record from your phone’s handsfree microphone. Privacy Manager has pretty much everything you could ever want, and then some.

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Featured Android App Review: PAUL the app [Entertainment]


Do you like to watch a lot of videos online? Do you get annoyed with having to use up your mobile data all the time or dealing with buffers? Well I have an app for you, it’s called PAUL the app, and it was developed by Inmobly. PAUL will curate videos and music for you from many popular sites and download them to your phone or tablet via WiFi so that you don’t have to use up mobile data or deal with any hiccups.

Before we get into the particulars, you are probably wondering where the name “PAUL” came from. Paul was an octopus in Germany that became famous for his predictions during the World Cup in 2010. He not only picked Spain as the World Cup champion, he also picked 85% of the matches correctly. What does that have to do with this app? Well PAUL The App’s algorithms are inspired by Paul the octopus with the goal being to successfully deliver videos and music that you want to watch or listen to. In fact, they created an acronym based on PAUL – Predictive Automated User-centric Loading.

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Featured Android Game Review: Bowling Paradise [Sports]


Update – As of 6/10/13 – Now utilizing Google Play Game Services and 3 special effects balls added to Free version.

There certainly is no shortage of bowling games in the Google Play Store. We recently reviewed Concrete Software’s PBA Bowling Challenge, which is a cool game, but if you are looking for something a little more mellow, you might want to check out Bowling Paradise from InnoLab. You won’t find any tournaments or power-ups in this one, it’s just pure bowling in a zen-like atmosphere.

Bowling Paradise gives you eight locations to choose from: Beach (peaceful and relaxing), Garden (fresh and relaxing), Slope (exciting – ball rolling down a wavy path), Camping (quiet camping night), Dome (classic, luxury), Space (high impact – ball can fly in the air), Mushroom (imaginary land), Lights (special light effects). As you can see, each area gives you not only a completely different look, but can also impact gameplay.

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