Samsung Galaxy Tab A Plus with WiFi makes an appearance at the FCC


The amount of tablets released by Samsung over the last two years has been insane. Many thought that last year’s Galaxy Tab S would put an end to that because of its impressive specifications and price. That belief is clearly wrong as the company is moving forward with new tablets. The Galaxy Tab A Plus will start the next step for Samsung’s tablet strategy and it just slid through the FCC here in the United States with the model number SM-P350. The variant here is WiFi-only.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 wireless charger pays a visit to the FCC


Samsung Wireless Charger Patent22

While many of us are looking forward to Samsung’s official unveiling of the Galaxy S6 on March 1st at MWC, the Korean manufacturer has been busy getting its ducks in a row with regards to its accessories. An example of this would be the wireless charger that has been approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). As seen from the image above, the wireless charger has a circular design. 
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New Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 passes through FCC on way to U.S. market


We already know Samsung is working on a new 8-inch Galaxy Tab 4 tablet device thanks to a GFXBench entry that was discovered last month. While the chip used is the mid-tier Snapdragon 410, that is a 64-bit chip meaning the device can fully support Android Lollipop. Based on a new FCC filing for the device, the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 should be headed to U.S. markets.
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Sony SmartEyeglass closer to market after FCC visit, release of some official apps


Although Google is currently in a major state of flux with their Google Glass platform as the company looks to retool their efforts, others are working on getting their version of a face-worn device ready for consumers. One of those companies is Sony which showed off a couple models of their Sony SmartEyeglass product at CES 2015. Following that reveal, one of the models has now passed through the FCC and Sony has released a couple social media apps meant for the device.
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FCC’s Wheeler proposes reclassification of ISPs as common carriers to promote net neutrality


In a statement issued today, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler says he is “proposing that the FCC use its Title II authority to implement and enforce open internet protections.” This move to effectively reclassify Internet service providers as common carriers will be pursued as a way to “preserve the internet as an open platform for innovation and free expression.” The proposal culminates a long process the FCC has been involved with, including examination of long-standing regulatory principles, the marketplace, and a public comment process that yielded close to 4 million comments on the concept called “Net Neutrality.”
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AWS-3 spectrum auction yields $45 billion in bids, AT&T at top of heap


The FCC recently completed an auction of AWS-3 spectrum raising almost $45 billion in bids in the process. The amount raised was quite a bit more than the FCC’s last big spectrum auction held in 2008 when they raised $19.1 billion selling 700MHz spectrum. The big player in this round turned out to be AT&T which bid nearly $18.2 billion for 251 licenses. The biggest chunk of those were in the New York City metro area. AT&T says the new spectrum helps them cover 96 percent of the U.S. population with AWS-3 spectrum.

In a bit of surprise, the second largest bidder was DISH which grabbed $13.3 billion worth of spectrum. DISH has been hoping to start up a terrestrial LTE network to augment their satellite offerings, so this latest purchase may help them with that goal. The other large bidders included Verizon and T-Mobile who also hope to strengthen their networks in anticipation of expanding their advanced network offerings in the coming years. Sprint did not participate in this auction as they prepare to invest in 600MHz spectrum in an auction scheduled for next year.

source: The Verge

Marriott backtracks under pressure from FCC, Microsoft, Google


Marriott’s efforts to block its customers’ personal WiFi hotspots have ended, according to a statement from the company.

Last month, Microsoft and Google expressed concern over the issue, and Marriott is finally backtracking.

In an email to Inc., a Marriott spokesperson said, “Marriott International listens to its customers, and we will not block guests from using their personal Wi-Fi devices at any of our managed hotels,

The FCC had also filed a complaint against Marriott, so that was likely part of the decision to stop using cell jammers as well.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

LG G Flex 2 for U.S. Cellular appears in FCC filing


Last week at CES 2015, the LG G Flex 2 was introduced to the world. Both Sprint and AT&T were quick to confirm the handset’s availability to their customers. We can add U.S. Cellular to the list of carriers offering the G Flex 2 because an FCC filing reveals that the carrier has its own variant. It supports LTE bands 5 and 12 in addition to the 850 and 1900 CDMA bands. All of these are supported by U.S. Cellular. The exact model number for the handset in this FCC filing is LG-US995.

Source: FCC
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