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Exynos kernel exploit could open several Samsung devices to malware or worse

Some bad news is surfacing this weekend for owners of several popular Samsung devices. Members of XDA Developers identified a kernel exploit for devices with certain Exynos processors that could provide root access without flashing the device. According to XDA member alephzain, the vulnerability was discovered on his Samsung Galaxy S III in /dev/exynos-mem. The weakness provides full read/write rights to all physical memory. Read more

Files From Sprint Server Show New Samsung Device Believed To Be The Galaxy Note II

A major device may soon be destined for Sprint’s network. A leaked RDF file from Sprint’s servers show a device called the Samsung SPH-L900 that features a nice list of specs including: a Exynos 4412 processor, 2 GB of RAM, 8 megapixel camera and Android Jelly Bean running the device. Of course some of the specs we listed in this latest leaks are ones we expected since they match up with the leaked screenshots from AT&T’s Galaxy Note II.

The thing that was not in the file was the screen size. The larger screen was what made the Galaxy Note stand out from the crowd. The only listed specs about the screen was the 1280 x 720 display. So it is unclear if the smartphone is a bumped-up Galaxy S III smartphone or the Galaxy Note II as we suspect. Either way with all these features this phone will be able to compete with any other smartphone in the hardware department.

Samsung showed off the Galaxy Note 2 at IFA 2012 and it looks like a very strong sequel to the original. Samsung was focused on having the device available on more US wireless carriers. With all these features, the Galaxy Note II will have a highly anticipated launch sometime in the future Sprint and possibly a few others.

Source: Android Central

Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III Graphics Benchmark Shows Great Promise

Earlier we reported on the Samsung GT-I9300 benchmarks that were found on and the prevailing opinion is that this is the Samsung Galaxy S III running a quad-core Exynos 4412. Clocked at 1.4GHz, this processor comes paired with an ARM Mali-400 GPU clocked at 400MHz, which is 50% faster than the current Galaxy S II.

The Exynos 5 series chipset, which is the tablet version, comes with a Mali T-604 GPU, which supposedly has 5 times the performance of the S II. So should we be worried that the Galaxy S III will be underpowered graphically? The folks at PhoneArena decided to do a little comparison to find out for sure.

The benchmarks of the GT-I9300, which is most likely still a prototype Galaxy S III unit, were compared to those of the Snapdragon S4, Tegra 3, iPhone 4S, and the new iPad. The S III easily beat the S4, trounced the Tegra 3, just edged out the iPhone 4S, and held its own against the new iPad’s PowerVR quad-core chip. This tells us that when the final version of the Galaxy S III is released, it will most likely be top dog performance-wise… at least for a little while.

source: phonearena

Production of 10.1-Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Stopped To Double Its Cores

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab 2 a couple of months ago in both 7 and 10.1-inch varieties, the specs were mildly disappointing with a 1GHz dual-core processor. Apparently, Samsung was also disappointed with the specs and decided to stop production of the 10.1-inch tablet to give it an upgrade, according to a Korean Samsung insider.

The new Galaxy Tab 2, codenamed “Espresso”, will now come with a quad-core CPU. Which processor specifically is not yet known, and neither is whether this will affect the U.S. version of the tablet which has already passed through the FCC as a dual-core device.

This is the second Samsung tablet to get an upgrade before launch, with the Galaxy Note 10.1 being the first earlier this month. The Note is also getting a quad-core upgrade, specifically the Exynos 4412. It’s entirely possible, perhaps even likely, that the Galaxy Tab 2 will also be getting the Exynos 4412, which is the rumored processor for the upcoming Galaxy S III phone. Samsung must really love that processor.

Unfortunately, the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 2 will not be getting the upgrade and will remain a dual-core device.

source: netbooknews


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Delayed Until June To Get Quad-Core Exynos Processor?

A Korean newspaper claims that Samsung is delaying the launch of the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to June so it can bump up its processor to a quad-core Exynos 4412. This is welcome news if it holds true since the Note 10.1 was announced at Mobile World Congress with a dual-core 1.4GHz processor, which seems like yesterday’s news now that quad-core is the new kid in town. There is currently no device that is using the Exynos 4412, but the Samsung Galaxy III is rumored to be the first. If the Note 10.1 will be getting it as well, Samsung could be timing the releases of both devices together.

Of course, with no official release date from Samsung, can we really call this a delay? In any case, if this is true, this is the second delay of a Samsung tablet this month with the Galaxy Tab 2 being pushed until the end of April for more ICS testing and tweaks.

I know everyone hates delays, but to be honest, I applaud Samsung for making sure their products are not only fully tested and working well before release, but also that the specs are kept up to date and competitive. Now let’s just hope the rumors are true since I could sure use a 10.1-inch, quad-core, S Pen enabled Galaxy Note.

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