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Loopt for Android: Mini Review

Loopt for Android

So you need to know where your best buddy is that you haven’t seen since you both graduated college last year, and you happen to be in town. Or, you want to see where your stalker ex-girlfriend is, who’s still in your facebook places, so you can avoid her like a plaid suit at a wedding. What can you do?

Get Loopt! (And I don’t mean loaded)

Users of Loopt will be happy to see that the developers of Loopt have built Facebook Places integration, so your Loopt and Facebook friends will appear as plots on the Loopt map.

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Android users can access Facebook Places on the mobile site

Facebook Places

Most of you have heard of Facebook Places by now, which gives users the ability to “check-in” at various locations so their friends and family can see all the fun and exciting places they go.  Apple iPhone users received an immediate update to their Facebook app to support the new feature, leaving Android users in the dust.

Fortunately, there is a temporary solution for Android users running 2.x.  Simply visit in your browser, and then navigate to “Places” in the upper right corner.

We’re sure the Android Facebook app will be updated soon, but for now, at least Android users have a way of utilizing this new service.  Also, we’re curious to hear your thoughts about Places, so leave us a comment below!

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