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HTC looking to expand in connected devices and entertainment in 2015

HTC_Desire_Eye_Back_HTC_Logo_TAHTC is promising a stellar 2015 for consumers and with renewed growth from its mid-range devices and expansion in 2014, the company is looking to expand even further by diving into other areas of technology. At CES this week, HTC announced that it will be expanding into entertainment and connected devices (smart appliances, etc) while renewing its commitments in both wearables and digital imaging.

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Sprint partners with Spotify in effort to shore up Framily Plans, stem subscriber losses


After disclosing a loss of 231,000 postpaid subscribers and 364,000 prepaid subscribers during an earnings report today, Sprint announced a new partnership with online music streaming service Spotify to offer some special deals and discounts as part of a “Sprint Sound Sessions” package. The package includes some special pricing with Spotify, access to the Sprint Music Plus music store and player, access to the curated Music Live service offering  news and downloads involving the world of music, and the NextRadio app for listening to local FM broadcasts. The partnership with Sprint is the first deal Spotify has entered into with a U.S. carrier.

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Half of Mobile Gamers Use Phones and Tablets as Primary Home Entertainment Console

PopCap recently conducted a survey of US and UK gamers showing around 50% of respondents preferred their phone to PC, console, or dedicated handheld gaming systems. For tablet owners, the result was a little more, at 57%. PopCap determined the most popular place for mobile gaming is in fact at home. 69% reported to play games on their phone at home on the couch (78% of tablet owners), 41% while watching TV (52% of tablet owners) and 57% while laying in bed (51% of tablet owners). In addition to that, PopCap is reporting 3% of those in the US questioned play mobile games while in houses of worship.

If you think about it, most of us live our daily lives either at work or at home. Since most of you can’t (or shouldn’t ;-)) play on your phones at work, the statistic makes sense! I know for me personally, I game while I’m sitting on the couch and relaxing. So there you have it, hit the source link to see all the polling information and let us know where YOU game in the comments!

source: Information Solutions Group

Clues Implicate Nexus Prime In Samsung’s Unpacked Event At CTIA

Clues may have surfaced about the device Samsung will showcase for their Unpacked event at the CTIA next month and the prime suspect seems to be the Nexus Prime. Check out this image of finalists from the CTIA 2011 Hot for the Holidays Awards and notice especially the “Gamer & Entertainment Enthusiast” category where “a product to be announced from Samsung” is cryptically listed. Let’s now consider that the event takes place on October 11th, the same month as the rumored release of Ice Cream Sandwich, the very Android OS that the next Nexus device will run and of which will pack a very gamer-friendly 4.65-inch display (720p HD resolution) and 1.5 GHz dual core processor.

Do we have winner? Maybe, although these details hardly amount to a smoking gun. What do you think?

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TV Show Reccomendation App “Peel” Hits Android

Looking for some great TV shows to watch, but tired of all the same old stuff? Thanks to the new app for Android dubbed “Peel”, your entertainment thirst may be soon quenched. Originally for iOS, the app takes the shows you like, and – quite simply – tells you what else you might like. While the iOS version came complete with $99 IR blasting hardware to hook up to your television, we’re not seeing that on the Android side of things… yet. According to Peel:

The Peel fruit will support the Android app in the near future. FYI: The original iPhone app launched in September 2010, while the fruit launched this May. The large majority of Peel users utilize the app on its own. The Android app will be integrated much sooner though.

So stay on the straight and narrow, Peel lovers, and you’ll get that full-fledged experience you’ve been waiting for yet. Make sure to leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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Prove you’re the best in 1st annual Android Gaming Challenge

Are you always determined to get the high score no matter what game you play? Have you worn off your fingerprints from touching and tapping your Android phone while gaming? If so, then the first annual Android Gaming Challenge might just be for you. Here are some specifics:

The Details Summarized

  • Tournament starts approx 10am PST July 30, 2010
  • To enter the tournament, just be here when we announce the starting game, we will announce the highest Top 40 scores and the usernames that they belong to. Those people will move into the ladder. Also please post here your username that you will be using and make sure you use your correct email address when posting your comment with your username.
  • First 5 days are qualifiers for all entries
  • Ladder begins after 5 days of qualifiers, Top 40 players will be placed into the ladder
  • Each Ladder round will last 24hrs starting at 10am PST and ending 10am PST the following day. We may introduce breaks to let people rest. Each round of the ladder will be a different game.
  • The last player standing will be the winner of the Grand Prize package which will include a free new Android phone and listed as Best Android Gamer of AGC #1
  • Top 5 players will also win prizes
  • No cheating
  • We ( will update scores via our Twitter account as well as post the Ladder results for everyone to see

So there you have it. Start limbering up your thumbs for July 30th.

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