Crystal Downloader Available in the Google Play Store

Have you ever wanted to get your downloads faster? Well it looks like we may have help in that department. Well XDA forum user xtr143 has a post detailing the process used to get faster downloads. The app is called Crystal Downloader and it is available in the Google Play Store. The features of the app are:

– Split file in maximum 32 parts.
– Pause and resume download, of course.
– Auto detect server allow multi-parts download or not, and how many connection can makes in a moment.

Checkout the source and  hit the Play Store link or grab the QR code for the app. I don’t know about you guys but faster downloads sounds good to me.


Play Store Download Link

Sprint Epic 4G tested against T-Mobile G2

Epic 4G vs G2

Comparing the T-Mobile G2 and the Sprint Epic 4G, we can see many similarities, as well as a few differences aside from them being two different manufacturers and carriers.

Download speeds are essentially the same, which was to be expected. Both smartphones have all the features you’d expect for an Android smartphone, but below we’ll highlight what you usually don’t see in feature spec details…processor speed tests and their results.

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