Dish Network’s Sling TV strikes deal with EPIX to compete with Netflix


Sling TV, Dish Network’s self-proclaimed “cable-killer,” has struck a deal with EPIX cable movie network to bring more than 2,000 on-demand titles to customers.

The news comes after last week, the company also signed a deal with AMC channels to its core-package ($20) which already has ESPN, ESPN2, CNN, TBS, HGTV, Adult Swim/Cartoon Network, ABC Family, TNT, Food Network and the Disney Channel.

The EPIX content will be available through a paid add-on package — the cost of the package is not yet public.

Netflix is clearly more embedded in our homes than the EPIX service, but this certainly makes Sling TV a whole lot more enticing for those looking to drop their cable subscriptions.

Source: NY Daily News

Comcast may be another company eyeing a bid for T-Mobile


We’re still dealing with Comcast’s proposed merger with Time Warner, and it looks like the cable giant is considering making a bid for T-Mobile, too. Analysts seem to believe that with AT&T buying DirecTV, the pressure that will be put on Comcast to match video delivery will finally tip them into jumping into the wireless industry. In the short term, Comcast may pursue WiFi-MNVO deals, such as reselling Verizon airspace. Long-term, though, that’s not going to be very profitable for a company as large as Comcast, which is where purchasing T-Mobile comes in.
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Dish Network still wants in on wireless carrier market according to CEO Ergen


During a recent conference call to discuss the Dish Network’s disappointing second-quarter financial results, CEO Charles Ergen dropped some hints that the company is still interested in becoming a player in the wireless carrier market. During the second quarter, Dish saw its subscriber base shrink by about 78,000 subscriptions as it continued to try to compete in the changing landscape of video content. Combined with increasing programming costs, the company experienced a loss during the second quarter. In an effort to reverse course, Dish would like to capitalize on an asset it continues to hold, unused wireless spectrum. Finding a partner to make that a reality has been a challenge though as the recently company lost out to Softbank in a bid to acquire Sprint earlier this year.

Ergen seems to think there is still an opportunity for Dish and Sprint to do something together that would benefit both companies. While acknowledging that Dish “gave our best shot to get it” referring to the Sprint acquisition attempt, Ergen still thinks some kind of partnership might be “an interesting fit.” What would not be as interesting would be an attempt to acquire T-Mobile, a move Ergen says “may be a challenge we wouldn’t feel comfortable taking on.” That position is quite a bit different from earlier this year when Dish sought out a possible deal with T-Mobile.

source: Bloomberg

DISH Network targets Sprint with competing $25.5B bid to trump SoftBank offer


DISH Network announced today that they have submitted a merger proposal to Sprint with a value of $25.5 billion. The offer consists of $17.3 billion in cash and another $8.2 billion in stock. According to DISH Network’s news release, the cash portion of the deal represents an 18% premium over the offer currently on the table from SoftBank. DISH Network also points out that the ownership proposal for stockholders is a better deal as Sprint stockholders will end up with a 32% in the entire merged company whereas SoftBank is only offering a 30% stake in the Sprint portion of the company if they buy it up. According to DISH Network, the merger with Sprint will create a unique company that can offer customers video, broadband, and voice services both in-home and out-of-home.

Keep in mind Sprint is also in the process of acquiring full ownership of Clearwire, but that deal is contingent on the closing of the SoftBank deal. With a competing offer now on the table, it is not clear how that might impact the acquisition of Clearwire. Sprint has not yet issued a response to this latest offer. Hit the break for the full press release issued by DISH Network.
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Dish Network in talks with Deutsche Telekom about T-Mobile merge


Deutshe Telekom, who is already in the process of overseeing the T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger, was recently approached by Dish Network’s chairman to discuss a possible merge between Dish and T-Mobile. This proposition was before April 10th, when Deutshe Telekom announced their revised T-Mobile deal. Currently, there’s nothing concrete about these “talks.” Deutshe Telekom is fully invested in taking care of their current merger, and will only consider the deal after the current MetroPCS transaction is over and after they’ve verified a deal with Sprint Nextel isn’t possible.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Dish try to wedge themselves into the mobile market, and I seriously doubt it’ll be the last, assuming this merger never happens. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as any other details come to light.

source: Bloomberg

FCC approves Dish Network’s use of its AWS-4 spectrum for 4G LTE usage

It looks like that 67-page letter that Dish Network sent to the FCC regarding using its own AWS-4 spectrum for land-based broadband was all worth it. Today the FCC approved said use of the spectrum after previously being blocked by regulatory barriers. What’s next for Dish? According to them, they “will consider its strategic options.” That wouldn’t have anything to do with that little Google/Dish wireless service rumor from last month would it? This should prove to be interesting once we get into 2013.

source:  Engadget

Google reportedly in talks with Dish Network on launching new wireless service


Google has recently been in talks with satellite-TV provider Dish Network about partnering to create a new wireless service, according to people close to the situation. It’s worth noting that they also said the talks weren’t advanced and could ultimately not amount to anything, and Google isn’t the only company that Dish has been talking with, but the possibility of Google entering direct competition with the likes of Verizon and AT&T is pretty exciting.
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DISH Network And Qualcomm Partner To Bring Devices That Support Cellular And Satellite Connectivity

Right now there are two big chips on campus… NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3, and Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon S4. The S4 is rapidly gaining market share due to its integrated LTE support and can be seen in both the U.S. versions of HTC’s One X and Samsung’s Galaxy S III.

Satellite TV company DISH Network has announced that, in conjunction with Qualcomm, they plan to develop “mobile handsets and other devices” using the S4 chips, along with their LTE prowess. Qualcomm has developed a new 3G satellite technology called Enhanced Geostationary Air Link (EGAL), which enables DISH to support these new devices on the 2GHz/AWS-4 band in both terrestrial (LTE) and satellite modes.

DISH is continuing development of this program while waiting for the FCC to approve the use of their spectrum in this way. It’s a “risk-based investment” according to DISH, but one which is important “to accelerate a long-term path to developing both the satellite and ground-based mobile markets.”

In other words, smartphones with both LTE and satellite capabilities could be coming relatively soon. Cool.

Full press release after the break.

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Dish Network app available for Android tablets and smartphones


With all the hype at CES about new tablets, here’s something to add as Dish Network has added support for Android tablets on top of smartphones for the “Dish Remote Access” app available now in the Android Market. The app is free and gives you the ability to watch TV from your Dish Network at home. The app takes advantage of the tablet size screen as well, making the viewing experience even better.

One catch, this works over broadband connection or Sling-enabled devices and adapter. Regardless, it’s TV freedom outside the living room. Just make sure you lock the adult channels out so your kids don’t hide watching them on your new LG G-Slate tablet.

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Logitech Revue with Google TV coming out September 29 for $299?

The Android powered Google TV platform has received its closest release so far, according to an anonymous source at least.  The Logitech Revue, which is powered by Google TV, is slated for release on September 29th, with a retail price of $299.99.  However, Dish customers will reportedly be able to purchase one for a heavily discounted price of $179.99, which perhaps means the Google TV powered Dish set-top-boxes are not ready yet.

Personally, I am a little surprised by the price, and was expecting them to try and come a bit closer to the lower priced Apple TV and Boxee Box offerings, which retail for $99 and around $199 respectively. However, will a full browser and access to the Android Market starting in 2011, perhaps consumers will be willing to pay the higher premium.

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