Flaw in Marriott app puts company back in the news and not in a good way


Marriott has recently been in the tech news lately due to plans to block customers’ personal Wi-Fi hotspots when visiting one of the company’s properties. That move earned them a lot of negative press and pressure from the likes of the FCC and eventually caused them to reverse their course. Now it has been discovered that Marriott’s app for Android may have exposed customer data, including credit card information, to possible attack and pilfering ever since its launch in 2011. The flaw was discovered by Randy Westergren, a senior software developer with XDA-Developers, who also found a major hole in Verizon’s mobile app. Read more

Three flaws Google needs to fix to make stock Android even better

Our favorite little green robot has made a lot of progress over the last four years. From humble (and ugly) beginnings with Android 1.0 to the smooth and sleek styles of Jelly Bean 4.2, we have seen some tremendous growth and progress of our favorite mobile operating system. Google has worked hard at ironing out the kinks and improving the user interface with some exciting new features. The result has been a much smoother, better, faster, prettier operating system, but it has surprisingly left some simple yet important features out in the cold. Here are three features (or lack thereof) that I believe are major oversights in Google’s current OS.

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Congratulations Google: you’ve botched the Nexus 4 launch and should feel embarassed

There are many things in life for which to be embarrassed. Like Steve Ballmer’s first Windows OS commercial. Or Christina Aguilera forgetting the words to the National Anthem. Or Apple’s latest Maps release. Embarrassment comes to those who deserve it, and after yesterday’s debacle, I think Google deserves to feel awfully embarrassed. In my eyes, yesterday’s product launch of the company’s new Nexus line-up was a complete and utter failure, if not for the company itself, then at least for its reputation in the eyes of loyal customers. Would-be buyers were plagued with non-stop server errors, buggy shopping carts, flawed payment methods, and jammed phone support lines. What should have been an exciting and fulfilling moment ultimately left thousands of would-be buyers frustrated, angry and worst of all, empty handed.

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Best Buy’s Photoshop Fail: Droid Eris running Windows Mobile? Not so much

In the latest in the “why can’t people photoshop ANYTHING” series, it looks like we’ve got a Droid Eris running Windows Mobile. To make matters worse, It also appears to be running on some kind of HSPA network, as seen by the big “H” in the signal bars there. Verizon, I think it may be time to get yourselves a new advertising team… or at least come up with something a little more believable.

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Samsung Intercept Froyo update bricking phones, Sprint techs being told to fix or replace

According to an inside source at Sprint, the new Android 2.2 update for the Samsung Intercept that was released yesterday may be causing more harm then good. From what we’re hearing, the update is bricking phones left and right. If it happens to you, our source says you can take your device up to a Sprint store, and they’ll do what they can to get it fixed. If they can’t get it fixed by means of software updates, techs at Sprint are being told to go ahead and replace the broken Intercept with a new one.

Our source also mentioned that it would be a good idea to stay away from the Froyo update in general for now. Once Samsung acknowledges that the update is bad, you can bet that they’ll be coming out with a new version that will smash these bugs.

Any of you Samsung Intercept users out there having issues with the Froyo update? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks Robert!

Daily Fail: Twitter mistake has Sprint asking why everyone is so upset

Is it news? Not specifically, but funny nonetheless. As I sit here writing up some articles and watching the San Diego / San Francisco game, I noticed something pop up in Tweetdeck. Looks like whoever’s handling Sprint’s Twitter account forgot to @ reply to someone, leaving them asking everyone:

We are sorry you are upset. What seems to be the issue?

Looks like Sprint’s wondering why-oh-why everyone seems so angry! (Jokes, jokes)

Update: looks like Sprint deleted the tweet.

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Samsung Continuum loses ticker display, Verizon can’t Photoshop their way out of a wet paper bag

Been thinking that you want a Samsung Continuum, if only it would get rid of that totally awesome ticker display? Well, if you’re taking the same crazy awesome pills as Verizon’s Photoshop department, that dream can be a reality, along with your wishes for a unicorn that can fly you to Jupiter to buy you an extra black sock for that ecstasy party you’re going to.

That’s right, folks. In the latest round of “Verizon can’t not do up the bad Photoshop” news, Verizon took off the ticker display and slapped a big fat happy family onto the entire front side. Which is a shame, considering they could have added the TalkAndroid RSS feed to the bottom, found here. :)

Let us know your thoughts below.

Update: It looks like Verizon has fixed the pic with a new one, complete with all the things it’s supposed to be complete with.

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