Facebook Groups launches in the Play Store, keeping members together forever


One of the more underrated features that Facebook has is Groups. It is a way to share content directly with the people that matter most (and are members of the same group). The social network has launched an application for Groups that is currently available in the Play Store. The Facebook Groups app greets users with their most frequently used groups. Of course, they can create their own with select people. Then control which have the ability to send notifications. Just like any social app, Facebook Groups has a Discover tab. It displays groups that may be appealing to a user.

If you would rather have everything in one place, continue using the primary Facebook app. There are no plans to pull Groups support from it.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.

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WhatsApp update now shows when messages have been read


You may recall that Facebook acquired WhatsApp Messenger back in February for an eye-watering $19 billion, and is only now in the process of rolling out its first major update for the service. Don’t get too excited, though, as the added functionality is not welcomed by many.

If you’re either an avid user of WhatsApp or a complete novice, I’m pretty sure you’re aware of its ‘double tick’ delivery system. If not, don’t worry. It’s simple. A grey tick on its own represents that a message has been successfully sent, while two grey ticks mean it has been delivered to the recipient’s phone. However, Facebook has decided to adapt this feature.

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See which apps and games are draining your phone battery and chewing up the most storage

android-appsApps are easily the biggest draw of owning a smartphone, but unfortunately, they can also be what hinders the performance of our devices, too. AVG anonymously collected data from over 1 million smartphone and tablet users to measure just which apps drained battery the fastest and used up the most storage space, and the results are pretty interesting.
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Samsung and Facebook strengthening relationship, but what’s in store?


Officials from Samsung and Facebook have met for the third time this year. It is not that much of a surprise considering the Gear VR is made with the Facebook-owned Oculus VR. By now, meetings should have moved on to other projects because the Gear VR is approaching a release. Apparently this latest meeting was a big success for both companies.

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Facebook slaps its stickers into comments for all users


Facebook is about to get a lot stickier starting today. The social media network is unpackaging its stickers for the comments of a post. If you have never seen or even heard of Facebook’s stickers, just think of them as massive emojis with much more personality. Some stickers are fun and creative while others are absolutely bizarre.

This is the third major addition to the comments section since mid-2013. In May of that year, Facebook launched emoji support. Then, the comments section was covered in photographs the following month. Now there are stickers. All users will have access to stickers in comments within the next day.

Do you plan on using stickers often? Let us know in the comments (without stickers, please).

Source: Bob Baldwin (Facebook)

Facebook gets EU approval for WhatsApp deal


Earlier today, Facebook announced thats its now received approval from the European Union for its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp Messenger — that’s an eye-watering $16 billion more than Apple paid for Beats Electronics back in May.

The main bone of contention regarding this deal was the fear that it would impair communication in the telecom market, but, according Re/code, the European Commission claims that the Facebook-WhatsApp deal will not thwart competition.

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Facebook launches a photo logging feature similar to Google+ Stories


Facebook is rolling out a feature that will be very familiar to Google+ users. The social network has launched a feature that takes photos from trips and logs them into a beautiful slideshow. It tracks a user’s journey from place to place. On the Google side of things, this is called Stories. Photos and captions cannot be edited, but Facebook will allow changes to be made to titles and locations.

The feature is apparently in beta as users utilizing have not been able to share the slideshow. Instead, it is only for their own personal viewing pleasure. Facebook has been struggling to craft new ideas, and what we have here is nothing surprising. At least it will give the company something to boast about.

Via: Android Police