Google preemptively prepares for the Terminator apocalypse with robots.txt Easter egg


20 years ago, the robots.txt file was created as a way to limit what web  crawlers would and would not index. The file disallows certain pages on a web  site from being indexed, and therefore keeping it out of search results. And, like any other anniversary of something related to technology, Google is taking the opportunity to make a clever joke with it.

Google has uploaded a robots.txt file to their servers that can be found at with instructions for the inevitable Terminator-style doomsday scenario. The file lists two user agents, the T-800 and T-1000, and instructs them to “disallow” the deaths of Sergey Brin and Larry Page. If you’re a fan of the Terminator movies, you’ll notice both of those user agents are also Terminator models.
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New Google easter egg is a cheat code for unlimited free searches


Google has included a number of great easter eggs into search over the years, and the latest one is quite a doozy! Google has used the Konami code for a couple things before, but now it can be used, or at least part of it can, to unlock unlimited free searches!

To unlock it, simply do a voice search for “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right”, and Google will speak back to you saying “Cheat mode unlocked. Unlimited free Google searches.” The easter egg can be unlocked on desktop, and both Android and iOS. Hit the break to watch the video!

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SwiftKey Easter egg brings snowflakes to your device’s screen


SwiftKey certainly likes their holiday Easter eggs (remember SwiftKey Tilt?) and Christmas is no exception. They’ve already released a Winter theme for the keyboard to get everyone in a festive mood, but apparently there’s a neat little Easter egg built into that update, too.

If you type “hohoho” anywhere with the keyboard, then long-press it in the word suggestion bar, snowflakes will begin falling across your screen. They’ll keep falling as long as the keyboard is up, so if you’re typing a very long text or email, this can give the experience a little more Christmas spirit. Cool little Easter egg, right?

New Google Search easter egg will get you in the holiday spirit

lets_go_carolingHere’s a nice little treat from Google. Head to your Android device and perform a Google search for “Let’s go caroling.” Your phone or tablet will turn into a holiday-themed karaoke machine, with everything from Jingle Bells to We Wish You A Merry Christmas available for sing-along, including a bouncing ball to help keep you on track. What better way to get you in the holiday spirit?

Be sure to also check out our complete Google Now easter egg collection.

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Google pays tribute to Star Trek with new Google Now easter egg


Yet another easter egg has been discovered! Google’s easter eggs are always fun, and this one is no exception, while being geeky at the same time!

When a user asks Google Now to “Beam me up Scotty”, the reply will be a familiar voice saying “I cannot do it captain, I do not have the power.” This easter egg pays tribute to the most famous phrase of the show which was never said by the great Captain Kirk.

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Android-exclusive Easter egg discovered on Google Chrome app


New Easter egg alert! It’s pretty useless, but fun nonetheless…and addictive.

Open Google Chrome on your Android device, and press the tab button. If you have multiple tabs open, close all of them but one. Slide your finger up from the bottom edge of of the page five times. Tap it again, and you’ll get a “flip” animation.

How people discover these Easter eggs, we’ll never know— but we always love messing around with them when they’re outed. Try it out for yourself! If you can’t get it to work, hit the break to see it in action.

Update: Sorry guys!! Yes, this has been around for a long time. We completely forgot about it, but hopefully we helped out those of you that never heard about it.

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Google Time Machine: new Google search Easter egg brings us back to 1998

Google 1998

Google has always been famous for their hidden Easter eggs in not only a lot of their products, but in their search engine as well. I’ve always loved the “do a barrel roll” Easter egg, which is an obvious reference to the classic game, Star Fox 64— try it out for yourself.

In September 1998, the Internet changed forever, as Google search went live to the public. Now, a new Easter egg from Google will give you a great sense of nostalgia— search “Google in 1998,” and you’ll get a fully functional Google search engine from 1998.

Check it out now and see what we mean! It’s pretty awesome.

Google has fun with Google I/O 2013 landing page


While folks wait for March 13th to roll around so they can register for Google I/O 2013, Google has done a little bit of coding on the event’s web site to help the time pass. When landing on the main page, users are greeted with a stylized I/O logo that is interactive. Each press of the I or the O builds a code eight digits long. Get the right code and you can unlock new easter eggs, hidden pages or sound effects. Users have already been hard at work cracking codes and have discovered results like “bacon,”, “song,” and “simon” among others.

If you decide to take a shot at manually guessing the codes, you can use the indicator at the bottom to help you stay on track. As long as the I’s and O’s stay gray, you are on the right track. Hit the wrong digit and the indicator turns red and you will start over. Get it right and it will turn green and take you to your bonus.

Hit the source link to give the Google I/O site a try and burn up at least a few minutes of time. Be sure to share the successful codes you find in the comments for your fellow TalkAndroid readers.

source: Google I/O
via: The Next Web