Dropbox Pro gets price cut, storage increase and new features


Dropbox has announced some major revisions to the Dropbox Pro paid subscription version of their service. The update brings some enhancements related to security in response to customer requests. Dropbox is also simplifying their pricing and increasing the storage available. Previously, Dropbox Pro was priced at $9.99 per month for 100 GB of space. Users could bump that up to a maximum of 500 GB of space for $50 per month. Now, Dropbox is keeping the pricing the same but users get 1 TB of storage space instead.
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Dropbox update includes document previews, improved search



A new update to Dropbox was pushed out today, that allows users to preview PDF, Word, and Powerpoint documents before downloading and sharing, which is sure to save some time. In addition, the search function  has been improved to include recent search tracking, typehead suggestions, and the highlighting of search terms.

Check out a full change log and Play Store download links after the break.

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Todoist gets Google Drive and Dropbox integration as well as native file support


If you’re a Todoist user, you’re about to get a few nice upgrades that should help you stay on top of sharing and managing files. The company announced that they are bringing both Google Drive and Dropbox integration, plus support for managing and adding native files.

If you’re a free user that’s previously shared a project with other users, you’ll be able to attach images, spreadsheets, documents, etc. directly from Google Drive and Dropbox from within Todoist. Unfortunately, they’re restricting that feature from users that haven’t shared any projects.
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Dropbox issues patch to avoid any abuse of shared links security flaw


Before you could even be affected (to their knowledge), Dropbox has already fixed a security flaw. In a company blog post, Dropbox informed users that they found a security flaw coming from shared links through third-party websites. The issue comes from a third-party website’s access to referer headers when links are posted. But because of this, the links “can be inadvertently disclosed to unintended recipients.”

So for now, Dropbox has shutdown shared links that provide access to a user’s documents. And over the next few days, access will be restored after being verified.
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Dropbox for Business released with new features coming soon


Since Dropbox was released, it has become a very useful tool for many businesses. Despite this fact, Dropbox today released Dropbox for Business, which has been in beta for a while.

Dropbox for business allows users to connect their account to a new business account, and you can access both from a device. It provides more control over corporate data, allowing for remote data wipes and the ability to track data access.

Dropbox also revealed the new “Project Harmony” today, which is a set of collaboration tools for users while using Microsoft Office. Project Harmony is built to work with any application, so more partnerships will come soon.

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Dropbox releases Mailbox onto Google Play


Not too long ago, Dropbox acquired Mailbox, an app designed for iOS devices. Of course, Dropbox is pretty friendly on all platforms, so it was pretty obvious that they were eventually going to look at bringing the app to Android at some point in the future. Today, that finally happened.

The app currently only works with Gmail (and iCloud, if you happen to have any iOS devices) but it arguably manages Gmail better than Google’s own client. The interface is extremely clean and flat, and uses swiping gestures to manage emails. Swipe to the right and you’ll either mark a message as read or delete it, and swiping it left either saves the email for later or archives it. This intuitive swiping makes the app extremely fast and fluid to use, and helps speed up inbox management .
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Dropbox announces photo gallery, Carousel, for Android

carousel-dropboxDropbox is keeping us busy today – not only did they release Mailbox for Android, but they’ve also unveiled a new photo gallery for devices called Carousel. With Carousel, Dropbox wants to provide users with a gallery “for all the photos and videos from your life,” combining your photos in the cloud and the photos taken on your device. Dropbox’s big selling point is not having to worry about the storage space on your device, since photos will be stored in Dropbox’s cloud.

In addition, Carousel will have a messaging system, allowing you to have private conversations to “relive entire events with friends and family” much faster than text messaging. The app is already available in the Play Store, via the link past the break.

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Dropbox update adds computer account setup via device and some fixes


Dropbox has been updated with a brand new application icon and some user interface tweaks. Aside from aesthetic changes, Dropbox has added the option to set-up a Dropbox account directly from your smartphone with its camera. To be more exact, you can use a QR code to install Dropbox on a computer without having to sign in. The QR code will link your account from the device and transfer that information over to the computer when installing the desktop program.

Hit the break for download links.
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Dropbox will add multiple account support to its app in April


According to some information given to Dropbox for Business customers, Dropbox has a press event planned on April 9th to unveil a new feature that will let users switch back and forth between multiple accounts in the Dropbox application. This will be extremely helpful for customers that like to manage both business and personal accounts from one device.

This sounds like it’s going to be a nice feature to add to an already solid platform offered by Dropbox, but there’s still some mystery about whether or not Dropbox will drop their cloud storage rates to compete with Google’s outrageous price drops. Dropbox charges $49.99 per month for 500 GB of storage, while Google Drive offers twice as much space for a fifth of the price currently.Moving forward, that extreme price disparity is going to overshadow any new features Dropbox introduces.

source: Techno Buffalo