Samsung Tizen SDK now available for all, more apps incoming

by Justin Herrick on
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The Tizen Software Developer Kit (SDK) is now available for developers to get their hands on. This allows developers to design applications specifically for the Tizen-powered Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

In addition to making the Tizen SDK available, Samsung provided a list of apps currently available. They include: Atooma, Banjo, Dacadoo, EasilyDo, Feedly, Focus Trainer, Glympse, iHeartRadio, iwunta (Cloudwear), Life360, Runtastic, Sleep Genius, Spritz, Strava, Vivino, CNN, Conde Nast, eBay, Expedia, Flick Dat, MapMyFitness (Under Armour), MyMusicCloud, and News Republic (Mobiles Republic).

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Icon Helper for icon packs streamlines the request process between users and developers

by Jared Peters on
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Icon packs are one of the greatest features of Android. There’s a ton of them on the Play Store to help you completely tweak and customize your home screens and icons to make everything look exactly how you want it to.  Sometimes, though, that perfect icon pack that fits so well with everything else on your device is missing just one or two app icons for some of your favorite apps.

To help solve this problem, XDA developer tung91 has created a small tool that will help users easily send requests to developers of icon packs. This tool has to be manually added to icon packs by developers, which adds a small request button in the icon pack’s interface. Users can hit that request button to send a report of what apps they would like themed (it only shows unthemed apps, so you won’t have to scroll through hundreds of apps that are already assigned a custom icon) for the developer to see and work on. It’s a quick, relatively painless process. » Read the rest

Android 4.4 KitKat design/development videos released

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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If you’re a developer, you’re certainly interested in some of the changes being made in the latest version of Android OS, 4.4 KitKat— this includes new guidelines, orientations, and workflows for user interaction and experience. For development, this includes access to new tools or APIs. Check out some of the videos below!

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Amazon introduces Mobile Associates API to help developers further monetize apps

by Jeff Causey on
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Amazon announced the availability of a new API today to help developers further monetize their apps. The Amazon Mobile Associates API is an extension of the company’s Amazon Associates web-based affiliate program, bringing the power of Amazon to Kindle Fire and Android based devices. The new API enables developers to: » Read the rest

Google updates Play Store developer policies, forbids notification bar ads, forced home screen shortcuts and other annoyances

by Jared Peters on
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I’m sure all of you have downloaded an app at some point that did something annoying with advertisements. Whether that was forcing you to place a shortcut to some weird website on your home screen or annoying you with ads in your notification bar every day, there’s a handful of sneaky tricks developers have tried to get you to look at ads. Technically, you can’t really fault those developers because Google never said it wasn’t okay to make apps that did that, but it’s pretty clear that Google didn’t like the practice, as they’ve updated their developer policies for the Play Store to explicitly block that type of behavior, among other things. » Read the rest

Latest Android distribution reveals Ice Cream Sandwich down only 1.9%, Jelly Bean up 4.6%

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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The number of phones upgrading from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean is slowing down, as most high-end Android devices are pretty much all shipping with Jelly Bean at this point, or are stuck with Ice Cream Sandwich with no plan for upgrade. The number will eventually come to a steady halt, and this month, the numbers only decreased by 1.9%.

Jelly Bean is up 4.6%, a pretty decent jump up from 3.4%, which I predicted in last month’s distribution update. The total Jelly Bean number of 33% will keep on increasing as more and more devices ship with the latest version of Android, and will keep moving up when 4.3 launches later this year. This month’s total distribution count can be found after the break. » Read the rest

Google Play Developer Console gets a major injection of new features

by Spencer McClendon on
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Google I/O 2013 keeps churning out awesome new additions to services they offer, and the Google Play Developer Console is no exception either. As you can see in the picture above, the service includes Optimization Tips, App Translation Service, Usage Metrics & Referral Tracking, Revenue Graphics and the most applauded, Beta Testing & Staged Rollouts. All of these services are intended to help developers make better apps. App Translation helps users see were there app is used the most. If the developer see that his app is being used in Russia, however the app isn’t translated into Russian, the new service can help in that area.

As I stated earlier, Beta Testing & Staged Rollout got the most reception from the group at I/O. The service is just what the name suggests. Developers will now be able to rollout better apps in the form of betas as well as getting updates to them faster. Revenue Graphs allow developers track where they are making most of their money from, whether it be in-app purchases or the app itself.

Stay with us as we try to bring you all the info for these new features, as Google I/O progresses over the next few days.


Google Play developers now able to reply to user reviews

by Aditya Thawardas on
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In line with Google’s priority of strengthening communication between developers and their users, they have given developers the ability to reply to user reviews via the Google Play Developer Console. Responses by developers will appear publicly below the  original comment in the Play Store. Once a developer replies to a user’s comment, the user will receive an email and can then either reply to the developer directly by email, or update their review.

Back in November, Play Store reviews became integrated with Google+, with the goal of less anonymity leading to higher quality comments. Today’s update strengthens communication a step further. It’s a feature that’s long overdue and should help improve app development.

Source: Android Developers Blog

Ready for a Change? Switch to the New Google Play Developer Console Now

by Jason Bracey on
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The latest Google Play Developer Console is out of beta, and is now the default version. The new console brings with it:

  1. Improvements to the publishing flow: Making it more streamlined and easier to use.
  2. Adds more languages to the store listings with new language-specific graphics: Ensures users around the world understand what your app is about.
  3. New graphs:  Let you track your ratings over time. You can even break them down by device, country, app version, and more.
  4. Enhanced statistics page: Shows when you released each version of your app so you can see how each new version changes your installations and ratings. You can also view crash information specific to an application version. » Read the rest

Reminder: Droid World hits the Moscone Center in San Francisco on February 7th and 8th

by Robert Nazarian on
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If you’re an aspiring Android developer you will want to check out Droid World. The free-to-attend Android developer event at Apps World North America on February 7-8 in San Francisco is all set to feature various leading Android developers, authors, evangelists and operators divulging their expertise on all things Android.

Sponsored by Barnes & Noble, the Android developer conference runs on both days of Apps World and will be of interest to anyone building apps on the Android OS.

Highlights of the day one track will include expert opinion from James Steele, author of The Android Developer’s Cookbook on how to create the optimal Android experience, and Tom Chavez, NOOK Developer Evangelist for track sponsors Barnes & Noble on how to quickly monetise on the NOOK bookstore.

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