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[Deal] Grab The Samsung Galaxy Camera For $450, A $49 Savings


It’s the holiday season and I’m sure many of you may be in the market for a new camera, right? Well may have a reason for you to pull out the wallet and fork over the cash for a new camera— a solid one at that. It currently has the Samsung Galaxy Camera listed for a cool $450.00, which is a $49 savings off the original list price. What this deal gets you is a Exynos quad-core CPU powering the device, a 16.3MP resolution, 21x optical zoom, 23mm wide-angle lens and a 4G LTE radio— all powered by a buttery smooth Jelly Bean.

We’ll be sure to post our review of the Galaxy Camera in the coming days which should help you decide whether you should splurge on the deal or not.


Panasonic’s New ‘Smart’ Camera Showcases Possible Future for Digital Cameras

As Android further takes over most of our lives the idea that Android-powered digital cameras is looking to become a reality. Samsung is playing around with a camera of their own and back at CES this year we saw Polaroid’s 16MP concept camera device revealed. After Polaroid revealed their “smart camera,” as they are being dubbed, a Panasonic UK spokesperson mentioned that their company has also discussed the possibility of using Android to run its cameras in the future. As Barney Sykes told the folks at TechRadar, “We had a little bit of a discussion around having Android as the operating system.” Read more