Facebook improves News Feed for challenging connections


As first world markets have become saturated with smartphones, the market has started to move on to emerging markets. One of the challenges in those places is the lack of high speed connections, like 4G LTE, that many of us may take for granted. In some areas of the world, users may even be limited to 2G speeds. With more users located in regions with challenging communication infrastructures and slower speeds, app developers have to start taking that into account and optimize their apps for these challenges. Facebook has shared some of the steps they are taking to help users access their News Feed even if they are on a slow connection. Read more

Facebook enables notifications from mobile site via Chrome for Android


Although many people use the Facebook app to access the social media platform, there are still lots of people who access Facebook through a mobile browser. If they happen to use Chrome on Android, those Facebook users will find that they can now receive Facebook notifications. This new option is partly due to a new API that Google released this past spring for Android enabling notifications to be pushed by web sites to mobile devices through a browser app like Chrome. Read more

Google and Twitter working on ‘Instant Articles’ solution for their platforms


In this fast-paced world, every second seems to count. Google and Twitter have started working together to trim down the seconds that smartphone users may wait for an article on their smartphone to appear from a few seconds to zero seconds. So-called “instant articles” are part of a push by social media and tech giants like Facebook, Apple and Snapchat to make it easier to connect content publishers with readers. The apparent Google and Twitter partnership adds a couple different wrinkles to the concept of instant articles as the companies plan to open source their publishing tools and they do not plan to host the content themselves, relying instead on cached web pages. Read more

Facebook skunkworks looking at tool for education


One area of life where technology is starting to make some big inroads is in K-12 education as the tools available are finally reaching a point where they are accessible to students and affordable for schools to deploy. If you have children in a public school system, there are decent odds that your kid is using some Google tool to manage or even complete assignments. Word is now out that Facebook has a small team that has been working on their own education tool that is rolling out on a pilot basis to public schools this year. Read more