Google’s doodle for Earth Day 2015 asks ‘which animal are you?’

Earth Day 2015

You probably already know that today is Earth Day, 2015 edition, don’t you? The day that we are supposed to show our support for environmental protection and hopefully become more sensitive to the earth’s problems and needs. In case you forgot, Google’s doodle for the day is naturally Earth Day themed and leads to an interactive quiz that wants to know which animal you are.  Read more

New widget puts the latest Google Doodle on your home screen


Chances are you’ve seen a few Google Doodles during your adventures on the internet. Google occasionally puts some artistic flair into their logo on their search page, and it’s generally some pretty cool stuff to see. Unfortunately, with our search widgets and Google Now and mobile browsers, we miss many of those doodles. Today, however, thanks to XDA member emprize, you can grab a neat widget that puts the doodle of the day right on your home screen, so you’ll never miss another iteration again. Read more