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NVIDIA announces Tegra 4i LTE-based SoC and ‘Phoenix’ reference smartphone



Sure it may be a while before we see the Tegra 4 chip, NVIDIA just made a major announcement introducing a couple of new goodies ahead of MWC next week. The first is the┬áTegra 4i chip is an ARM Cortex A9-R4-based chip and is NVIDIA’s first Tegra-based SoC with a built-in LTE modem. The chip will “only” feature 60 cores compared to the Tegra 4’s 72 cores, but NVIDIA is promising the same level of efficiency and power for devices based off the Tegra 4i technology. Oh and for those of you that care– the chip is capable of running at operating speeds of up to 2.3GHz.

Complimenting the Tegra 4i chip is the new ‘Phoenix’ reference smartphone. The smartphone features a 5-inch 1080p display, “the latest version of Android” (presumably stock Android 4.2) and Direct Touch technology— all in a 8mm package. The end goal really is the hope that this┬ádevice will allow manufacturers to essentially build what should be the ideal smartphone should it choose to utilize Tegra 4i technology and all that good stuff.

We know you are all itching for more deets, so hit the break to catch the full presser from NVIDIA.

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The Upcoming LG Nexus: What We Know Up To This Point & What We Can Expect


As we patiently wait for October 29th to arrive, we are expecting to see at least one addition to the Nexus family, the LG Nexus. After countless leaks for the past month and much speculation, we think we may finally have a somewhat concrete idea of what the upcoming device giving the true “Google Experience” will offer. The device will as always, introduce new technology— while making existing technology a little bit better. Read on past the break to have a brief breakdown of what is known and what we can expect in this new superphone.


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