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Sling TV greets 2016 with new guide, content from ESPN3


It was only one year ago when Dish Network targeted cord cutters and launched Sling TV at CES 2015. Sling TV entered the market as a video streaming service offering live television to subscribers for $20 per month. Now, twelve months later, Dish Network has various add-ons to choose from to ensure subscribers get exactly they content they want. This specific model was met with skepticism, but Dish Network has been able to prove there is a way to send television over-the-top and maintain a quality. The company was able to secure ESPN and ESPN2 for Sling TV’s base package, giving consumers access to the always-wanted live sports. The extra packages, priced between $5-$7 (and $15 for HBO), have been enticing enough to lock in around 400,000 subscribers.

Dish Network is celebrating its beloved video streaming service’s unofficial birthday by activating an entirely new guide.

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Sling TV’s new ads pioneer Internet TV over the ‘bullies’ that are traditional TV providers


Dish’s Sling TV has just launched its latest flurry of ads, pioneering Internet TV over traditional ways of accessing television. The ads make it clear: television providers are ruthless, forcing customers into long-term contracts, have too many hidden fees, and offer poor customer service. That’s why Dish thinks you should choose Sling TV.

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Sling TV has already gained 250,000 subscribers since launch earlier this year

sling_tv_logoSling TV is Dish Network’s attempt at snagging customers that don’t want to deal with monthly cable bills and subscriptions, and since it launched earlier this year, it’s done fairly well. Since release, it’s bolstered its channel offerings by including the likes of HBO and AMC, plus it gives non-cable subscribers a way to watch some sports without going through a company like Comcast or DirecTV.

The latest subscriber numbers for Sling TV indicate that roughly a quarter of a million people are currently signed up for the service, up from 100,000 earlier this year in March. 250k subscribers definitely isn’t in the same ballpark as Netflix’s 41 million, but for a service that’s less than six months old, it’s not bad at all. Read more

Breaking News: Dish Network nearing agreement to merge with T-Mobile


The nation’s fourth largest carrier is once again on the table to be put under the control of another company. Dish Network, one of the largest television providers in the United States, has been engaged in talks to merge with T-Mobile. The merger, if successful, would assign both members’ leaders to familiar roles. Dish Network’s Charlie Ergen would remain chairman of the board of the new company while John Legere of T-Mobile stands as chief executive officer.

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Dish Network, Time Warner agreement sends HBO to Sling TV


Starting at $20 per month, Sling TV seems like a decent value considering its channel lineup. Not everything can be found on Sling TV, but it does have valuable channels such as ESPN, AMC, History, CNN, and more. Consumers can then pick up even more channels for an additional monthly fee. Soon, a premium cable channel will join the over the top service.

Dish Network, Sling TV’s parent company, reached an agreement with Time Warner that ushers in HBO to customers. For $15 per month (on top of the base monthly fee), Sling TV subscribers gain access to live and on-demand from HBO. All of the critically acclaimed content seen on HBO will be available to Sling TV subscribers. The premium cable channel will launch on Sling TV prior to the season premiere of Game of Thrones on April 12.

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Dish Network’s Sling TV strikes deal with EPIX to compete with Netflix


Sling TV, Dish Network’s self-proclaimed “cable-killer,” has struck a deal with EPIX cable movie network to bring more than 2,000 on-demand titles to customers.

The news comes after last week, the company also signed a deal with AMC channels to its core-package ($20) which already has ESPN, ESPN2, CNN, TBS, HGTV, Adult Swim/Cartoon Network, ABC Family, TNT, Food Network and the Disney Channel.

The EPIX content will be available through a paid add-on package — the cost of the package is not yet public.

Netflix is clearly more embedded in our homes than the EPIX service, but this certainly makes Sling TV a whole lot more enticing for those looking to drop their cable subscriptions.

Source: NY Daily News

Comcast may be another company eyeing a bid for T-Mobile


We’re still dealing with Comcast’s proposed merger with Time Warner, and it looks like the cable giant is considering making a bid for T-Mobile, too. Analysts seem to believe that with AT&T buying DirecTV, the pressure that will be put on Comcast to match video delivery will finally tip them into jumping into the wireless industry. In the short term, Comcast may pursue WiFi-MNVO deals, such as reselling Verizon airspace. Long-term, though, that’s not going to be very profitable for a company as large as Comcast, which is where purchasing T-Mobile comes in. Read more

Dish Network still wants in on wireless carrier market according to CEO Ergen


During a recent conference call to discuss the Dish Network’s disappointing second-quarter financial results, CEO Charles Ergen dropped some hints that the company is still interested in becoming a player in the wireless carrier market. During the second quarter, Dish saw its subscriber base shrink by about 78,000 subscriptions as it continued to try to compete in the changing landscape of video content. Combined with increasing programming costs, the company experienced a loss during the second quarter. In an effort to reverse course, Dish would like to capitalize on an asset it continues to hold, unused wireless spectrum. Finding a partner to make that a reality has been a challenge though as the recently company lost out to Softbank in a bid to acquire Sprint earlier this year.

Ergen seems to think there is still an opportunity for Dish and Sprint to do something together that would benefit both companies. While acknowledging that Dish “gave our best shot to get it” referring to the Sprint acquisition attempt, Ergen still thinks some kind of partnership might be “an interesting fit.” What would not be as interesting would be an attempt to acquire T-Mobile, a move Ergen says “may be a challenge we wouldn’t feel comfortable taking on.” That position is quite a bit different from earlier this year when Dish sought out a possible deal with T-Mobile.

source: Bloomberg

DISH Network targets Sprint with competing $25.5B bid to trump SoftBank offer


DISH Network announced today that they have submitted a merger proposal to Sprint with a value of $25.5 billion. The offer consists of $17.3 billion in cash and another $8.2 billion in stock. According to DISH Network’s news release, the cash portion of the deal represents an 18% premium over the offer currently on the table from SoftBank. DISH Network also points out that the ownership proposal for stockholders is a better deal as Sprint stockholders will end up with a 32% in the entire merged company whereas SoftBank is only offering a 30% stake in the Sprint portion of the company if they buy it up. According to DISH Network, the merger with Sprint will create a unique company that can offer customers video, broadband, and voice services both in-home and out-of-home.

Keep in mind Sprint is also in the process of acquiring full ownership of Clearwire, but that deal is contingent on the closing of the SoftBank deal. With a competing offer now on the table, it is not clear how that might impact the acquisition of Clearwire. Sprint has not yet issued a response to this latest offer. Hit the break for the full press release issued by DISH Network. Read more