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Falcon Pro developer Vergès joins Twitter


In years past, third-party apps used to access Twitter were a hotbed of development with all sorts of perspectives on what the user experience should be like. The developers also tended to produce lots innovative features being requested by users, frequently at a much faster clip than what Twitter was capable of doing. Eventually Twitter started to take steps to put an end to this, much to the chagrin of the developers of these independent apps. Now, one of those developers, Joaquim Vergès, who developed the hugely popular Falcon Pro app has officially joined the Twitter development team. Read more

Carbon for Android Twitter client gets big update, promises of more in the near future


Although Twitter is making it tough for developers to produce clients for the social media platform, the problems for Falcon Pro being a prime example, there is still interest out there in producing a better way to access the world’s tweets. Earlier today the developers of Carbon for Android, Dots and Lines, announced a major update to the app. Probably foremost amongst the new features is the inclusion of a widget, although the addition of an in-app browser and the YouTube API enabling in app video playback may be even more popular. Read more

Falcon Pro update brings new “hidden” feature to version 2.0.4

falcon pro multiple accounts


While Twitter is certainly doing its best to lay the smackdown on Falcon Pro, it doesn’t mean that the awesome Twitter client should be left for dead just yet. Developer Joaquim Verges recently announced that while Falcon has used up all its tokens, the app can still be used— albeit in a few unorthodox ways. If you are an app user and still happen to have a token through Falcon Pro, you can use the 2.0.4 version of the app. If you don’t— there’s a hidden way to log on from within the app, so you can still get in on the Falcon party anyways.

You’ll find more deets at the source links below.

source: Falcon Pro
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Falcon Pro pulled from Play Store due to token authentication issues


After the authentication token issues earlier this week, third-party Twitter app Falcon Pro has been pulled from Google’s Play Store. On Monday, Falcon Pro reached its limit of 100,000 users, who were each given an access token. Once that 100,000 limit was reached, new users could no longer get tokens to access the app, thanks to official Twitter third-party app rules. As a workaround, developer Joaquim Verges released a new version of the app that revoked all previous tokens so users would have to log in again, which would free up unused tokens and pirated apps. A few months ago, this solution worked to get around the token limit, but according to Verges, the limit was reached within 24 hours. To keep anymore people from buying the app, the developer has pulled the app from the Play Store.

As a courtesy to those who bought the app, Verges has uploaded the last available version as a Google Drive link until he can figure out another workaround for that token limit. Hopefully this won’t be the end of this fantastic Twitter application.

source: Android Authority

Twitter client Falcon Pro now updated to version 2.0


The best Twitter client on Android (in my opinion) has just gotten better with its recent update to version 2.0. The popular Falcon Pro app now has the multi-user feature, a slightly re-designed UI and another “black” theme if you choose to apply it.

I know plenty have been wanting the multi-user support so I’m sure this update will make plenty of people happy. Links for download will be below!

 QR Code generator
Play Store Download Link

Multiple user accounts coming soon to Falcon Pro

falcon pro multiple accounts

Falcon Pro, the excellent third-party Twitter client, has always lacked one important feature; multiple account support. According to a picture on Twitter from Falcon Pro’s developer Joaquim Vergès, multiple user accounts are coming soon in a Falcon Pro 2.0 update. In the screenshot, the feature looks ready for primetime, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to see that update go live on the Play Store. If you haven’t already used Falcon Pro, now’s a great time to check it out. It’s easily one of the best Twitter clients available, and it’s head and shoulders over the official Twitter app.

source: Twitter

Update allows for offline viewing in Falcon Pro


As far as Twitter apps go there are a plethora of them to be found in the Google Play Store. Falcon Pro is one of those apps that stands out from the rest, and it just got a little bit better. Falcon Pro allows you to check your Twitter feed just like the official Twitter app, however the UI makes it more appealing to some. You can check out our review here, to see what I mean.

Along the way Falcon Pro has had to make some sacrifices. I can’t think of any other developer that has had to raise his price to limit the amount of people using the app. Back in February, the developer of Falcon Pro Joaquim Vergès had to set the the price at $132.13, because Twitter wouldn’t raise their token limit of 100,00 users  an app can have, other then the official Twitter app. Here we are in April and Falcon Pro is doing just as well as it ever has. Last week we told you about an update that had partial offline support.

The new update brings full offline support, as well as added translation for Portuguese, Thai, Dutch, Catalan, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, and Hungarian. Click on the Link below or grab the QR code below. Let us know what you think of Falcon Pro in the comments section.

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Falcon Pro gets major update and brings plenty of new goodies along for the ride



Falcon Pro has just gotten an extensive update which brings even more features and awesomeness to all of you obsessed  Twitter types out there. The update brings the software version to 1.8 and brings new goodies such as:

  • *Starred Users* Inline Articles preview with offline access (enabled for all Starred Users that you follow)
  • *Starred Users* Individual notifications (disabled by default)
  • *Starred Users* Offline access
  • New translations including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish & Norwegian— with more to come

Of course users of the app can also expect even more buttery smooth operation and a sweet, intuitive UI to help navigate the show. Hit the Play Store link below to grab the latest update today.


Play Store Download Link


Twitter denies Falcon Pro an increase in token limit [Updated – New version of app coming]


Look’s like app democracy is coming to an end folks. Recently developer Joaquim Vergès was forced to take action with Falcon Pro, a 3rd party Twitter app, due to an arbitrary token limit of 100,000 users set by Twitter. Vergès then set the price of Falcon Pro to an obscene amount of $132.13 (€100) to discourage new users from downloading the app. After filing a petition to Twitter to extend the token amount, Vergès was denied the request on the grounds that Falcon doesn’t provide any features that the Twitter app doesn’t already have.

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