[Deal] Sony’s SmartWatch 3 drops under $150 on Amazon


Smartwatches that launched last year to assist with Android Wear’s debut are starting to drop in price. For example, the Google Store has the Moto 360 for $149 and the ZenWatch for $129, a considerable savings compared to when they launched. And right now, the Sony Smartwatch 3 will only cost you $147. That is, if you want it in white. The smartwatch also comes in black and lime green color options that will command more money. The black model will set you back $170 and lime green costs $159. These prices are down from the original $299.

If you’re looking for an Android Wear smartwatch that has built-in GPS and can be exposed to dust and water, you might want to take advantage of this deal.


[Deal] LG G4 is under $500 off-contact at T-Mobile


Today, the LG G4 took a big price drop. On T-Mobile’s website, you can now get a brand new LG G4 off contract for only $479, 20% off of the normal $599 price. That’s a substantial discount compared to other carriers like AT&T selling the phone for $629 and Sprint who currently sells the flagship for $599. T-Mobile is also the only carrier in the United States offering the brown leather back. And, to sweeten the discount, T-Mobile is running a special offer through July 31 for an additional back cover and battery at no extra cost. The length of the discount, though, is unknown.