Facebook employees to be forced to use Android (again)


During a recent presentation, chief product officer for Facebook Chris Cox announced that he was “mandating a switch of a whole bunch of my team over to Android, just because people, when left up to their own devices, will often prefer an iPhone.” Despite the claim that people prefer an iPhone, the market is actually dominated by Google’s Android operating system, although pockets like those in Silicon Valley where Facebook operates out of may still lean toward iOS devices. Read more

Facebook to use artificial intelligence to help blind people ‘see’


Facebook today announced that it has achieved a new feat in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research that will improve its image recognition capabilities considerably. The new technology that will be presented at leading artificial intelligence conference, NITS, next month is likely to help blind people recognize images posted on Facebook.

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Instagram unmasks new curated feed on Halloween


Embedding curated feeds within social media platforms seems to be all the rage these days. Recently Twitter launched both their Moments option and the advertiser driven Promoted Moments as a way to keep users within their app while delivery a more concentrated source of content to users. In a bit of a surprise move, Instagram revealed on Halloween they have their own take on a curated feed ready for users. Read more