Dead Trigger gets game balancing update, includes new environments and gameplay


Dead Trigger 2 has received an update today that includes a few new features, tweaks, and gameplay balancing. The new gameplay is focused on giving players more environments to grind through, since many of the upgrades and equipment are still fairly tedious to get in the game.

There are also a handful of issues that have been balanced, including some zombie difficulty. Hit the break below for the full changelog and download link. Read more

Halloween-themed Dead Trigger update hits the Store, brings new arena and pumpkin-headed zombies

Halloween is one of my personal favorite times of year. First-person video games are another of my favorite things. Unsurprisingly, the latest update to Dead Trigger is right up my alley. The update to the zombie-filled, first-person shooter brings a new Haunted Graveyard arena as well as a new weapon – the crossbow. It also looks like you can grab the minigun at a reduced price, and you can use that amazing piece of weaponry to test out the new rag-doll physics applied to the rolling pumpkin heads after you blast them off of the undead bodies. Get your Halloween-style frag on by clicking the link below.


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Full-Fledged Dead Trigger Update Now Available In The Play Store


Fans of the now freemium game Dead Trigger have even more reason to be excited.  After a little over two weeks since the game became available for free (ahem, officially), the game has just received a massive update.  This isn’t just a map or a weapon update.  This is a full-fledged upgrade to version 1.5 including two new arenas to get your frag on and a plethora of other goodies to keep you gaming.  You can find the complete change log and download links once you hit past the break:

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Wind-up Knight Developer Tweets Piracy Stats, Calls It A Red Herring


Last week we mentioned that Madfinger, developer of zombie shooter Dead Trigger, had decided to make the game free due to the piracy rate for Android apps being “unbelievably high“. This statement, of course, has caused a lot of debate over whether Android apps are easier to pirate than iOS apps, and how big a problem piracy really is for Android.

The latest developer to speak out about piracy is Chris Pruett, the developer of the very popular Wind-up Knight game. His point of view, however, is a little different than Madfinger’s. He took to Twitter to post a series of 10 tweets explaining his thoughts. It started with this:

Lotta press about Android piracy lately. For the record, our piracy rate is about 12% on Android and about 15% on iOS.

So first of all, he is stating that piracy is happening, but also states that it’s not an Android only problem, with the iOS piracy rate slightly higher than Android. But he goes on to say more on Google+, basically compiling all his tweets into one cohesive statement. Read it after the break.

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Madfinger to Reward Folks who Paid for Dead Trigger, New Content Coming Soon

Where you one of the many who paid for Madfinger’s Dead Trigger before they decided to make the game free a few days ago? I bet your pissed, huh? Well, you’re not alone my friends and Madfinger wants to make it up to you by giving you some new and exclusive content. The new add-on will come within the next update and will be given out to early adopters only, the ones who paid $.99 for the game. No word on what the update will include or when it will be pushed out, but it’s sure nice to know that Madfinger wants to make things right. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get a new “high roller” level or something. :-) We’ll keep you posted.

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Madfinger’s Dead Trigger now free on Google Play due to piracy

When the mobile game company Madfinger lowered their newest game Dead Trigger from $1.00 to free, there was a small sense of outrage within the Android community. While it didn’t bother me since it was just a buck for such an exceptional game, I can see why it would bother some early adopters to see the game become free in such a short amount of time.

Today, Madfinger released an official statement regarding the price drop via their Facebook page and fingers the blame on Androids ongoing app piracy problem as the reasoning for this sudden move. Here’s their official statement after the break: Read more

Dead Trigger Update Incoming; Brings Adreno-205 support, new guns, new zombies, and much more


Madfinger Games’ newest mobile gaming masterpiece Dead Trigger is receiving a hefty update very soon. If you haven’t already purchased this gem of a game, then maybe this update will finally persuade you. Dead Trigger is a game with wonderful graphics and set in a zombie apocalyptic world where you shoot up as many zombies as you can while staying alive. Any Walking Dead fans out there?

This update also brings support for devices that don the Adreno 205 GPU (Snapdragon S2 processor) such as the Sony Xperia Play and numerous popular HTC phones such the T-Mobile myTouch 4G, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Desire HD, etc. The update brings the game to versions 1.1.0 and Madfinger was kind enough to provide a changelog ahead of it’s impending release:  Read more

Zombie thriller, Dead Trigger blasts its way onto Android July 2

Zombie-mania has hit many a geek lately, myself included, and Android zombie lovers will get what looks to be a great first person shooter title as soon as Monday, July 2. Dead Trigger appears to be a cross between Resident Evil and AMC’s The Walking Dead, and it looks awesome! You will fight off hordes of undead with many different weapons in your arsenal.

The game is only $.99 and promises to deliver updates with new missions,  weapons, characters and more. Hit the break for the official presser and check out the video below for yourself and see why I will be buying this game on release.

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MADFINGER Games announces Dead Trigger, A zombie-themed first person shooter [Video]

MADFINGER Games, makers of the very popular Shadowgun, just announced their upcoming title called Dead Trigger. It’s a first person shooter and zombies are involved so we’re already excited. The storyline is that the world has collapsed due to a strange infection that turns regular people into zombies. You guessed it, you need to take the zombies down with your collection of weapons.

Dead Trigger will be compatible with many devices, but they will release a NVIDIA Tegra 3 version which promises to be console quality. It also supports game controllers so you can connect your device via HDMI to your big screen and play it like it was an Xbox 360 or a PS3. MADFINGER games was able to maximize what the Tegra 3 offers by adding ragdoll physics, volumetric fog, specular lighting, and enhanced fluid and water. You won’t find anything like this in the standard version.

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