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HTC Wildfire available sim card free for £229.99

Seeing as the Wildfire is likely to set you back a  few quid on an 18/24 month contract anyway, this deal at may be of interest for those of you in the UK. Though £229.99 isn’t exactly the spare change, fluff and button found in the depths of your trouser pocket, it does represent a way of acquiring a new Android phone for users out there who are mid-contract and stuck in a rut.

Sporting Android 2.1 ‘Eclair’, a 5MP camera, WiFi, GPS and 512MB internal memory, the Wildfire seems to be a fairly affordable way to get into the Android market, even though the phone itself feels anything but cheap. Judging by reviews of late, it would seem that the only disappointment is the relatively low resolution screen at 240 x 320 pixels.

To be fair though, had the screen been a killer, it would have likely cannibalised the sales of other HTC Android-based phones, which is never a good idea, is it?

Anyway – you can head over to and pre-order the Wildfire now – release date is 26/07/2010, but have been known to send items early to ensure they arrive on the launch-day. You could save a few pounds too (up to 3.5%), by using a money-saving site like Quidco. You never know …