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Dropbox shutting down Mailbox and Carousel


Sources are reporting that Dropbox is shutting down two services that it has been trying to get off the ground over the past couple years. Both the Mailbox service and the Carousel photo sharing service will be shuttered in early 2016 as Dropbox is apparently making moves to focus more heavily on its cloud-based file-sharing service. Read more

OnePlus announces price drop, new partnership


Last week OnePlus held a flash sale on their OnePlus One smartphone and it appears the sale may have revealed the sweet spot for buyers interested in the device. According to OnePlus, they were “blown away” by the response to the sale. That caused them to go back and take a look at their books, probably with an eye toward reducing their profit margin in deference to a lower price point. The work that was done will be a benefit for buyers who may have missed the flash sale. OnePlus has announced that they are making the starting price of $249 for a OnePlus One a permanent price change. Read more

Top 6 cloud storage apps for saving across devices [May 2015]


There are many reasons as to why you should backup your smartphone and data to the Cloud. After all, you want to ensure your files are secure and have are in a safe place in case of an accident with your smartphone or tablet. But, it’s difficult to do that when you don’t have access to any cloud storage. I’ve put together a list of my favorite cloud storage apps that offer free storage solutions. Some of them even have fantastic pricing for either hundreds of gigabytes of storage or unlimited storage.

Be sure to check it out below!

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How to backup your data on a smartphone or tablet


In our technological age, losing data is a fact of life. Technology fails, files get corrupted, and sometimes we inadvertently delete our own data. It happens. The good news is that there are precautions you can take to make sure you never permanently lose data again, whether it be creating backups on a microSD card, another device or even in the cloud.

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Dropbox is working on a Google Docs and Evernote killer


Dropbox has confirmed they are working on a Google Docs and Evernote alternative called Project Composer. It was discovered last week when it apparently was made available online for a brief period in error.

It looks a lot like a word processor, and just like Google Docs, multiple users can edit and share files at the same time. This would mean that Dropbox users would be able to edit docs within dropbox, rather than opening separate software then saving the file to Dropbox.

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