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Dyzplastic to release special edition Android Mini in celebration of Chinese New Year

Dyzplastic has today announced plans to release a special edition Android Mini this week in celebration of the Chinese New Year. The scroll-wielding red figurine is slated to hit the official Dead Zebra online shop Thursday January 24th at 11AM, though it has been noted that supplies are severely limited. If you’re hoping to get in on the action, you’ll need to have your mouse ready bright and early.

Source: Dyzplastic

“Andy Krueger” toy available for all you horror movie buffs

If you are a horror movie buff (I am too pansy for horror movies), and an Android fan (I can sign off on that one), then we’ve got the perfect little toy for you. Some creative folk on Etsy have handcrafted a Freddy Krueger version of those little Android toys that we all love so dearly. It is aptly titled: “Andy Krueger in: A Nightmare on Infinite Loop.” The toy is handcrafted by Patrick Bateman and it seems he will soon be selling these little guys, as we see shipping fees at the bottom of his Etsy page. As of yet no “Add to cart” button is available on the page, so hopefully Andy Krueger’s creator will be making a few more of these guys and posting the “add to cart” button soon. We could see of few of you readers wanting to pick one of these up for your self.

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Halloween “Werewolf” Android figurine edition available October 30th

Even Andy Android figurines are in Halloween spirits! Dyzplastic has worked their magic yet again and created a Halloween “Werewolf” edition of their much popular Android figurine set.

The figurine will be available on October 30th so sit tight till then! Head on over to the source link for a 350 degree view of the figurine.

source: Dyzplastic

More previews for Dyzplastic’s Series 3 Android figurines

Still can’t get enough of Dyzplastic’s Series 3 Android figurines? No need to worry as there’s even more for you to preview. These 1/16 aspect ratio figurines never gets old, and with Dyzplastic’s countless amount of designs, you’ll always have a plethora to choose from or collect.

These next two is a cool looking Android warrior dressed up in chain mail, and a green Android Owl. These figurines will be available soon in shops so get them while they’re hot!

Check out the source link for more information.

source: Dyzplastic

Dyzplastic figurine number 9 gets musical motif for Android Series 3 collection

As we have been reporting this week, Dyzplastic is ready to release their Android Series 3 collection of figurines. Thus far we have seen images of the first five figures – 8-Ball Hustler, Escape Ape, Nexus, Intergalactic, and Barista Bot – released as one batch, followed by number 6, Cry-On; number 7, Clear; and number 8, Professor Skully McRivethead.

Dyzplastic has released images of number 9 going by the moniker Pandroid. Designed by animator and artist Kelly Denato, the purple-themed figurine comes with a pan flute accessory. Hit the break for a 360-degree view of the figurine. Read more

Dyzplastic reveals yet another figurine, number 8, from their Series 3 Android collectibles

Earlier today we reported on Dyzplastic’s plans to start taking orders for their Series 3 Android collectibles starting on September 24th and shipping slated to commence on the 26th. With that announcement, Dyzplastic also showed the 7th figurine in the series. Since then they have updated their blog with yet another figurine bringing the count up to eight. This one goes by the name Professor Skully McRivethead and is graced with a design by artist Huck Gee, famous for his Skullhead designs.

If you are looking for a little bling to decorate your desk space, you may want to get ready to place your order.

source: Dyzplastic

Dyzplastic sets September 24th as release date for Series 3 Android collectibles, Previews the 7th figurine

There’s no denying that Dyzplastic’s Series 3 Android collectible figurines are going to be awesome. They just announced that they will be available for order starting September 24th at 11:00am EST with shipments starting on the 26th. You should also see them pop up in comic and Android specialty stores a few days later.

They also unveiled the 7th figurine, which is called Clear. This is a 2 for 1 as there’s a mini figurine inside the larger figurine that you can access via the pop-off head. The mini one even includes a built-in keychain attachment. For a good look at the other 6 figurines that were revealed, click here and here. Hit the break for one more image.

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Dyzplastic Android Figurines Release Imminent, New Bot Revealed

You recently read about the latest series (Series 3) of Dyzplastic’s Android figurines. Well, today it looks like the shipments have arrived and the figures appear to be headed out of the distribution center and on their way to a retail store near you. Dyzplastic promises an update tomorrow (Sept 19) regarding additional information and a release schedule. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear anything. I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to these little guys, as if I need another trinket on my desk. Which one are you looking forward to showing off?


source:  Dyzplastic

Dyzplastic previews five Android figurines from the upcoming Series 3 set

We are all eagerly anticipating the Dyzplastic Series 3 Android figurines. The first five are now revealed, which include 8-Ball Hustler, Escape Ape, Nexus, Intergalactic, and Barista Bot. The Intergalactic was created by Kano and would be very cool for any Beastie Boys fan. These collectibles are supposed to be released by the end of this quarter. Hit the break for full 360 degree views of each one.

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Dyzplastic Android Mini Collectibles Series 03 To Arrive By End of Q3, Includes More Flexible Arms

Dyzplastic‘s Android Collectibles are very popular amongst us Android geeks, and the Series 03 collection we got a peek at last month has been delayed. Originally, the series was supposed to be available by the end of Q2 this year, around June, but it’s now been pushed out to the end of Q3.

But these are plastic dolls? Why the delay? Well, apparently these dolls are going through a small operation to get ball-jointed arms installed. This means a greater range of motion for the arms, including being able to move them forward, backward, in-and-out as well as up-and-down. Now your Android can actually wave properly rather than raising his arm straight up.

The ball joint won’t be used on all Android collectibles. Andrew Bell tells us on the Dyzplastics blog that they’ll “be using ball joints for Artists Series as well as selectively on special editions in the future where appropriate.”

Pictures after the break.

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