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Alphabet’s Schmidt to partner with Pentagon on new advisory board


The Pentagon is creating a new advisory board in hopes of helping the U.S. military become “more innovative and adaptive in developing technology and doing business.” The new Defense Innovation Advisory Board was announced by U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter on Wednesday at the RSA cyber security conference in San Francisco. As part of the unveiling, Carter also revealed that Alphabet Inc executive chairman Eric Schmidt will head up the board. Read more

Alphabet’s Schmidt talks about new companies to join the conglomerate


During a recent closed-door conference, Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt spent some time talking about the future of the conglomerate and the companies it may eventually cover with its umbrella. Although most of the organization of the former Google entities is still largely unchanged with the transition to Alphabet, Schmidt suggested that there are many more subsidiary companies that will be coming on board. Read more

Alphabet’s Eric Schmidt talks artificial intelligence in op-ed piece


In a new op-ed piece that came out over the weekend via the BBC, Alphabet’s new chairman Eric Schmidt wrote about artificial intelligence and why he thinks so much progress has been made in recent years. Although the term was coined way back in the 1950’s, progress seemed to languish for quite a while waiting for technology to catch up with researchers. Read more

Eric Schmidt: Samsung had iPhone 6 level products a year ago


“How Google Works,” a book cowritten by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and former product manager Jonathan Rosenberg recently debuted and the co-authors are touring the country and participating in various interviews. In one of the more recent interviews with Bloomberg’s Market Makers, the authors sat down with hosts Erik Schatzker and Stephanie Ruhle to talk about rivals, search, and the Google mindset for innovation. In the interview, Schmidt told the hosts that he believes Samsung had iPhone 6 level products over a year ago. We have some highlights and a video after the break:

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Grab coffee with Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, for winning a charitable auction


Have you ever wanted to grab a coffee with Eric Schmidt? Well, you have the chance to do so! Thirty minutes with the executive chairman of Google is up for auction to benefit the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation. Executives of other companies have done this in the past and now Schmidt is putting himself out there for one lucky bidder. Read more

Eric Schmidt Predicts What Google Will Have in Store for Us in 2014


For Google, 2013 was a big year. The Android team lost some key players for other ventures in Google or elsewhere; they introduced Google Play Edition devices; and the much hyped Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat were released. This momentum is what Google hopes to capitalize on in 2014.

In talking to Bloomberg current Chairman of the Board, Eric Schmidt, gave us his predictions for what we’re to expect from Google in 2014. While he didn’t particularly mention the mobile front or the robot venture in particular he’s anticipating big things this next year. He sees big strides in DNA and Genetics on top of the push for everyone in 2014 to having a smartphone.

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Eric Schmidt thinks an Android phone makes ‘a great Christmas present to an iPhone user!’


Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, has recently taken to Google+ to tell iPhone users how to properly convert to using an Android phone. His detailed and lengthy post includes information on how to move contacts over from iCloud to Gmail, how to set up an Android phone, and why users should switch from Safari to Google Chrome.

While the information itself really isn’t anything new, the fact that Schmidt took to Google+ to post it is a very interesting choice. Eric also mentioned that Android devices “are a great Christmas present to an iPhone user.” You can find the full post by clicking on the source link.

Source: Eric Schmidt

Android Activations To Hit One Billion By End Of Year, Says Eric Schmidt


Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt, spoke at D: Dive Into Mobile today in New York City, and shared some impressive stats. Android is available on 320 different carriers across 160 different countries. There are 700,000 apps in the Google Play Store, and 1.5 million Android activations every single day. Eric claims that activations will hit the magical one billion mark by the end of this year. However, there is still a long way to go. Google’s goal is to reach everybody, and Eric believes that smartphone manufacturers will quickly get to the $100 price point which is important for “those next five billion people looking to get connected”.

Source: Phone Arena