[Deal] Motorola offering up to $125 off Moto X — deal expires next week

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Moto X Sale

With the Moto X scheduled to become a relic later this year, Motorola has some devices to get rid of.

To clear out stock, the company is offering a discount on the device through its website. Just add a Moto X of any color/storage size/etc. to your shopping cart, and add the coupon code “MBXISMOT.”

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Google targets Windows XP users with Chromebook promotion

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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With the end of Windows XP support by Microsoft, Google is trying to take advantage of this opportunity by focusing more on hardware, especially the Chromebook, and to make it popular among enterprises.

The company announced today that upon buying Chromebooks for Business, it will offer a $100 discount off each managed device purchased. In addition, Google has partnered with Citrix and VMware to offer two more promotions as well. A $200 discount will be provided on Chromebooks for Business for those who buy it with VMware Desktop as a Service. Citrix is also offering a 25% discount off its Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition, which includes AppDNA software to help speed up migration from Windows XP to the newest versions.

Source: Google Blog


Verizon cuts $25 off the price of line service for More Everything plans with 10 GB or more data

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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Last month, Verizon launched its new More Everything plan which replaced the carrier’s Share Everything service and gave customers more data , cloud storage and unlimited International messaging. The carrier just announced a further discount for customers on its More Everything plan along with the Edge upgrade program. They will reduce $25 off the price of the smartphone line service if customers choose a data plan of 10 GB or more.

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Verizon now offering 30% discount on the new HTC One (M8) along with the BOGO deal

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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Verizon is already offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal on the new HTC One (M8) and on top of that, you can get up to a 30% discount on the price of the HTC One (M8) you’re paying for.

Of course, this can be combined with the BOGO deal which Verizon is offering, but you’ll have to sign a 2 year contract. To get the 30% discount, you’ll have to enter the discount code VERIZON30 at checkout. This means that with the BOGO deal, you can get two HTC One (M8) handsets for just $139.99 on contract. » Read the rest

Chameleon Launcher price dropped to $3.99

by Jared Peters on
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Not too long ago we told you about a application for tablets called Chameleon Launcher that started as a Kickstarter project. It was a pretty cool success story, and the UI was, and still is, a refreshing take on how a tablet should work. The not-so-cool part? That $10 price tag.

Well, if you had been putting off buying the launcher because of that high price point, now’s your chance to give it a shot. The price has dropped significantly down to $3.99, which is about in line with several other premium launchers for Android. There’s no word on if this is a sale or the new, permanent price for the app, so you may want to check it out in the next day or two, just in case your tablet needs a little more customization. Anyone going to be trying out this app at its new price?

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SlingPlayer for Phones and Tablets Now On Sale for 50% Off On Google Play

by Brad Ward on
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If you own a Slingbox Solo or Pro-HD, you can go and get the SlingPlayer app from Google Play for 50% off right now. If you didn’t know, the Slingbox connects to your cable box and your home network. It then allows you to watch live TV and control your DVR from a laptop or mobile device as long as you have a consistent data connection. If you’re on the road or at work Slingbox will allow you to watch TV from anywhere.

Right now, for a limited time, the SlingPlayer app for Android is available for only $15. It allows you to stream all of your favorites shows, movies, TV series and etc directly on your Android phone or tablet. If you have a Slingbox, I’m sure you will love this app.


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U.S. Cellular offering discounts on Galaxy smartphones

by Chris Stewart on
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It’s a good day for Android bargain hunters today as U.S. Cellular has launched a promotion with discounts of up to $100 on leading Samsung Galaxy devices. The highlight being that  the carriers newly announced flagship device, the Galaxy S Aviator will be available for $99.99 with a $100 mail in rebate. Other available deals include the white Galaxy S II for $179.99 again with a $100 mail-in rebate and the Samsung Mesmerize for only $49.99 after instant savings.

In addition to the Galaxy promotion, U.S. Cellular have also bolstered its prepaid line-up by adding the Galaxy S II, the HTC Hero S and Motorola Electrify all at competitive prices. The Galaxy S II and Electrify will each cost you $399.99 and the Hero S for only $299.99.

There’s no word on how long the promotion is set to last so if you’ve been holding out for one of these devices, it might be time to get ordering. Click the link below to get started!


source : U.S. Cellular

Some Lucky Verizon Customers Receiving $100 Promo Flyer in Mail, Good for Any 4G Smarthone

by Stacy Bruce on
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Looks like Verizon Wireless is sending out promotional mailers to some lucky individuals in Illinois. The flyer is good for $100 of ANY Verizon 4G smartphone and is valid until December 25th. Apparently nothing within the fine print excludes any of Big Red’s devices therefore all top tier phones are eligible. Yes, even the Galaxy Nexus supposedly. We are not sure what the criteria is to receive such a good promo, or if anyone outside of Illinois has gotten it, but if you end up finding one of these on your doorstep please let us know! Lucky duck.

Oh yeah. And please remember that stealing your neighbors mail is a federal offense. :-P

[via Droid Life]


HP to Ignite TouchPad Fire Sale One Last Time

by Stacy Bruce on
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Here we go again! HP is getting ready to launch another TouchPad “fire sale”, only this time it will take place through their eBay store. This sale was originally meant for HP employees to get first “dibs” on the device but since the internal company email was leaked – Game on.

The discontinued TouchPad will again go on sale for $100 for the 16GB version and $150 for the 32GB model. Also to be offered during the sale is a $79 accessory bundle which includes a case, charging dock and wireless keyboard. You can find them in the laptop section of the site. All TouchPads will be refurbished but still come with a 90 day warranty. Don’t forget you can hack it to run Android too!

Now I assume you want me to tell you when the sale starts, right? You know that by me telling you when the sale starts reduces my chances of getting one for my mom for Christmas, don’t you?  And I don’t like to disappoint my Momma. But… since I like you guys so much I am willing to take my chances and let you in on the little secret. The deal starts on December 11th at 6pm (CT) so you better be on time! I will be ready and waiting, 2 Red Bulls deep, ready to take out any fool in my way. Good luck and God speed, friends! :-)

[via Slash Gear]


Logitech Revue Dropping To $100, The Company Hopes You’ll Buy One Now

by Joe Sirianni on
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It’s no surprise that Logitech would make a move like this after the recent flop in sales at the initial launch of its device sporting Google TV.  The Revue was the very first device to hit shelves and did so at a whopping $300 bucks.  According to the company’s press release, they’ve announced that they will be dropping the price tag on the device significantly, to $100.  The new price tag has yet to surface on retail sites, as far as we know,  but they should be popping up soon.  Will you run out and get one now?  Keep in mind, newer, bigger and better devices are sure to arrive before the holidays and we’re sure they’ll be more feature rich as well.  Will you wait?  Or will you jump on the new deal for the Revue? Feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments below.  Personally, I would like to see Google TV mature a bit more before I go all out and make it my personal home entertainment system.  Hit the break for the full presser.   » Read the rest