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Senate chairman digs into Facebook over political bias in Trending Topics

facebook_app_ta_pageThe US Senate Commerce Committee has publicly opened up an inquiry into Facebook and it’s potential manipulation of political posts in the social media site’s Trending Topics. Senate chairman John Thune is leading the questioning, asking Facebook to clarify reports that the teams of people managing Trending Topics were actively suppressing certain stories. In this case, the Senate believes those suppressed stories had a conservative slant.

Thune claims that Facebook’s political manipulation was a strike against an open and fair internet, which is interesting coming from a guy that publicly decried the FCC’s Net Neutrality rules. Read more

Facebook isn’t bidding on NFL’s Thursday Night Football

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Jacksonville Jaguars

The world’s largest social network will not be the exclusive streaming home of Thursday Night Football for at least the next two years. A person familiar with the NFL’s plans for streaming the weekly Thursday Night Football games told Bloomberg that Facebook has dropped out of bidding for the package. Other companies, though, are still in the mix to stream sports’ most valuable content.

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Facebook Messenger getting Material update on Android


Facebook’s head of their Messaging Products division announced an update to the Facebook Messenger on Android app that will start rolling out later today. David Marcus announced the changes and describes it as a “major redesign” of the app. Looking at the images posted by Marcus, it appears Facebook is bringing Google’s Material design guidelines to the Messenger app. Read more

Facebook’s taxes are about to go up in the UK

facebook_logo_optimized_fbFacebook has done some restructuring of how things are done in the UK branch of their business, and that looks like it’s going to result in some heavily increased taxes over the next few years. The company faced pretty serious pressure for routing things through Ireland for its biggest advertisers, which helped Facebook avoid the UK’s 20% tax on corporate profits. Read more

Don’t promote your other social media profiles on Instagram


Promoting yourself across multiple social media platforms is nothing out of the ordinary. We all do it because we want people to see what we’re posting, tweeting, and sharing throughout the day. Mentioning your presence on other services is very common, and it’s a simple way to grow your digital brand. Just don’t think about doing so on Instagram. The photo- and video-sharing service doesn’t want its users to promoting their profiles on “another service” anymore.

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