Featured Android App Review: Movie Twist [Entertainment]


Have you ever sat down to watch a movie, but you didn’t have a clue what you wanted to watch? Well I have an app that will help you find that perfect movie to watch whether you’re alone, with your significant other, or with the family. All you have to do is grab Movie Twist from the Google Play Store. Movie Twist is the first¬†real Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered movie search and exploration app. The app itself was created by Saguru and the AI platform was created by Expertmaker. It truly is mind boggling on how many ways there is to search using this app.

For starters, it will find similar movies based on another movie. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Explore option will let you find movies based on Loving, Humor, Violence, Thrilling, and Cleverness. Not only that, each category has a slider bar so you can set how much that category should play a role in the results. You can also select from 21 genres to include such as Action, Comedy, Family, Horror, Thriller, etc. Oh there’s still more as you can add a keyword such as an actor’s name and you can control some finer details like Pace, Sex, Drugs, and Ordinary. Last but not least, you can throw in what years you would like the movie to fall into as well as the minimum and maximum run times.

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Featured Android App Review: Get Free Apps [Entertainment]


I remember many moons ago, I used to wake up in the morning and one of the first things I would do is check what the free app of the day was in the Amazon appstore. After some time, I got fed up because I didn’t like having to worry about installing the Amazon appstore on all my devices. In other words, I would rather pay a couple of bucks to grab it from the official Google Play Store. This way all my apps are in one place and I get updates timely.

Well if you’re like me, but you still like the occasional Free deal, you might want to check out Get Free Apps from OnaDevice. Get Free Apps features paid apps that you can download for Free from the Google Play Store. There is one catch, and it’s a small one. You have to still pay for it up front, but they will refund you the purchase price via Paypal. So in a sense, it’s a rebate, but one in which you really don’t have to submit anything, it happens automatically and fast. Your “refund” will hit your Paypal account within 20 minutes of purchasing the app in Google Play.

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Featured Android App Review: invi – Is this how texting apps should be?

Texting has become the main source in communicating with your friends, family or people in general. It’s fast, easy and efficient. The people over at Invi Labs has taken the simplicity and functionality of a texting application and gave it a gorgeous UI along with some really great options and features.

Upon opening Invi, you’re greeted with a welcome screen and a short tutorial on what the app entails and what it offers. Just simply swipe right to continue until you’re hit with a “register” screen. Upon registering you’re prompted to choose a “banner photo” and a “profile” photo of yourself. In the screen shots below you’ll see what each looks like in the app.

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