Google Play will soon begin telling you if an app has any ads

alcatel-onetouch-idol-3-4.7-google-play-store-taGoogle is updating their Play Store policies that will require developers to list whether or not their application features any in-app advertisements, which is actually already required for any apps listed in Google’s Designed for Families category. This policy change will affect every app on the Play Store and will begin to be enforced in January, 2016. Read more

A/B testing may be on its way to the Google Play Store


A new report this morning indicates that Google plans to announce A/B testing within the Google Play Store for app developers. The announcement is scheduled to take place at the Google I/O conference at the end of the month. The idea is that developers could use the Play Store to do some market testing in an effort to increase the revenue generated by their apps.

With A/B testing, developers will be able to setup two different entries in the Play Store for their apps, an “A” and a “B” version. The app pages will be the same except for one item that developers could change. It could be something as simple as the icon used for the app or it could be something like two different prices being shown. Developers could then assess how the two versions perform to see whether a change they may be exploring will yield better results.

source: The Information
via: 9to5Google

Google announces winning apps from their Google Fit Developer Challenge


Google has announced the winners of the Google Fit Developer Challenge that they launched last year. The challenge was designed to help encourage developers to look at the Google Fit platform and figure out unique, fun ways to get users active while using their Android devices. The challenge was launched with the support of adidas, Polar and Withings. Besides having their apps highlighted in Google Play, the winning developers will also be receiving some prizes from the sponsoring companies including: Read more

Google introduces new analytics tools to help game developers


Following up on an announcement a few weeks ago at the Game Developers Conference, Google is make the new Play Games Player Analytics tool available to all developers through the Google Play Developer Console. The Analytics tool will help developers manage their business to revenue targets, identify hot spots using metrics to develop new game updates, and understand how players are progressing, spending and churning. Read more

Google Play Services 7.0 released, brings improvements to locations, Google Fit, and AdMob

Google_Play_Services_Splash_BannerGoogle has officially updated Play Services to version 7.0 bringing several new features and enhancements for developers to take advantage of. They had previously mentioned some additions to AdMob and Google Play Games, but now the entire service has been updated.

The new Places API seems like the biggest new addition to Play Services, as it will allow apps to get information from Google’s database of locations, venues, and restaurants, and users can quickly get info about the business in particular including addresses and phone numbers.  Read more

Google adds Android Wear to the Device Art Generator


One of the tools that Google provides to developers is the Device Art Generator. With this tool, developers can get an idea of what their screens will look like on different Google hardware. For instance, a developer may want to get a feel for how their app will look when framed by the relatively large bevels of the Nexus 9 and its 4:3 ratio versus a Nexus 5. Google has now added Android Wear support to the tool. Read more

Google’s Play Store eclipses Apple’s App Store in number of apps and developers for first time


Given the differing business models being employed by Google and Apple in getting their mobile operating systems into the hands of consumers, it should be no surprise that despite a jump start by Apple, Google is ahead in many measures. Even in areas where Apple has a lead, Google is steadily marching toward dominance. An example of this occurred in 2014 according to app metrics tracking firm AppFigures whose latest numbers show Google’s Play Store has surpassed Apple’s store in terms of both number of apps and developers. Read more

Google will start automatically deducting VAT from apps sold to European countries

Google_Play_Store_Logo_456There’s a change that will start affecting many developers that publish their apps on Google Play in the near future, especially those that frequently sell apps to European countries. Starting January 1st, Google will begin automatically deducting VAT (Value-Added Tax) from the sale price of applications due to a change in European law as to how the tax must be collected. Currently, developers can handle paying VAT separately and not have Google skim anything (besides the 30% fee) off the top. Read more

Is Google Glass’ allure fading away?


Just months ago, Google opened up the purchase of Glass to the public, but for the insane price of $1,500. Of course, the units are meant for developers only, but one might question when the prototype will hit its final stage and get released to the mass market for an affordable price.

According to a recent report by Reuters, the allure of Glass is starting to wear off — a miserable, miserable sign for Google, especially since the public hasn’t even gotten its hands on a finished product.

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