AllCast adds support for DLNA server casting


Apps designed to help users stream content to their Chromecast devices continue to update on a fast pace and AllCast has been no exception. The latest update adds support for DLNA servers. Unlike some other apps that force content to be streamed via an Android devices, Koushik Dutta’s latest update enables content on a DLNA server to be delivered straight to the Chromecast device.
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BubbleUPnP UPnP/DLNA app adds support for Chromecast


Another app has been updated in Google Play giving users the ability to play local content to their Chromecast devices. Bubblesoft has updated their BubbleUPnP app that functions as a control point, media renderer and media server. Unlike some other apps that make Chromecast support an in-app purchase, BubbleUPnP enables this feature for Chromecast natively supported formats MP3, AAC, Vorbis, MP4 and MKV (H264) and makes it unrestricted.
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AllCast from ClockworkMod released to Play Store, will allow streaming of media to (pretty much) anywhere


Koushik Dutta has done it again. His popular app, AllCast (which doesn’t require root access), has been released to the Play Store. The app will let you stream pictures and video to pretty much any device. This includes Xbox 360, Xbox One, Roku, Apple TV, Samsung and Panasonic TVs, Google TV, and all DLNA-enabled devices.

Unsurprisingly, Chromecast is not supported because it’s still heavily restricted by Google. You can download the application for free, but you’ll get ads, splash-screens, and a limit on length of videos you can watch. To remove the limitations, you’ll have to pay a $4.99 fee for the unlock key— a price well worth it when you consider what you’re getting from the app.

Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store.

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Dutta’s AllCast app beta 7 branches out to cast to several new devices


Back when the Chromecast was first released, several developers immediately jumped on efforts to add functionality Google had left out. That was until Google decided to lock down the devices. One app that was left out in the cold by that move was Koushik Dutta’s AllCast app that enabled the casting of all kinds of local content from an Android device to a Chromecast. In response, Dutta decided to take AllCast in a new direction and has built out the app so that it can stream content to DLNA-capable devices, along with the Xbox 360, Roku, Apple TV, and Samsung Smart TVs.
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Alltel Wireless Announces The Alcatel One Touch Ultra 960C Smartphone, Comes Stuffed Full Of Gingerbread


Those of you in the market looking for a modest phone on a modest wireless carrier may want to pay attention right now. Alltel Wireless has launched the Alcatel One Touch Ultra 960C that is now available both in retail stores and online. The device looks to allow Alltel customers to do the absolute basics without too much hassle thanks to a 1.4GHz processor, 5MP camera plus 720P video, built-in DLNA and Gingerbread 2.3 (sigh).

While the device’s specs are not exactly the most desired, the price may be. The device will be priced at $19.99 on-contract or if contract’s don’t tickle your fancy, the device is available for a desirable $199.99. Yup— the price of the Alcatel One Touch Ultra 960C suddenly made it look pretty appealing for many folks out there– especially since . You’ll find additional details of the device once you check out the full presser after the break.


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HTC Introduces The HTC Connect For DLNA-Enabled A/V Systems

HTC is out to ensure its customers have the easiest means possible to connect its smartphones to A/V units by introducing its HTC Connect certification for select A/V receivers. Here’s how it works: A/V manufacturers such as Pioneer will release units bearing an HTC Connect logo and then HTC smartphone owners will be able to connect their phones to the A/V units via a DLNA-based connection. HTC also mentions the possibility of extending the connections beyond DLNA to Bluetooth and maybe even NFC or car audio/video eventually too.

HTC isn’t waiting around to refine this technology either. It currently is developing a major software update for its One Series of smartphones and plans on releasing it in the coming months. Additional details are lacking for now, but you can bet HTC will provide more info as we get closer and closer to seeing its Connect certification a reality. Hit the break for the full presser from HTC.

