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Deadly Chambers for Android review

Android shooters are a bit of a rare commodity, at least when compared to the slew of puzzle and arcade style games which make up the majority of the Android gaming market.  Some of you may have some experience with Android shooters, including Quake, and the port of GameLoft’s Nova.  Today, we’re bringing you a new addition to this rather sparse genre: Battery Powered Games’ Deadly Chambers.

In Deadly Chambers, you play as Dr. Chambers (clever, yes?), who has been taken captive by some unknown assailant and forced to fight for his escape.  While playing, you will be faced with numerous foes, who get tougher and harder to beat as you progress through the game.  Never fear, though, for you are constantly rewarded with bigger and better weapons to slay your enemies.

The game can essentially fall under both the FPS and TPS (third-person shooter) categories, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Are you curious yet as to how this game stacks up against the likes of titles such as Quake and Nova? Continue reading after the break for the full review of Deadly Chambers for Android.

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