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Eric Schmidt Predicts What Google Will Have in Store for Us in 2014


For Google, 2013 was a big year. The Android team lost some key players for other ventures in Google or elsewhere; they introduced Google Play Edition devices; and the much hyped Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat were released. This momentum is what Google hopes to capitalize on in 2014.

In talking to Bloomberg current Chairman of the Board, Eric Schmidt, gave us his predictions for what we’re to expect from Google in 2014. While he didn’t particularly mention the mobile front or the robot venture in particular he’s anticipating big things this next year. He sees big strides in DNA and Genetics on top of the push for everyone in 2014 to having a smartphone.

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Verizon planning to end life of Droid DNA, prepping for arrival of HTC One


Multiple sources are reporting that Verizon is currently flagging the HTC Droid DNA and the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE for “close out,” and retail stores have been running promos and sales to clear out remaining stock of the two devices.

Just speculating here of course, but this is probably due to the upcoming launch of the HTC One for Verizon— they need to make some room and clear out old phones from the same manufacturer. Although no firm launch date has been confirmed for the HTC One on Verizon, we’re expecting it to come very soon.

This recent move will leave the RAZR HD and RAZR M as the only Droid-branded phones left on Verizon. Of course with the recent hype from @DroidLanding tweeting about an augmented reality game possibly leading to the release of a new Droid device, more Droids could surely be on the way.

And for those of you worrying that you won’t be receiving any more upgrade support for your DNA, you may be in luck— remember, the Incredible, Rezound, and Thunderbolt all received upgrades long after their EOL. Of course no promises here, but there is some hope.

Source: Droid Life

HTC One to Big Red unlikely, plans to make big deal out of next Verizon phone


There’s been a whole lot of speculation on whether the HTC One will ever come to Verizon lately. Back in March, we reported on a device coming to Verizon that had some leaked specs which were similar to the One. Since then, it seems more plausible that this phone is more likely a follow up to Verizon’s HTC Droid DNA, possibly the DNA+.

HTC’s Twitter account also caused some controversy when it deleted a tweet announcing that the One would not be released to Verizon. HTC’s director of public relations, Tom Harlin, mentioned on a Q&A session on Yahoo! this morning that when they announce their next phone coming to Verizon, they’ll be sure to make a big deal out of it. Here’s how Harlin responded to the question at hand:

“There are tons of rumors online but we haven’t made any official announcement about HTC One coming to Verizon. The DROID DNA continues to be the HTC hero smartphone at Verizon. It launched in late 2012, it’s features still compete with products in 2013. When we announce our next product with Verizon, we’ll make a big deal about it so you’re all aware”.

So there you have it everyone. There is no HTC One coming to Verizon.

via: Droid Life
Source: Yahoo! News

Well, this certainly is a new record; Verizon has apparently discontinued the DROID DNA after only 4 months


The title certainly isn’t a mistake folks, Verizon has apparently “retired” the HTC DROID DNA after only 4 months of being on the market. I’m sure we’re all wondering why this move was made, could it have been due to lackluster sales? Or perhaps Verizon is planning on making room for the upcoming HTC One device? Either way, 4 months is just not acceptable and embarrassing for Verizon to do this to their customers.

This was first brought up when users started to notice that the DNA wasn’t available on Verizon’s website anymore. After several XDA users contacting Verizon to ask about it, several have confirmed that the device has been discontinued by Verizon. Below is a conversation from XDA user robertmoore208 with a Verizon representative that seemed to have confirmed the retirement of the DNA.

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Unlocked HTC Butterfly shows up for pre-order on MobiCity for $849

While Verizon customers may be the only ones lucky enough to get a variant of the HTC Butterfly on contract, GSM users can now get in on the 1080p action too. The unlocked international model is now available for pre-order from MobiCity for just $849. That may seem like a hefty price to pay, but keep in mind you’ll be getting the only 5-inch full HD display currently on the market.

No officially supported carriers are mentioned, though the included bands are GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, 3G 850, 3G 2100. You’ll be able to pick out your model in either red or white. If you do pick one up, you can expect shipments to begin on January 18th.

Source: MobiCity


Verizon HTC DLX (DNA?) makes its way through the FCC

Well, one thing’s for sure; the HTC6435LVW will be coming to Verizon’s network soon. We just don’t know what it’ll be called yet. The sweet device has just gone through the FCC which means that we should see the device in stores within the next couple of weeks. As we learned a couple of weeks ago from the purported Verizon pricing list, the device will likely launch for $199.99 on contract. It seems like forever that we’ve been discussing this phantom device. Back in July some benchmark data revealed it’s quite a beast. The only thing left to do is for HTC and Verizon to officially announce this thing already. Will the “DNA” name stick as revealed by Verizon a couple of weeks ago? Hopefully we’ll find out soon enough.

source:  FCC

Verizon’s HTC DLX becomes the Droid DNA?

Remember that little nugget about the DROID Incredible X variant possibly launching as the DROID DLX? Well we can purportedly scratch that. According to Verizon’s Minimum Advertised Price listing, the HTC 6435LVW (codenamed DLX previously) will most likely launch as the DROID DNA. Also on the price listing besides the revealing name? The price of course. We’re looking at a minimum price of $199.99 which shouldn’t be too surprising. As with all leaks, just remember it’s not official until it’s official, folks.


source:  Android Central