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OnePlus hosting an event on April 20th

oneplus one inviteIn just a few days, OnePlus will be holding an event for some upcoming product announcement. the company posted an “invitation” on Google+ and Twitter with the comment “from here on out, anything can happen.” Yep, pretty vague.

There are no details on what this event is going to be, although we’re expecting a new OnePlus device soon, and the company is planning some video game accessory, too. My money’s on the game device, but hey, anything can happen, right? Read more

Xaiomi teasing product announcements for fifth anniversary celebration


On March 31st, Xiaomi will be celebrating their fifth anniversary. To celebrate, the company appears to be ramping up plans to expand beyond the smartphone and tablet product lines they were initially founded on as well as release some updated products in the traditional lines. For example, rumors already exist suggesting Xiaomi is going to release the Mi Pad 2 tablet device. Over the last few days, the company has been releasing some teaser images related to other products they apparently plan to announce at the big celebration. Read more

HTC One M9 Plus could be announced at event scheduled for April 8th


Although HTC is still in the process of rolling out their newest flagship device, the HTC One M9, they have issued an invitation to an announcement event scheduled for April 8th in Beijing. The announcement includes an image of an HTC smartphone that appears to have a dual camera setup, consistent with rumors of the HTC One M9 Plus camera equipment. Another clue that the HTC One M9 Plus will be headlining the event is the “More than One” tagline HTC uses, indicating their announcement will be about the One “plus” something.

Some sources are worried that the selection of Beijing for the announcement is an indication the HTC One M9 Plus will only be available to the Chinese market or only Asian markets at best.

source: MyDrivers
via: phoneArena

HTC teases upcoming ‘Double Exposure’ event on Twitter


HTC took to Twitter earlier today to tease its upcoming ‘Double Exposure’ event, which is scheduled to take place this Wednesday, October 8. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what the company is planning to unveil at its exclusive conference, but if we had to hazard a guess we’d say either the much-anticipated Desire Eye or its upcoming GoPro competitor.

Hit the break below to view the teaser.

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Google schedules two events for mobile Chrome on June 7 and 13

chrome_eventAccording to two livestream videos spotted on Google’s Developers website, there appears to be two mobile Chrome events coming up in the next few weeks. We don’t know more information than just the fact that they are scheduled for June 7 at 1 p.m. and June 13 at 11 a.m. EDT. Google doesn’t seem to have ever held an event solely for Chrome, and definitely not just for mobile Chrome. Just a few weeks after I/O, and a week after a mobile Chrome update, this is quite unexpected.

What could it be? Mobile extension support? Enhanced desktop/mobile sync? We’ll find out soon enough, and Talk Android will be bringing you the news as it comes.

Source: Android Police

UK retailers cutting price on 16GB Nexus 7 in advance of Google’s upcoming event

With Google’s The Playground is Open event only days away, we have already seen the Google Play Store “de-list” the 8GB version of the Google Nexus 7 tablet. A 32GB Nexus 7 device is in the works along with a 3G-enabled variant, which apparently has prompted some retailers in the UK to guess these devices will be announced next Monday. In response, they have started to cut the price on 16GB Nexus 7 tablets as it appears destined to become the bottom rung on the Nexus 7 ladder.

Currys has reduced the price to £189.99 ($302 USD) while retail chain Comet has cut the price down to £179.99 ($287 USD). Prior to these price cuts, the 16GB Nexus 7 was selling for £199.99 ($319 USD). Before being cut from the Google Play Store, the 8GB Nexus 7 sold for £159 ($255 USD), so the 16GB version appears headed toward that price range.

source: Eurodroid

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini could be introduced on October 11

The unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy S III Mini could be just days away after several invites have been sent for a Samsung event that will take place on October 11th. While the invite was in German, the slogan is roughly translated to “something small will be really big”, and “get ready for a little sensation.” While it’s not confirmed to be the S III Mini, one can put two and two together and assume that it will be.

Not much is known about the S III Mini and what specs it will have, but you should be able to expect it to launch with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

source: Unwiredview

HTC tweets photo of a device as a teaser for tomorrow’s event

Tomorrow, HTC will be holding an event to launch a new device(s) and we’ve all been eagerly anticipating what it may be. Today HTC took it upon their Twitter account and posted a teaser photo about the event. My first guess is a Windows 8 device, perhaps a Windows version of the HTC One X?

While I don’t expect it to be an Android device, there are several contenders such as the rumored 5″ HTC DIx device and a new tablet that they’ve been working on.

Either way, the event should be great and I have no doubts HTC will unveil yet another high spec’d device. We’ll be sure to cover tomorrow’s event and bring you up to date news.

source: HTC’s Twitter

HTC announces September 19th press event, new hardware is inevitable

HTC has just sent out invitations to members of the press for an event scheduled for September 19th in New York City. Not to be overshadowed by the likes of Nokia, Motorola and Apple, it is expected that the company will unveil brand new hardware.

Rumors strongly suggest that HTC could very well be prepping a new Windows Phone 8-based device. Although it’s possible that the manufacturer could be showing off its most recently leaked 10-inch tablet. Additionally, the event may have nothing to do with either of the aforementioned rumors, and could inevitably provide a better look at the elusive black and red-colored One X lookalike destined for Verizon Wireless we saw last week.

Without any relevant details, it looks like we’ll have to wait patiently to find out what HTC has up its sleeve.

Source: Engadget

Google to Hold Mysterious Event on November 16th

What on earth have we got here? Google just sent out private invites for an event in LA next Wednesday, November 16th at 2PM pacific/5PM eastern. It clearly states “these go to eleven”, a Spinal Tap quote referring to volume at full-blast. If you examine the invite even further, you will notice a few things: Android, T-Mobile and the Beatles. Now your guess about what will be announced at the event is as good as any at this point but I have a few myself.

It is very possible that Google will be announcing some sort of music store, possibly in BETA form for T-Mobile customers to try out before being released to the masses. Another theory, which I think is rather unlikely, is that there will be an announcement that T-Mobile will be receiving the Galaxy Nexus. If you notice on the wall where the Android character is you will see splats of paint in the four colors that are usually reserved for Google’s Nexus branding; red, blue, yellow, green. Now, I don’t want to go getting your hopes up or anything (Joe Sirianni), but who knows, you T-Mo folks might get a welcomed surprise. But then again, whats with the music references?

Either way, if you haven’t been invited don’t fret. Google will be airing the event live on the 16th at 2:00 PM pacific on their Youtube channel, Be sure to tune in to catch all the juicy dets for yourself.

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