Buy a Moto X, get a Moto E in latest Motorola special


Motorola is offering a special deal through their Moto Maker web site if you order a new Motorola Moto X that could net you a Motorola Moto E for free. To take advantage of the special offer, you have to buy an off-contract Moto X Pure Edition. Once you do that, you can add in a second generation Moto E with support for 3G with a retail value of $119.99 to your cart for free.

The offer is good through March 24th and according to reports, only available to U.S. customers. While the Moto E is a budget smartphone limited to 3G, we do rate it as a solid device for a starter phone or possibly as a backup device to have handy when something happens to your daily driver.

source: Motorola
via: Android Authority


[Deal] Nexus 9 tablet available through Office Depot at discount


If you have been eyeing the Google Nexus 9 tablet, Office Depot may have a deal that makes it a little easier for you to grab one of the devices. The office supplies retailer has several variants of the Google tablet listed at discounted prices. The best deal is for the white 16GB version which is currently listed for only $320, which is $80 or 20% off the normal $400 price tag.

If you want the black version with 16GB of memory, you can grab one for $350. Meanwhile, the 32Gb versions in black or white are available for $430 which is a $50 savings off the normal $480 price tag.

All of the variants are currently listed as being in stock and with free shipping, should be delivered within three to five days. Hit the source link if you want to grab one of these tablets at a special price.

source: Office Depot

[Deal] Amazon selling the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet with $30 gift card and free games


This weekend, there is a little bit of an incentive to purchase the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. Amazon has the tablet in both WiFi and LTE variants available at their usual prices, but a $30 gift card and free games are included. The three games included at no extra cost are Half-Life 2: Episode 1, Half-Life 2, and Portal. So, combining the gift card with the free games, consumers taking advantage of this deal will save north of $100.

Amazon has not specified the end date for this promotion.

Source: Amazon [WiFi model] [LTE model]

[Deal] HTC discounts the One (M8), select accessories, and the RE Camera through the weekend


This weekend, various products designed and sold by HTC will be available at discounted prices. The company will reduce the cost for buyers of the One (M8), RE Camera, Dot View case, Double Dip case, and Flip case. The reason for discounting these items can probably be explained by the March 1 event hosted by HTC. The company is expected to introduce a new range of prodcuts, namely the HTC One (M9). A successor to the RE Camera will likely debut as well.

Here are the terms of the sale:

  • $150 off when buying the HTC One (M8) for $499
  • 50% off when buying the Dot View ($25), Double Dip ($12.50), and Flip cases ($15)
  • 25% off when buying the RE Camera for $149

The discounts will be applied when items are added to the cart prior to checkout.

Source: HTC

[Deal] Get 100GB of OneDrive storage for free through Bing Rewards


Through their Bing Rewards program, Microsoft is offering users access to 100GB of OneDrive storage for a two-year period. The offer is good until the end of February.

To take advantage of this special offer, you need to start out with a Microsoft account. If you already have a Microsoft account, sign-in at If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one for free.
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[Deal] Motorola taking $100 off purchases of $499 or more even without coupon code


So you missed out on obtaining a coupon code from Motorola for Valentine’s Day. It’s alright! There is still an opportunity to save money on Motorola products. The company is taking $100 off of purchases totaling $499 or more from now through February 14 and a coupon code is not required. It is not the $140 that the coupon code would save, but $100 is better than nothing. Just make sure your cart is at least $499 before checking out and enjoy putting some money back in your pocket.

Source: Motorola [Moto Maker]