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The following UK networks will offer Huawei’s P9 and P9 Plus

Huawei_P9_TA (3)

Huawei launched its P9 and P9 Plus flagships at an event held in London yesterday, placing a lot of emphasis on its partnership with camera maker, Leica and their intentions to ‘reinvent smartphone photography’. That’s all well and good, but when can you, the consumer, get your hands on a P9 or P9 Plus in the UK from your favourite network? Join us after the break for more details.  Read more

The 32GB Nexus 6P can be had for £410 from an EE store


I think it’s safe to say that Huawei’s Nexus 6P has been warmly received by just about everyone, other than those odd videos showing it being bent. If you live in Europe and haven’t managed to get your hands on one yet, then this could be for you. While the graphite 32GB Nexus 6P is £449 from the Google Store, you can save £40 by grabbing one for just £399 plus a £10 Top-up from a bricks and mortar EE store in the UK, unfortunately, the offer isn’t available online.  Read more

O2 joins the ad-blocking snowball


The virtual snowball of carriers exploring the blocking of ads continues to expand with another U.K. carrier, O2, revealing that they are in the “well advanced” stages of addressing the issue. This comes on the heels of EE announcing they were looking at blocking ads at the network level or otherwise enabling their customers to better control the delivery of ads to their mobile devices. The carriers appear to be responding to reports that 10 – 50% of wireless data is being used up on advertising. This not only negatively impacts the user experience, it is putting considerable strain on the network infrastructure. Read more

EE announces another streaming camera – the wearable 4GEE Capture Cam


Earlier this year U.K. wireless carrier launched the 4GEE Action Cam, a device meant to compete with the likes of GoPro. To make things interesting, EE built in support for a live streaming video service over their 4G network using skeegle. Now, just in time for the holidays, EE is launching another device in their line of “connected” devices, the 4GEE Capture Cam. The Capture Cam is designed to be a wearable camera that is lightweight and can be quickly clipped on to a person’s clothing.

Just like the Action Cam, the Capture Cam comes with built-in support to broadcast live video over EE’s 4G network. The camera itself is an 8MP unit capable of capturing still images and video at a variety of resolutions. Inside buyers will find 4GB of memory which can be expanded to 64GB with an external memory card.

EE will be releasing some accessories in January 2016 that can be used with the Capture Cam including a waterproof case, a flexible universal mounting adaptor and a lanyard. In addition, existing accessories like helmet mounts, bike mounts and a car suction mount that are available for the Action Cam will also work with the Capture Cam.

Consumers interested in the 4GEE Capture Cam can get the device on a 24 month plan for £10 ($15 USD) per month with 1GB of data and £15 ($23 USD) per month with 2GB of data and an upfront cost of £9.99 ($15 USD) for new customers or no cost for existing EE customers. Alternatively, customers can buy the device upfront for £129.99 ($196 USD) with 2GB of data pre-loaded, for £149.99 ($226 USD) with 6GB of data pre-loaded, or £199.99 ($301 USD) with 24GB pre-loaded or existing customers can add the device to a shared plan for £10 ($15 USD) per month.

source: EE


EE enters fray over advertising on mobile devices


U.K. wireless carrier EE has announced they are going to start looking at technology that would give end users more control over the advertising that shows up on their smartphones, including going so far as blocking some in-app advertising. A move to start limiting or blocking advertising, especially if adopted by other carriers, could have a huge impact on the $3B USD mobile advertising market in the U.K.

EE CEO Olaf Swantee said in an interview on the matter, Read more