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DeNA talks details about their upcoming Nintendo-published ‘Miitomo’

Miitomo-logoNintendo’s first smartphone game, Miitomo, is slated for release in March, but when it was announced the company didn’t divulge much about how it’ll actually work. Fortunately DeNA, the developer responsible for actually creating Miitomo, has shed some light on what we can expect to play.

One of the central points for Miitomo is communication with other players, which DeNA’s president thinks is a little more personal than talking through normal text-based apps. Considering the app will rely heavily on Mii avatars, it makes sense and sounds almost like an MMO or a small social media network. Read more

DeNA and Square Enix Partner to Bring FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE Mobile Game to Players in United States and Canada

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade has had quite a bit of success in Japan, with over 3 million registered users. It’s a social game that’s advertised as being easy to play for players new to the Final Fantasy universe, as well as appealing to veterans of the franchise. On the heels of this success, DeNA and Square Enix have announced today that they will be bringing the game to North American shores in the near future. It’s also the first free-to-play Final Fantasy social game to be released in English.

Players cooperate and explore a world based on Final Fantasy in airships, and join with other players to form airborne brigades and fight bosses. Each player gains experience and levels up through these boss fights and quests. The enemies and items all come from the familiar Final Fantasy universe. Simple, but it’s bound to have quite a bit of depth with Final Fantasy behind it. Users can go ahead and preregister now to be alerted when the game becomes available to download. Hit the press release below to find out more. Read more