Facebook files patent for unibody phone design, could be new Facebook Phone

by Jared Peters on
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Facebook phone patent

Despite the original Facebook phone and the HTC First both being complete failures, Facebook isn’t giving up on the mobile hardware business. The latest patent shows Facebook has ideas in mind for a unibody, slim device that involves “co-molding the display with the body of a device.” It sounds like something HTC would do, but this Facebook’s patent, not HTC. » Read the rest

Facebook finally moves all messaging over to Facebook Messenger app

by Jared Peters on
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Facebook previously announced that they were planning on splitting messaging off from their main application solely into the Facebook Messenger app, and it looks like that day has finally come. Up until now, users had a choice between sending messages through either the Facebook app or the Messenger app, but now users trying to communicate through Facebook will be prompted to download Messenger to continue sending and receiving Facebook messages. Love it or hate it, that’s how it’s going to be moving forward. » Read the rest

Facebook adds ‘Save’ feature that lets you save stuff to read or watch later

by Robert Nazarian on


So you’re perusing through your Facebook timeline and suddenly you come by a wonderful video of someone’s cat fighting with the neighbor’s dog. Unfortunately, you just won’t have time to watch it, but you don’t want to miss it. What do you do?

Have no fear because Facebook rolled out a new feature today called “Save” that will let you “save” that video to watch later. Now this isn’t a save offline feature like what Pocket or Evernote offers. It’s more of a bookmark because you still have to be logged into Facebook and online to see whatever content you have saved.

It should come in handy for the Facebook faithful that have tons of posts to sift through.

source: re/code

Facebook testing new Buy Button for purchases within the social platform

by Jeff Causey on
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Major platforms on the Internet like Google and Facebook have depended for years on advertising revenue from companies buying space on the pages displayed to users. As companies continue to squeeze the sales channel in a never-ending quest for revenue, the issue of conversion between a customer finding an ad for something they want to buy and actually making a purchase is receiving a lot of attention. Google has already indicated they are working on improving their shopping experience. Now it appears Facebook is also working on the problem and has started testing a new Buy button that will work within their site. » Read the rest

Snapchat slingshots back at Facebook, launches “Our Story” social sharing feature

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Yesterday, Facebook launched Slingshot, its own version of Snapchat, in an effort to try to steal back some of the market share it has lost to various social startups in the past few months.

But Snapchat was prepared, and launched a new feature to its own app yesterday as well, to try to combat Facebook’s efforts. The feature is called “Our Story,” and does not require an update to the app.

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Slingshot, Facebook’s Snapchat competitor, lands in the Play Store

by Justin Herrick on
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Facebook was not able to purchase Snapchat despite dangling billions of dollars in front of the developer. So what did Facebook choose to do? Build a similar app and take things a little bit further. Slingshot, available starting today in the Play Store for free, allows users to take photos or record videos and share them with friends. In addition to this, there is an editing component to add some personality to the content. The catch is that friends need to sling a shot back to you in order to see the shot you slung over to them. If you do not care for what is being sent to you, swipe away and the shot is gone forever.

The app is compatible with devices running Android Jelly Bean and higher (which means KitKat). Hit the break for the gallery and download links. » Read the rest

Facebook Messenger app adds video sending

by Aditya Thawardas on
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facebook messenger

Facebook has updated their Messenger mobile app to add video sharing. Clips of up to 15 seconds can now be recorded and sent to your friends. All you have to do is tap the camera icon and hold the send button to begin recording your message.

That’s not all that comes in version 6.0, however. There’s a new feature called “Big Likes,” that allow you to press and hold the thumbs up icon to send an even bigger thumbs up sign, if that’s more your style.  The update is available in the Play Store via the link past the break.

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Facebook app now lets you untag yourself from photos, perform more functions while offline

by Justin Herrick on


If you were ever tagged in an unsightly selfie or just wish to keep your tagged photos clean, the latest Facebook application update will help you out. In addition to just removing tags from your own photos, you can untag yourself from any other photo. This will save people from some embarrassment for sure.

Another part of this update builds upon a new feature that arrived in May. A lot more can be done while offline. Previously, users could only compose posts while disconnected from an internet connection. Posts would then be published once a connection was found and restored. Now users can hit Like on posts, photos, and pages while without an internet connection. Again, upon returning, the action will be pushed through once back to normal.

Two other smaller updates included are post notifications (toggling on and off) and speed/performance improvements. All welcome additions to the Facebook app.

Hit the break for download links. » Read the rest

Facebook will soon recognize what song your are listening to or what show your are watching

by Robert Nazarian on


Facebook will roll out a new feature in the coming weeks that will allow you to use your phone’s microphone to detect what song you are listening to or what you’re watching on TV. Then of course, you will be able to share it on the network for all your friends to see.

Assuming the feature is turned on, you will see an audio icon when you write a status update. If it detects a matching show, movie, or song, you can add that info to your post if you wish. If it’s a song, your friends will get a 30 second preview, and if it’s a TV show, your friends will know which season and episode you’re watching.

Look for this new feature in the coming weeks.

source: Facebook