Apex Launcher v2.0 available, new features for both free and pro versions, integrates Apex Notifier


Developer Android Does recently released Apex Launcher v2.0, bringing a whole bunch of new features to both the free and pro versions of the popular app.  There are some interface upgrades, new translations, and the option to set the duration of vibrations.  The pro version has a new feature that allows users to place folders in the app drawer, but the main feature is the integration with the new Apex Notifier app.

The Apex Notifier is actually a separate app and is an extension that works with both Apex Launcher and Dashclock Widget.  With Apex Notifier, notification counts appear above other applications, providing an aesthetically pleasing effect as well as a useful feature.  A list of applications that the extension works with can be found after the break, as well as the links to all three apps in the Play Store. Read more

Plume for DashClock officially available in the Play Store now



Plume is no doubt one hell of a Twitter client for our Android devices, but the developers have just released one hell of a widget for its users as well. Based of the DashClock Widget extension, the new widget allows for users to have yet another means to check out the date, time and of course, what is happening in that oh-so important Twitter feed and all that good stuff. The great thing about this DashClock Widget extension is that it’s completely open-sourced—- meaning there is all sorts of goodies that’s just waiting to be toyed with.

For now, the new widget extension is available for Android 4.2+ devices only, so if you’re on that version of Jelly Bean— head on down to the Play Store and grab it today— you’ll be glad you did.


Play Store Download Link