Google IO 2016 Coverage

[Deal] Free apps special this weekend through Amazon Appstore


If you have a shiny new Android device fresh from under the Christmas tree or even if you have been looking for a deal on an app you have been eyeing for your existing device, Amazon may have what you need as part of a promotion they are running this weekend. Throughout the weekend, Amazon is offering over $30 worth of titles for free, but you do have to grab them using the Amazon Appstore. Read more

[Deal] Get three months of Google Play Music for $1


Just in time for the New Year, and the inevitable awesome party that precedes it, Google has an incredible deal on all the music you could ever need. A three month subscription to Google Play Music is only $1! Don’t worry, it’s not just you, I also thought I read that wrong when I first saw it.

If you are interested, make like me and hit the link below to claim your three months at this incredible rate.

Source: Google Play Music (Twitter)