Amazon offering Kindle Fire HDX with a payment plan


Did Christmas shopping burn a whole in your pocket? If so, don’t worry because Amazon is offering a payment plan to get their Kindle Fire HDX. Both the 7-inch and 8.9-inch models are available through the plan. Eligible customers can pay for the device over the four months, with the cost being divided among them. The WiFi models will set you back $57 and $94.75 each month, respectively. The best of all? The payment plan is interest free.

To take advantage of this offer, sign in to your account and head over to the listing for the model you want. From there, you will see if you are eligible. Order the device and make your first payment. Then Amazon will charge you every 90 days. Make sure you have enough funds because if you don’t, Amazon will block your Kindle Fire HDX from their content and suspend your online account. Also, the offer ends by Christmas day.

Source: Amazon

[Deal] Grab the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom for as little as a penny at Amazon


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is not a device for the typical smartphone buyer, but for those who are interested in it, Amazon has a great deal if you are willing to be tied to AT&T for a couple years. For individuals signing up for a new 2-year contract with AT&T, Amazon will sell you the Galaxy S4 Zoom for a mere penny. If you happen to already have an account with AT&T and want to buy the device as an upgrade, it will run you $49.99. Both of these prices are better than what you can do buying direct from AT&T.  If you are not interested in a 2-year contract, Amazon will set you back $599.99 for the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which is about $70 more than what you could get it for from AT&T.

The Galaxy S4 Zoom most closely matches the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for most of the hardware. The exception being the big camera Samsung has grafted onto a cell phone. For photographers, the Galaxy S4 Zoom offers a 16MP camera with 10x optical zoom and an f-stop range from 3.1 – 6.3. A xenon flash is included in the device as well.

To take advantage of the deal, just hit the source link to head on over to Amazon.

source: Amazon

[Deal] 20% off tablet, smartphone accessories on Best Buy’s site


Just pick up a Nexus 7 in white? The Google Play Edition of the LG G Pad 8.3? Or how about just any smartphone or tablet? Well, Best Buy is currently holding a sale on select accessories for smartphones and tablets. The 20% off sale covers cases, screen protectors, Bluetooth keyboards, bags, chargers, and more. There are some great deals going on and many of the items would make a great gift.. for yourself! The sale is only online and runs through Christmas day. Head on over to the source link below to view what items are on sale.

Source: Best Buy

[Deal] DROID MAXX available for $12.49 at Amazon, new accounts only


Thinking about jumping to Verizon and want the DROID MAXX by Motorola? Look no further than getting setup through Amazon. The online retailer is offering the device for just $12.49 when you create new account. But you’re going to have to pay more if you want to add the device on a new line or via an upgrade. New lines cost $70 and an upgrade is $100. None of those prices are bad, especially considering what you can do in the 48 hours that the device’s battery lasts for. Follow the source link below to be taken to the listing.

Source: Amazon

Microsoft negotiating massive deal with Samsung, $1 billion on the table


According to Russian Blogger Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft is offering Samsung $1 billion to support their Windows Phone operating system by manufacturing devices. As we all know, Samsung is the leading Android OEM by a landslide. But on the Windows Phone front, Microsoft is struggling to have a company come forward that isn’t Nokia (who may be releasing a device based on Android). Nokia was involved in something similar with Microsoft when Steve Ballmer and the guys up in Redmond decided to pay more than $250 million every quarter to keep the Finnish manufacturer with Windows Phone. Samsung likes to spread its name, so escalating Windows Phone production wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.
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Dayframe Prime available for $0.99, price raises after one thousand installs

Since the holidays are rolling around and plenty of pictures are being shared, is holding a sale for the premium version of their Dayframe app. But there’s a catch. The first 1,000 installs will be priced at $0.99 and then it will raise to $2.99. And after the sale is over, Dayframe Prime will carry a $4.99 price tag. In case you’re wondering, Dayframe turns your Android device into a photo frame. It cycles through images from all of your social networks as your device sits idle.

This premium version gives you options for screensaver, brightness, and app timers while also placing weather updates into slideshows. And down the road, plans to add syncing between devices.

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[Deal] Get $35 Google Play credit with purchase of Nexus 7 and Chromecast combo


Google is busy with new deals in the Google Play Store today, releasing some new devices and new versions of existing devices. However, if you have just been waiting to get your hands on a couple devices that have been around for a while, this new deal may just be for you. Google is offering a $35 credit for buyers of a Nexus 7 and a Chromecast device. Just for good measure, they are also throwing in free shipping.

The Nexus 7 and Chromecast must be submitted on the same order. Once the order ships, Google will send the information for buyers to claim their credit via email. The credit can be added to a Google Wallet account and must be added no later than March 31, 2014. If you are ready to place an order this combo of devices, just hit the source link. Act fast though, as Google does not indicate how long this particular promotion will last.

source: Google Play

HTC One now available through company with interest-free financing (U.S. only)


The HTC One is now available directly through HTC with interest-free financing. The special promotion, which ends on December 29, allows consumers to get their hands on the One (32GB) for $0 down and monthly payments of $25 for two years. Keep in mind, however, that this payment plan will vary based on a credit check. The $25 monthly price will net $600 once once you are finished paying it off. As you’re paying, you can take the device to either AT&T or T-Mobile. If you’re interested, hit the source link to apply for the interest-free financing plan now.

Source: HTC

T-Mobile offering special deal next Wednesday for friends and family of employees


If you are friends with or even a family member of a T-Mobile employee in the company’s Northeast region and need a new smartphone, next Wednesday may be a good time to strike a deal. T-Mobile has indicated they will be conducting a special event on Wednesday, December 11th, that will let buyers get a new device with no money down and the first month of service, up to $50, will be free.

In order to take advantage of the offer, the customer will have to supply a T-Mobile employee’s P# or C# and name at the point of sale. T-Mobile’s information indicates the zero money down offer will only apply to “selected devices” although no list has been provided yet. T-Mobile’s participation requirements indicate the offer will only apply to new activations of voice or at least a 2.5GB mobile Internet plan, although several lines can be added at once.

It appears T-Mobile’s Northeast region covers Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

source: TmoNews

[Deal] Get the LG G2 in white for free from Verizon


If you are on Verizon’s carrier network, or want to be, and would like an LG G2 that is a little bit different from what everyone else has, you can now order the device in white. As if the excitement of probably being the first on the block with a white LG G2 were not enough for you, LG is also offering the device for free with a 2-year contract activation. You can also opt to get it for $20.90 per month using the Verizon Edge program or pay full price of $499.99 to get it off contract. Sweetening the deal even further, not only on the white LG G2 but on any device, Verizon is waiving the normal $35 activation fee through the end of the day today.

source: Verizon