LG G4 Display Unveiled Early

LG’s 2015 flagship smartphone is due to excite both critics and consumers this year, but just in case you’re not already eager to see what the Korean tech giant has up its sleeve for this year, LG has revealed something about the device to up the hype. Read more

Samsung denies rumors of recycled AMOLED displays used in devices


A new rumor has been spreading through some Asian news sources and has started to spread around the globe accusing Samsung of using recycled AMOLED displays in the manufacture of new smartphones. However, Samsung flat out denies this is the case and questions whether the original source was ever an employee and whether the “proof” – videos and images – were even taken in a Samsung facility. Read more

LTE-A Galaxy S 5’s 2k screen gets reviewed, shows improvement over current models


Last year, we saw Samsung release a slightly tuned-up version of the Galaxy S 4, complete with LTE-A support. The same thing happened this year, with the GS5 Broadband LTE-A getting released in South Korea with a Snapdragon 805, 3 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of internal storage, all slightly better than what comes with the standard Galaxy S 5. The most important difference, however, is the 2k screen that comes with the LTE-A version of the device. Read more

Samsung, LG reportedly working on Quantum Dot displays


A new report from Chinese news site ET News indicates both Samsung and LG are working to incorporate Quantum Dot technology into their displays, possibly as soon as this year. Unlike recent moves my manufacturers to increase the resolution of their displays to produce crisper images, QD technology is intended to improve the color range, brightness levels and power consumption attributes of LCD displays. The QD technology relies on an additional substrate material in the layers of a display screen. Read more

New teaser videos from LG give us an official look at the LG G3


As we head into a long holiday weekend ahead of LG’s launch event for the LG G3, the company has released some videos on their Korean YouTube channel to tease the device. If all of the leaked images have left you wondering how accurate they may be, you may want to check out these official shots of the device. The most telling of the videos is the one highlighting the design of the LG G3 as it provides a nice shot of the device. The other two videos highlight the G3’s QHD display and the camera, although there is not much to tell from the videos.

You can check out all three videos after the break. Read more

Galaxy Note 4 display could be revealed in patent application


A few days ago Samsung representatives indicated the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would introduce a “new form factor” to the market. Rumors immediately surfaced indicating Samsung was planning to incorporate a Youm flexible display in the device, similar to a prototype Samsung released last year. Now a new patent application has surfaced that may reveal some more about this new form factor and how Samsung could utilize the flexible display technology. Read more

Expect significant upgrades in smartphone screen technology this year with ‘Quantum Dot’ LCD’s


It’s no secret that most smartphone enthusiasts expect a bump in smartphone resolution and quality for this year’s flagships. With 1080p screens now the “norm” for today’s high-end devices, we eagerly look forward to what’s next. Thanks to the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch tablet last year, we have an idea of what to expect as the tablet contains the new “Quantum Dots” LCD technology. “Quantum Dots directly convert the light from Blue LEDs into highly saturated narrow band primary colors for LCDs,” which in turn produces highly saturated primary colors that are similar to those produced by OLED displays found on the Galaxy S line.

With the screens I’ve seen thus far on the LG G2, Nexus 5 and even the year old HTC One, it’s hard to imagine an even better screen as those already look more than adequate to me. How important is screen technology and quality for your smartphone? Where does it rank on your importance of your device? Let us know in the comment section! Also, check out the source link for a more detailed explanation of what to expect with Quantum Dot displays.

source: Display Mate

Images and specs of Oppo Find 7 leak

oppo 7 screen

The upcoming Oppo Find 7 will definitely be up there in the specs department, and a recent leak shows as much. The device was already confirmed to have a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 (2K) display, as well as 4G LTE connectivity. An earlier leak also showed off the device’s steel frame.

Now, we’re getting to see the phone’s screen compared against the size of a 100 Yuan bill and a can of Pepsi. The size is exactly 152.76 x 75.22mm.

The front of the device should be big enough to fit a front camera, as well as a speaker and proximity sensors. New information suggesting that the phone will have 3GB RAM and either a Snapdragon 800/805 processor has appeared as well.

Via: GizChina
Source: Weibo