HTC launches the dual-SIM Desire 820G+ in Taiwan

HTC Desire 820G+HTC has announced a new mid-range, dual-SIM phone for the Taiwanese market. The new device joins the Desire lineup and will be called the Desire 820G+.

The 820G+ features Android 4.4 and a 5.5-inch display that has a surprisingly nice 720p HD resolution. You’ll also find a 13 megapixel rear camera, an 8 megapixel front cam, an octa-core CPU with 1 GB of RAM, and a microSD card slot. Read more

Dual-sim version of LG G4 surfaces in Iran


It seems there may not be much left for LG to share with the world when they hold their LG G4 launch event next week in New York City. Just in the last day we have seen a leak about pricing for the smartphone and more information about the user interface to join all the previous information that has surfaced. Another tidbit of information that turned up thanks to a site in Iran is that a dual-sim version of the LG G4 exists. Coming from Iran, we think this variant will be available in that country and we would guess it will find its way to other markets where dual-sim devices are commonplace. Read more

Sony Xperia Z4 Dual variant possibly confirmed by leaked screenshots


Sony Xperia

Last year, Sony had a limited release of a dual-SIM variant to their flagship Xperia Z3 and it appears from these leaked screenshots that they may do this again with the Xperia Z4.

A few of the screenshots show the settings menu of a Sony device running with specs that are consistent with the rumors for the Xperia Z4 and also shows there is a category called “Dual SIM settings”. Additionally, you can see what Lollipop is going to look like on this smartphone. Read more