Sony Xperia P recognized as European Green Smart Phone 2012-2013 by EISA

Sony was pleased to announce today that they have been recognized once again for their green efforts. The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) recognized the Sony Xperia P as their European Green Smart Phone 2012-2013. EISA is an industry body featuring 50 tech-focused magazines from 19 countries.

Sony’s award for the Xperia P follows last year’s award for green smart phones granted to the Sony Xperia Mini. In reviewing this year’s winner, EISA noted Sony’s efforts to reduce power consumption through technologies like Sony’s WhiteMagic. WhiteMagic can increase the brightness of the screen even when in power save mode and reduces backlight power consumption by up to 50%. Other steps undertaken by Sony include minimal packaging, electronic-only user manuals, and limitations on power consumption by chargers. These efforts came about even as Sony, and other smart phone manufacturers, continue the march toward larger screens and batteries that last longer.

source: Sony

EISA Award Winners Announced For 2012-13, Samsung Galaxy S III And HTC One S Grab Honors


The Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One S smartphones continues to gain critical acclaim. The European Imaging Sound Association (EISA) is a group made up of representatives of multimedia magazines from 19 European countries that comes together annually to honor the best products in certain categories. So naturally of course, EISA came together to award two well-known devices won awards which could come as no surprise considering they are featured devices in our Fall Buyer’s Guide. In the category of “Social Media Phone of 2012-2013”, the award went to the HTC One S smartphone due to its awesome social integration in HTC’s Sense 4.0 software. As mentioned in our review, the software is topnotch— and it doesn’t hurt to have easily one of the best cameras around to help users share those precious moments.

The winner of “Best Mobile Device” went to (surprise, surprise) the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. Sammy’s new flagship went above and beyond in integrating a superior user experience, coupled with an impressive design— which gives the Galaxy S III a complete package. And hey— it doesn’t hurt that millions and millions of consumers worldwide agree.