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Panasonic Lumix Phone 101p – Joining Softbank’s stable

Softbank just keeps tacking on more Androids to its fall/winter line-up. Yesterday we told you about their Dell Streak Pro 101DL, and now we bring you news of the Lumix Phone 101p. This phone, manufactured by Panasonic, is meant to really combine a phone and digital camera, more so then just adding a camera to a phone. From the picture it looks like they succeeded. That’s a 13.2MP CMOS Lumix sensor with “Mobile Venus Engine.” Of course, it’s a solid phone as well. Check out these specs:

  • Android 2.3
  • 4-inch QHD LCD screen with 960×540 resolution
  • waterproof body (IPX5/7)
  • TI OMAP4430 dual-core CPU (1GHz)
  • compatible with SoftBank’s “Ultra Speed” high-speed data communication service (max. 21Mbps)
  • microSDHC card slot
  • IEEE802.11b/g/n Wifi
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
  • infrared connection
  • e-wallet function
  • digital TV tuner
  • size: 64×123×9.8mm weight: 128g

No word yet on pricing or the possibility of international sale. Did I mention it also comes in pink.

[via techcrunch]

MultiBasebanFlasher And MultiRecoveryFlasher Now Available For Dell Streak

The magic of RUU’s. When developers make custom ones the possibilities open up. And thanks to UKSheep, the infamous Dell Streak now has some more tools for root users. His new multi flasher can be used to flash not just ROMs, but basebands, and different recoveries. The dev made it in order to be able to flash the most used recoveries for the device, and he claims it does just that. If you are a Dell Streak and you’re a flashaholic this is the app you need. Go on over to his xda thread to check it out!

[via xda]

Knockoff Dell Streak better than the original?

There are a lot of knockoffs out of China that are usually lower quality than the originals. A Dell Streak knockoff has surfaced that runs Gingerbread 2.3 and can make phone calls. The 7-inch WVGA screen is based on resistive technology for touch input. You can get this bad boy for $180 unsubsidized which is a big savings.

Other features include:

  • 512mb memory
  • 4GB storage expandable to 32GB
  • 800 x 480 video resolution
  • HDMI output – up to 720p
  • 3000mAh battery

If this runs Gingerbread smoothly then I have to give them credit because we reported yesterday that only 4% of Android devices have Gingerbread.

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Dell Streak 7 is official and going to T-Mobile 4G


The big brother to the Dell Streak (5 inch edition) is hitting T-Mobile 4G, and we should have more details on price and launch dates within the next few short weeks. Expect a late Q1 2011 launch we suspect. The new Dell Streak 7 comes with Android 2.2, 16GB internal storage, 7 inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen, rear and front facing cameras, and the Tegra2 dual-core processor at 1GHZ a side.

Here’s a video introducing the Streak 7
YouTube Preview Image

More pics and a Press Release below.

Dell Looking Glass Tablet Passes Through FCC, Sim Card And SD Card Slot Revealed

Well, looks like the up and coming Dell Streak 7, or now the “Looking Glass”, is still responsible for multiple accounts of extreme and excessive salivation.  The tablet just passed through the hands of the FCC after being there for quite some time, and after spotting some Dell commercial spots, it shouldn’t be long before this baby is in the hands of the masses.  The Looking Glass is possibly headed to AT&T or T-Mobile land, now that it’s been approved for 3G data.  This info is based off of the device’s internal UMTS band specifications.  We’re still not sure if either carrier will have support for voice calls, but it seems like all of the necessary hardware is certainly there.  Hit the break for more info on the device and its internal specs, and get your drool on even more. Read more

Mossberg’s Best and Worst of 2010 Features Android on Both Sides

In the newest update to the Wall Street Journal’s “Digits” video column, Walt Mossberg, their Personal Technology Consultant, sums up his Best 3 and Worst 3 products that he reviewed in 2010. It’s no huge surprised, with the slew of Android products that launched this year, that we saw some land on his list. But which devices, and which side did they end up on? Let’s take a look at his entire list.

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Dell Streak 7 inch Tablet Launching on T-Mobile


Dell had announced early last year their intentions on releasing a 7 inch tablet running android, which would likely be available on T-Mobile. Coming this year at the CES show (where it seems everyone is saving their announcements for lately), it’s likely that we’l hear more about when e can get this tablet, and confirm if we se it on T-Mobile.

We hope that with all the tablets being announced at CES 2011, that Dell either starts this with Android 2.3, or at least has an update path within a matter of weeks to Gingerbread, as we’ve heard many tablets will be launching with Gingerbread for 2011. Froyo is so…2010!

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Best Buy Puts Dell Streak on Sale for $99


Best Buy in the US has marked down the AT&T Dell Streak from $499 (regular price) to $99 (on a 2 year contract). I know, sounds amazing! It is a pretty good deal, but just to be clear, the $99 price is with a 2 year contract, the regular price they have listed was without contracts…those marketing decievers!

In any regard, it’s still a pretty sweet deal for the Dell Streak which is getting Android 2.2 updates by the end of this month as well, making this a pretty hot deal. If you like, hit up Best Buy here, and pick either the white or black editions for the same sale price.

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AT&T Dell Streak Getting Froyo Upgrade Week of January 12 2011

dell streak update

Those who are still waiting for confirmation on whether AT&T will be sending out a Froyo update to its Dell Streak users may find a little more comfort in the internal email seen above stating the update will be coming the week of January 12th 2011. This was the speculation as seen in the pic below, however its something to note that internal emails are not always the definitive.

dell streak update2

Something else worth noting is that the update will come to users moving from Android 1.6 to 2.2 over wifi or 3G, while users moving from Android 2.1 to 2.2 will only use wifi. Only a month or so to go right?

[via StreakSmart]

Dell Streak Recovery Now Available For Download

Dell-Streak reboot

XDA Forum member mistadman has put together a recovery tool for Dell Streak owners with a nice stock appeal to it. The recovery tool will support the following features, and possibly more to be added as it is still in early stages of development;

  • Landscape
  • Capacitve buttons
  • First stage of the two stage camera button working
  • Signature verification setting survives reboot

If you’d like to give this a try on your Dell Streak device, as always, back it up first, then visit here to download the source code.

[via XDA-Developers]