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comScore reports December 2012 US smartphone market share


We love statistics on smartphones. It’s always fun to see what’s popular in the smartphone market, and what’s becoming more popular. comScore always gives us some great numbers to analyze, and they’ve just released their stats for the US smartphone market from a period starting in September 2012 and ending in December 2012. According to their report, a massive 125.9 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones, up about 5% from September. Samsung pulled in about 21% of the market, up from 18.7%, and HTC pulled up with second-place in Android OEMs with 10.2%, down from 12% three months prior. Overall, Android ran on 53.4% of all smartphones, which was up a minor 0.9%. Apple’s number spot with 36.3% was still quite a ways behind. Nothing too surprising with these reports, but it’ll be interesting to see if there’s still room for growth with the wave of new Android phones set to be released later this year.

source: comScore

Mayans Be Damned, Google Is Bringing December Back To Jelly Bean

No December 2012 in Jelly Bean

Google announced it will correct the bug which prohibited the entry of December events into the updated People app in Android 4.2. The good news came via a Google+ post for the official Android account. While no specific date was given we’re hopeful “soon” means sometime before December arrives. Some people I still think this may have been Google’s attempt to prevent the end of the world by not allowing 12/21/2012 to come. Read the full statement below.

We discovered a bug in the Android 4.2 update, which makes it impossible to enter December events in optional fields of the People app (this bug did not affect Calendar). Rest assured, this will be fixed soon so that those of you with December birthdays and anniversaries won’t be forgotten by your friends and family.

Source: Android Google+

Android 4.2 thinks there are just 11 months in a year, omits December

The newest iteration of Android, version 4.2 Jelly Bean, seems to think there are just 11 months in a year, effectively leaving out December altogether. No presents? No Santa? What ever shall we do?

The updated People application found in the stock AOSP version of the software doesn’t allow users to select the 12th month of the year, meaning people who have birthdays, anniversaries or any other sort of special event around Christmas time aren’t able to have it recognized.

The issue has been reported to the official bug tracker and has already been acknowledged by Google. We’re expecting an update to Android 4.1.2 soon. Perhaps, before non-existent December rolls around?

Via: AndroidPolice
Source: Google 

Droid 4 Rears Its Pretty Head In Multiple Verizon Databases, Launch Coming Soon?

Well, just when you Droid 3 owners got your device all tucked in and settled for the night, we’ve got more news of the Droid 4’s release.  It’s possible the release is coming soon as it’s popping up on a couple of different Verizon internal databases.  The Razr like device with a physical qwerty could be Vz’s big December kickoff which would be just in time for the holidays.  It seems to be Verizon’s MO, when the device shows up in these particular databases, to be released within a month or two and since Verizon’s calendar for December seems wide open, it’s likely it could be launched then.  For now, we’ll just continue to speculate however, stay tuned as we keep an eye out for this one.  If you’ve been salivating over a Droid Razr but are not sure you can part with your precious physical qwerty, then this one’s for you friend.

[via Droid Life]

Verizon to host news conference about 4G LTE to talk about launch plans

Have you lately found yourself staying up at night, waiting for Verizon’s new 4G LTE data rollouts? If so, prepare to get some rest, because Verizon has announced a news conference for Dec 1, where they will discuss their plans for rolling out LTE in December. Verizon’s chief tech officer Tony Melone will also be available for any questions.

The conference will take place at 12 noon, so be sure to keep it here tomorrow for all the latest, and be sure to let us know what you think Verizon might have up their sleeves in the comments below.

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Canadian Galaxy S owners getting Android 2.2 beginning in December

The Samsung Galaxy S is an extremely popular device to say the least, and our friends north of the border who own one can rest easy knowing that they will soon be getting an update to Android 2.2. Samsung has posted on their Facebook page that customers with Bell, Rogers and TELUS can expect the update beginning in December:

“We’d like to acknowledge the tremendous interest in the Froyo (Android 2.2) upgrade for Galaxy S series smartphones in Canada. We are working diligently to provide a tested and secure upgrade experience in Canada. Android 2.2 will be released for Vibrant from Bell and Captivate from Rogers in mid-December, and for the Fascinate from TELUS in early 2011. We’ll post further details as they become available.”

Bell and Rogers customers will be getting their serving of Froyo first, with TELUS customers getting in on the action in early 2011. Fear not my Canadian brothers, help is on the way!

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