Google [X] executive to take reins at Evernote


Evernote announced today that Chris O’Neill has been appointed CEO effective July 27, 2015. Co-founder Phil Libin will be moving into the role of Executive Chairman. O’Neill will be moving to Evernote after serving close to 10 years with Google, most recently as the head of global business operations for Google [X]. Before taking on that role, O’Neill headed up Google Canada. Read more

Google publishes a list of the 18 best Material Design apps


To celebrate its Material Design’s first birthday, the folks over at Google have compiled a list of eighteen of the best apps that take full advantage of the new design specification, including Evernote, Instacart, Tumblr and Weather Timeline.

Hit the break for the full list of apps showcased in the Best-In-Class Android Design section of the Play Store.

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Dropbox is working on a Google Docs and Evernote killer


Dropbox has confirmed they are working on a Google Docs and Evernote alternative called Project Composer. It was discovered last week when it apparently was made available online for a brief period in error.

It looks a lot like a word processor, and just like Google Docs, multiple users can edit and share files at the same time. This would mean that Dropbox users would be able to edit docs within dropbox, rather than opening separate software then saving the file to Dropbox.

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Best Android apps for saving content to read later [March 2015]

2015-03-12 00.59.50There’s no shortage of news on the internet no matter what topics or hobbies you’re into, and sometimes it can be tough to stay on top of keeping up with it, especially if you’re busy with families, jobs, or anything else. When you’re browsing your Twitter timeline on a break at work, you might see an interesting article about a new Android phone, but you might not have enough time to actually read it right then and there. You could always bookmark the page in your favorite web browser, but then you’ll end up with a ton of clutter, and managing those would be a headache.

Fortunately, there are several apps and services that try to tackle this problem. These apps give you a separate area to save and bookmark content to read later so they’re not muddled in with your regular bookmarks in Chrome. Plus, they offer a few different things that your typical browser won’t offer, like easy tagging and archiving of articles. We’ll go over a few of the best options to get you started. Read more

Evernote goes Material Design with latest update


Evernote is by far the best damn business and personal productivity app in the world, and it’s getting better today with version 7.0. 7.0 brings a visual refresh with Material Design, which includes a flatter look, bolder colors, and improved typography. You will also find subtle animations for smoother screen transitions.

You can get an idea of how things look from the this animated GIF.

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Business card scanning heads to the Evernote for Android app


Folks using Evernote on a premium level will be happy to know that the Android application can now scan business cards. The app will pickup on all information labeled on the card and store it online, not to mention organize it into correct fields. Furthermore, it will have increased accuracy when connected to LinkedIn as Evernote will take information from there as well. If the business card owner has a profile, it will be attached to the online business card. Free users of Evernote with a LinkedIn account will receive free scanning for one year.

Hit the break to see a new accessory from Evernote.

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