Android KitKat may bring refreshed Downloads app


Rumors continue to swirl around the upcoming release of Android 4.4 KitKat and tonight’s latest involves the Downloads app. According to a leaked screenshot, the new version transitions the app to use the Holo Light color scheme, which should probably not be surprising given all the Google apps moving away from the dark theme. The screenshot also shows the new version of the app incorporates a proper action bar, with the sort button located on it instead of as a separate button at the bottom of the app.

It is not clear from the screen shots whether it will be possible to quickly Select All files with one button tap or whether users will still have to individually check each item. The screenshot does seem to suggest the possibility of arranging file icons in a grid instead of as a list. We also do not know whether any new sort options may be available.

source: Android Police

App Annie Index results for Q2 2013 – Android downloads 10% higher than iOS


A mixed bag of results for Android apps according to the latest App Annie Index for W2 of 2013 which showed Google Play downloads higher than iOS App store downloads by 10%. The downside is that the top iOS apps are generating 2.3 times the revenue of the top Google Play apps. In terms of downloads, Russia continues to climb the iOS App Store charts and now finds itself joining the United States as the only countries in the top five on both the Google Play and iOS App Store top download lists. Another market to keep an eye on is Brazil, which climbed two spots to take a spot as one of the top countries for downloads from the Google Play store.

In looking at the apps that consumers are downloading, games continue to dominate. This is good news for developers hoping to cash in as games generated 80% of all revenue for Google Play developers and 75% of all revenue for iOS App Store developers. Following behind Games in Google Play were downloads of Communication apps after jumping two spots since the first quarter. Meanwhile, in iOS land the top three download categories remained stable with Entertainment and Photo & Video apps taking the number two and three spots.

On the monetization side, iOS Music apps gained three spots this past quarter while Social Networking apps picked up one spot, though both continue to trail Games. The big loser is the Productivity category which slipped to fourth place. Things were more stable in the Google Play store where developers continued to primarily make money with Games, Communication and Social apps. Interestingly, Travel & Local apps jumped into the top five, knocking Productivity off the list.

source: App Annie

Amazon Appstore downloads up 500% from last year


It’s no surprise to anyone that Amazon’s Kindle Fire has had some pretty good success in the tablet market. To add to that success, Amazon announced Thursday that downloads in their own Appstore have increased by over 500% over the past year alone. That’s a big jump. With the recent release of more tablets in the Kindle Fire family, there’s no doubt that Amazon is trying as hard as they can to get their own unique services and stores in the hands of consumers, and judging by that 500% increase, they’re doing a pretty good job. If Amazon decides to throw a Kindle Fire phone into the mix, I’m sure that number will increase dramatically, too.

Amazon does also attribute some of that growth to their helpful development tools, citing things like A/B testing for helping developers get their applications ported over and set up on the Amazon Appstore. A/B testing is just one of many development features Amazon boasts in their ecosystem, and it’s obvious that it’s having positive effects for them.

source: Amazon

Droid 4 Scheduled to Receive OTA Maintnace Update, Grab it Here and Now

Earlier today we told you about the pending update for the Droid Razr and Razr Maxx and apparently that isn’t the only Motorola device receiving an update soon. The Droid 4 is also scheduled to get an update and will mark the first official update for the device since its launch. The new build will bring the device up to build number 6.13.219 (not ICS) and includes the MotoCast widget, improved battery life, fixes for the keyboard backlight and Wi-Fi connectivity and the rest of the goodies you see in the image above.

The update should begin to roll out over the next week but if you are anything like me and you will take any opportunity you can to snag an update early I got some good news. Thankfully for folks like us, our pals over at Droid-Life managed to procure the signed update and have already placed it into a flashable zip for all to enjoy. You need NOT be rooted to use this update and the file is only a mere 18MB in size. For those who are not rooted but plan to do so in the future, flashing this update will not break any ability to do so. For those folks who are rooted, it is recommended to use Voodoo Rootkeeper in order to maintain root.

If you are all ready to get started, jump past the break for a download link and full installation instructions.

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Android Apps Gain Some Heft: Now up to 4 GB

Android app developers will have a much bigger world to explore from now on. The Android Developers Blog has announced that the maximum size for an Android app will no longer be 50 MB, but 4 GB. This will open the door for apps that need all the resources they can get, like 3D games.

The APK file for an app will still be limited to 50 MB, but now there is the ability to add two expansion files that can be up to 2 GB each. These files will be hosted by the Android Market, and that will translate to savings for the developers as they no longer need to pay for the file serving.

The blog had some good news for people downloading the apps, as well. You’ll now be able to see the total size of the app before you purchase it, and the download of the expansion files should start automatically on most newer devices. Best of all, the 15 minute refund time frame won’t start until after the download finishes. You’ll no longer miss some of your time to consider if you like the app on a lengthy download.

Check out the source link below to get the nitty gritty details of these changes.

source: Android Developers Blog

Android Market Infographic Details the Road to 10 Billion App Downloads

Right now, Google is celebrating a huge milestone in Android Market history. A few days ago the big G announced that the market has reached 10 billion (with a b) downloads and decided to offer popular apps for only 10 cents over a period of 10 days (be sure to check back with us daily for the days list).

To add the the excitement, the Android Developers team has compiled a fact filled infographic that details the path to 10 billion downloads and also includes a few random fun stats as well. Congrats Android! It’s been a fun ride and we look forward to what you have in store for us in the future. :-D

Jump past the break to see the full image because you wont belive how many miles have been navigated using Google maps! Read more

New Update For The Android Market 3.3.11


It seems as though the Android Market is getting another update. This one takes us to version 3.3.12. We just recently received 3.3.11, so we are not sure as to what this update actually does. All our searches have not yielded any noticeable changes. Could this have something to do with the Music Store? We’re not sure yet. Hit up the links for the downloads and let us know in the comments if you notice anything different.



[Source Android Police]

[Download] DROID RAZR Boot Animation and Sounds

Some lucky guy already got his hands on the new Motorola DROID RAZR and decided to let everyone else join in on some of the excitement. The RAZR’s boot animation and notification sounds are all packaged nicely and ready for you to download through the links below. Here, check out a short video of the boot animation in action: Read more

Web based Android Market adds installation trend charts

The Android Market has been making all kinds of changes lately. They completely revamped the mobile site and added support for multiple APKs. The web version added device compatibility checks, and now they have added a visual chart showing the installation trend for the last 30 days for each app.

To me the most important gauge is how many downloads an app has. That is how you know if a lot of people really dig it. Of course, you have to factor in how long the app has been out.

These trend charts might also be helpful because, in theory, it could give you an indication that it might be time to give certain apps a try, especially after major updates. You can see an example of this with the above chart for Evernote, which recently had a major update supporting tablets.

[via androidpolice]

Android Market reaches 4.5 billion in downloads

In a recent interview about Google Sites, Ian Carrington, Google’s mobile advertising sales director for northern and central Europe, revealed that the Android Market has reached 4.5 billion downloads.

He went on to say,  “A year ago that was one billion, and that first billion took two years to happen,” said Carrington. “The last billion took 60 days.”

Yesterday we reported that there are now 500,000 Android device activations daily. Anyone want to take a guess on where we will be in December? I say 10 billion.

[via phandroid]