Verizon cuts $25 off the price of line service for More Everything plans with 10 GB or more data


Last month, Verizon launched its new More Everything plan which replaced the carrier’s Share Everything service and gave customers more data , cloud storage and unlimited International messaging. The carrier just announced a further discount for customers on its More Everything plan along with the Edge upgrade program. They will reduce $25 off the price of the smartphone line service if customers choose a data plan of 10 GB or more.

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Verizon offering 250MB plan for only $45


If you were thinking about making a switch to Verizon and don’t need much data on your plan, the carrier is running a special limited time offer that may interest you. For only $45 per month Verizon is offering a plan that includes 250MB of data to go with unlimited talk and text. According to reports, Verizon is also offering an option to bump the data limit up to 1GB for $60 per month. For comparison, a Share Everything plan from Verizon with 250MB of data would run $60 per month, $40 for the basic line access per device and then $20 for the data package, while a 1GB data plan ends up at $90 per month total. For the 250MB plan, data overages will result in a charge of $15 per 250MB block of additional data. For the 1GB plan, the overage fee is $15 per 500MB block.

It should be noted that these plans are intended for single line customers, so consumers looking for a cheaper solution for a family plan will not benefit. At least for now, as this could be Verizon’s way of starting to test plans with lower fees in response to moves by the competition.

source: Droid Life

Verizon To Give Customers Double Data LTE Data Plans

Well look what we have here! As if the announcement back in October wasn’t enough, our friends at Android Central report Verizon Wireless has another trick up their sleeves. As of November 8th, new and existing customers will be able to have double data plans. What does this mean? Essentially you’re getting twice the amount of data as your monthly allowance for one price. That means you will get 4 GB of data for $30 (as opposed to 2 GB for the same price), 10 GB for $50, and 20 GB for $80.

While this isn’t an unlimited data offering, it is certainly enticing to say the least. Any bump up in data allowance per month is always appreciated, especially from the most frugal of Android users. Expect to see many new and existing VZW customers to take advantage of this great deal, especially since VZW has more and more markets lined up for LTE. AT&T, Sprint, & T-Mobile, your move?

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(Deal) New $20 Data Plan Announced By Verizon for DC, MD and VA Customers

Verizon has announced a new $20/300MB promotional plan to existing Verizon customers from DC, Maryland and Virginia for any 3G or LTE device. This is a marvelously cheap plan for low-use customers or those fortunate enough to be around WiFi throughout the day. Each month starts you off fresh at 300MB’s and if you happen to go over, you are merely billed another $20 for another 300MB. Simple enough, right? If you’re interested, you had better act soon though, the deal starts August 18th and ends September 30th.

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Verizon HTC Thunderbolt getting unlimited LTE data plans

Verizon thunderbolt

If you’re going to be grabbing an HTC Thunderbolt tomorrow at Verizon, you’ll want to check out the unlimited data plan for a smooth $30 as well. This may only be here for a short time, because we know how most carriers, including Verizon really, feel about it (they want unlimited to die). So when you grab a Thunderbolt, grab the unlimited data plan, because it’ll turn your new device into the most powerful MiFi device you can get at a fraction of the tethering costs when compared to the data plans for the actual MiFi hotspot devices.

Just in case you start tethering 8 devices to it though, you may want to keep a few charging cables handy where ever you stop.

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Verizon Says Data Plan No Longer Required For The Motorola Xoom, Darn Skippy VZ

Looks like Big Red “finally came around” in regards to their requirement of the one-month data plan purchase and bogus $35 activation fee for those who have desperately desired a Xoom.  This included customers who just wanted to buy the device and use it as a WiFi only tablet.  The word “rubbish” comes to mind, to put it nicely.  If Verizon fails to play their cards right in this pricing war, they are going to lose a ton of ground with prospective consumers to that other pad out there, what’s its face?  Anyway, as of now The Xoom is $599 with a two-year contract, and $799 without an agreement.  For starters, we’re thankful to see the data plan restrictions and activation fees removed by Verizon, and we can definitely note that they are moving in the right direction for competition’s sake.  In an article written by JR Raphael over at ComputerWorld, he states:

As of this morning, Verizon has removed that requirement. I’ve confirmed with a Verizon Wireless spokesperson that if you purchase the Xoom for $800, without a contract, you will not be required to pay the $35 activation fee or sign up for any sort of data plan.

So, here’s to hoping that Verizon changes the playing field a bit with pricing or we fear there will be some serious sale suffering when the iPad 2 enters the game.  Come on Verizon, make believers out of us.  The Xoom, with Honeycomb on board, makes for an extremely impressive device.  It’s that “but” that comes into play when it comes to pricing.  Let us know what your thinking in the comments below.

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Verizon 4G LTE So Fast, it’ll Use All Your Data Plan In 30 Minutes

verizon 4g lte

PC Mag did some testing with Verizon’s 4G LTE network speeds and found some incredible (and alarming) info about just how fast you’ll carve through your monthly allotment of data usage. In about 32 minutes on Verizon’s network, you’ll be cruising at about 15Mbps downstream, which could go up to 21Mbps depending on the connection and use. While it’s know that hardly anyone is using Verizon’s 4G LTE currently, within a few months, there will be a bit more congestion on the network, but you’ll still see 8-9Mbps speeds according to Verizon.

Clearwire is the longest standing 4G network in operation, and they say the average data in a month from its 4G users is about 7GB, which is technically slower than a true LTE network. So, as awesome as it will be to use LTE, you’ll either pay alot for its use, or you’ll have to really monitor what you’re doing on the network to not blow your 5GB plan out in less than a days surfing. At Verizon’s pricing, thats $50 for a 5GB plan, and no doubt, huge extra fees for going over that usage.

We can only hope that the carriers launching 4G LTE recognize that the speeds and data plans need to meet in the middle somewhere, because the scales are definately tipped in the dollars direction.

[via PC Mag]