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HTC Media Link Makes Its Rounds At The FCC, Indicates It’s On Its Way Very Soon

Didn’t believe the hype surrounding HTC’s Media link at MWC this year did you? Well those who were skeptics will now be believers as the sweet wireless HD accessory has made its rounds at the FCC and looks primed for a release sometime within the next month or so. That means we’ll be able to experience a DLNA alternative that will display photos, video, games, etc. very soon. Let’s just hope the price is right and doesn’t scare too many folks off into buying this cool accessory.

source: FCC
via: Engadget

HTC Media Link Allows Seamless Wireless Mirroring To Your Big Screen (Video)

For those of you who have been highly coveting Apple’s Airplay, covet no more.  HTC intro’d their new counter technology, HTC Media Link.  Media link allows you, via a small black box, to seamlessly mirror content from your HTC smartphone wire free.  The box allows you to stream photos, videos, music and more.  To activate the technology all you have to do is perform a three finger swipe up on your smart phone and likewise to disconnect the service.  In addition, while certain content is going on the big screen, the service allows you to still navigate and perform other functions on the device without interrupting what’s on the big screen. Want to stream Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go?  Well, you’re all set my friend.  So, what’s the difference from this technology and what HTC offered previously for mirroring?  The company has stated with streaming on previous devices they used “DLNA” technology while the new application uses “proprietary wireless connectivity”.  Stay tuned while we muster up price and availability for the service and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Check out the video courtesy of Cnet below.

YouTube Preview Image

source: Cnet

Motorola DROID 4 Receives DLNA Certification, Official Launch Imminent

Oh boy!!! It looks like we’re getting close to the inevitable launch of that elusive DROID 4 phone. Yes the phone should have been launched last month, but we’ve seen numerous hints that the delay of the phone wouldn’t be for too long. How can we be so sure? Well the DROID 4– also known as model XT894– has officially gotten its DLNA certification which not only highlights its DLNA functionality, but more importantly– it indicates that Verizon is just about ready to unleash its newest puppy to the masses. Looks like we won’t have to wait too much longer on what will be the hottest slider yet. Hopefully we will see the phone make an appearance over at CES this upcoming week… hopefully.

[via UnwiredView]

Stream Playlists Of Videos, Pictures And Music To DLNA Devices With Eye-C Taglists

Eye-C Taglists has made its way to the Android platform and offers users an endless stream of music, photos and TV in a personalized channel customized just for you.

Download Eye-C Taglists for free, and your timeline becomes your own personal TV channel, music player, or photo gallery. At any point, just push play, and the feed comes to life – on your phone, TV, Apple TV (even from an Android phone), PC and more. Add a hashtag (#tag) to any video, song or picture to build a taglist – a playlist that combines items from multiple sources – YouTube, Picasa, Facebook, or even your personal music library (see below for tech specs). More sources are coming every month, so play tags – it’s easy and free.

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1 – Find videos, pictures and music you think are interesting in YouTube, Facebook, Picasa, and now SoundCloud.
Step 2 – Play your picks on your mobile phone, connected TV, Apple TV or other Airplay and DLNA devices.
Step 3 – Play content individually or as taglists. These lists can come from your friends, or they can come from users tagging a video with a certain term, like #startaparty.
Step 4 – Easily add another video, song, or picture to that list, by tagging it #startaparty – and watch your playlist change and grow as people interact with it.

So if you’ve been looking for an app to supply an endless stream of content from multiple users and platforms like YouTube, Picasa, Facebook and your own personal music playstist, Eye-C Taglists can deliver.  The application will work on most Android devices but can also play on hansets supporting DLNA (wireless push content).  You can download the application from our popular apps database where you’ll also find a QR Code available or you can download it from the Android Market.  The application is free and will work on devices manufactured by “Pioneer, Denon, Yamaha, Sony and more, connected TVs from Samsung, LG, and Panasonic, set top boxes including WD (Western Digital) and Popcorn Hour, as well as Xbox 360 (with Windows Media Player)” You can check out the full press release after the break.  
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