Facebook Lite puts Facebook on a diet for low-specced phones


With tech companies targeting mobile growth in developing markets with low-specced entry level devices, some of today’s apps may be a bit heavy around the waist to perform well on these devices. Facebook is one of these apps, and while the company was worked toward making the app faster and more responsive through an endless series of updates, the app can still struggle on lower-end devices. Facebook seems to know this because it’s released Facebook Lite, an app that comes in at 0.25 MB.

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Facebook testing transcripts for Messenger voice clips



Rather than leaving a message with voicemail, people are sending voice clips. They are quicker to access and easier to manage. Messaging apps want to keep users within the service and adding support for voice clips does just that. To take things a bit further, transcripts of voice clips are gaining traction. Facebook Messenger is rolling out a feature to its users that converts voice clips into a message with text automatically created by the app. Facebook is testing the feature with a very small amount of users at this time so do not be surprised if your voice clips will not convert into transcripts just yet.

Source: David Marcus (Facebook)

Your Facebook timeline will soon feature AMBER alerts


AMBER Alerts are pretty useful in putting out the word about missing or potentially abducted children. And in a bid to make this more useful and social, Facebook will be adding AMBER Alerts to users’ timelines in the coming days. Only geographically relevant alerts will be provided to the users, so you shouldn’t see them crowding your timeline on a regular basis.
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Facebook makes special holiday features available for Messenger


Despite claims that Google+ is a “dead” social network, it appears Facebook has decided to take a page or two out of Google’s playbook for the holidays. Google+ users are familiar with the goodies that Google makes available for their social platform during different times of year, like virtual snow added to winter pics that are posted. Facebook has released some similar features for their Messenger application.
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YouTube stars receiving bonuses in wake of competitors’ wooing


As rival online video services kick it into high gear, Google’s YouTube unit is pushing to lock up its top stars. This is happening in the wake of both Facebook and video start-up Vessel courting YouTube stars in hopes that they’ll move away from YouTube’s platform. This courting is forcing Google and YouTube to offer top videomakers bounses if they sign multi-year deals where they agree to post content exclusively on YouTube for a period of time before putting it on another service. But that’s not all.

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Facebook reorganizes Slingshot with changes in version 2.0


This is not the same Slingshot that Facebook released in June. Facebook looked at the app following its launch and came back with changes in its version 2.0 update. The developers of Slingshot explain that “improving a product isn’t only about what you add, but about what you remove, so we made a simpler, cleaner, more fun Slingshot.” The process of sharing photos and videos is quicker than before with just two taps being necessary. And now there is a grid showing Shots from friends that are live for twenty-four hours or until swiped away. Slingshot also has private reactions with filters, drawings, and captions to give a more personal feel.

What’s New:

  • Quickly shoot and share moments throughout your day
  • Get creative with filters, drawings and emojis
  • Shots stick around for 24 hours or until they’re swiped away
  • Reply to any shot with a private photo or video reaction
  • Connect with friends and follow awesome people around the world
  • Turn on instant notifications to never miss a moment from your favorite people
  • Relive your day and share your favorite shots out to other people

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Facebook Groups launches in the Play Store, keeping members together forever


One of the more underrated features that Facebook has is Groups. It is a way to share content directly with the people that matter most (and are members of the same group). The social network has launched an application for Groups that is currently available in the Play Store. The Facebook Groups app greets users with their most frequently used groups. Of course, they can create their own with select people. Then control which have the ability to send notifications. Just like any social app, Facebook Groups has a Discover tab. It displays groups that may be appealing to a user.

If you would rather have everything in one place, continue using the primary Facebook app. There are no plans to pull Groups support from it.

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