Hootsuite’s Android app receives update bringing better image sharing and content publishing

hootsuitelogoHootsuite’s Android application has been updated with several new features, mostly focused on image sharing and scheduled content publishing. The update brings the app to version 3.1, marking the first iterative update since it’s massive 3.0 update not too long ago.

Most of the new features are noticeable in the tweaked interface. The UI for composing tweets has been moved around a bit, making the send tweet arrow more prominent while hiding scheduling options behind a drop-down menu. When placing images within a tweet, Hootsuite now also shows a live preview of those images, which it didn’t do before. There are a few other slight changes, including Hootsuite being able to send out images to social media as opposed to just links, and a menu for looking at your scheduled content before it goes live. Read more

Messenger no longer asks for a Facebook account


Want to use one of the best messaging apps but don’t have a Facebook account? Then go ahead and use Facebook’s Messenger. The app was updated to allow those without Facebook accounts to take advantage of a slew of Messenger’s features, such as sending photos and videos, placing video and voice calls, and sharing stickers. Facebook only requires you to connect your phone number.

The account-less sign up for Messenger is active in the United States, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela.

Source: Facebook

Facebook’s Moments app brings together photos from your friends’ phones


Hundreds of pictures are taken whenever family or friends get together. It can be at dinner, a party, or on a hike. People just love to take pictures. The only issue with that is merging them into an album. Everyone inevitably shares the photos in albums of their own, but it would make much more sense to just have one. Facebook believes to have solved the problem with the introduction of Moments.

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Facebook to start measuring time spent on stories


Facebook has announced a new metric they will start measuring in order to “improve” the news feed presented to users. In the past they have used things like commenting or liking or sharing a post to help determine what stories may be most relevant to users. Recognizing that some stories may be of interest but do not create any of those actions, Facebook will start measuring the time spent viewing a story to improve the News Feed. Read more

Facebook Lite for emerging markets now official, begins rolling out


Facebook’s solution for mobile users in emerging markets, “Facebook Lite,” is now rolling out in select regions.

The app is designed to work efficiently on slow networks with minimal bandwidth capacity. The download is only a 1MB file, so you could imagine there are quick install and load times. Features in the app include core Facebook functions, including status updates, News Feed, photos, notifications, etc.

Asia’s first on the list to receive the app — next up is Latin America, Africa and Europe.

Source: Facebook Newsroom